Just released! The last werecat book is now live and in KU! Turmoil in the West Falls clowder has reached a boiling point. The elders are meeting in secret, a death looms on the horizon, and the werecat goddess, Bast, is determined that nothing stops her plans.



Turmoil in the West Falls clowder has reached a boiling point.

Brier Fendon, the last unmated beta, is sweating bullets. His goddess has swept through their ranks, handing out mates willy-nilly. While he would be okay with a human as a mate now, thanks to the changes his Alpha has brought, he’d still prefer a werecat. And he sincerely hopes the goddess Bast has taken note of that, because he figures he’s next.

Careful what you wish for.

Reports of an unknown werecat in clowder territory spurs unease, and Brier is sent to investigate. Fortunately, the scent still remained, but there’s something disturbing about it. All werecats have a personal scent marker, all except for this one. What Brier’s smelling—or not smelling, as the case may be—is impossible.

Tyler Smith has suffered a lifetime of abuse from the paranormal community. His own species considers him an abomination. Hated and reviled since he isn’t a pure werecat, Tyler has learned the hard way not to trust anyone but his mate, Seth. But although he’s an outcast, Tyler is more special than anyone knows, and he has a choice to make.

Seth Galloway is the most feared paranormal to ever exist, thanks to his abilities. What he’s capable of is the stuff of nightmares, and if he has to kill to protect his mate, Tyler? So be it. He has before, and now Tyler’s goddess has set him and Tyler on a path that may end with even more death and destruction.

Fear of the unknown and a lifetime of pain are just some of the roadblocks Brier, Seth, and Tyler will face. Bast has waged a war to bring her children out of their isolationism and bigotry, and things have spun out of control. A threat hangs over them all and death looms on the horizon. A sacrifice will have to be made, and Tyler’s choice will dictate the future of werecats—and other shifter species as well.




“You asked why I called upon you. I sensed you are worried.”

“You could say that. You sent me to a region that has not only werecats but other paranormals too. Dangerous ones. It’s not safe. We’re going tomorrow morning.”

“You can’t,” Bast stressed, her whiskers twitching. “I sent the both of you there for a reason.”

“What, to get me killed?” Tyler snapped. “Possibly Seth too? Neither of us are well-liked.”

Bast leaned forward in her chair. “Please, child, there’s a disturbance in the force.”

Startled, Tyler snorted, choked, then laughed, breaking the tension. Okay, that was different. “Oh man, you’ve found movies, haven’t you? Star Wars, in particular.”

Bast chuckled, sitting back, her sharp fangs showing. “Yes. A new friend of mine recently introduced me to this wonderful thing. I’m a fan.”

He never thought he’d see his goddess geeking out, and it was freaking cool. Relaxed, he stared at her. “Okay, what’s this disturbance in the force?”

All playfulness vanished from Bast’s face. “There are those who don’t agree with the changes I’ve wrought. But the old ways are not working, not as the world is today. So, I’ve brought change, but a threat looms on the horizon—a death. If this happens, progress will come to a halt. I need you and Seth here, in West Falls.”

“West Falls is clowder territory. I can’t stay here, and you know why.” Tyler clenched his fists, tension returning.

“You must! I—” Blast stiffened. Her normally animated face went blank, all emotions leached out. As Tyler watched, her dark eyes misted over, turning white. “A choice will be made. Consequences will follow.”

Tyler slammed back in his chair. Startled, he straightened up and hissed. Fuck, he just hissed at his goddess, but since when did she sound like that? The combined male/female tones coming from her mouth sent chills down his spine.

Her voice dropped, echoing eerily. “Tyler Smith, you and your mate stand at a fork in the road, but you must pick the path the both of you will tread.”

Tyler’s eyes widened. “Whaaa…?”

“Your choice will dictate the future of werecats as a species—and other were species as well.”

Tyler shook his head in denial. “Wait. Just hold the hell up! I’m going to be responsible for werecats as a species? News flash: they’re all going to die then. Shit, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Fuck that. What had any of them ever done for him, besides try to kill his ass?

“Choose carefully,” Bast intoned. “You are the one and only.”

“What? What? What does that even mean?” Tyler’s voice spiked. “The one and only what?” Dealing with Bast on a good day was unsettling, but this? This was terrifying



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