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Today, I’d like to share about a new anthology call. A good friend of mine, Vicktor Alexander, has had enough of the delays and excuses for the people of Flint, Michigan. From Vic:

What Are We Doing?

I’ve decided to put together 5 different charitable book anthologies with various authors with the proceeds going towards sending bottles of clean water to Flint, MI, there are also some authors who cannot donate words, but want to donate funds, and as there are Flint residents who are now being charged for water they cannot use, there are two different charitable organizations who I have spoken to, located in Flint, who are dedicated to making sure the residents of Flint have their bills paid. I will follow up with them if we all (as a consensus) decide to send some of the funds in that direction. I’m thinking we may even be able to contact the water company directly and pay directly to them, but that is another few calls to be made. I will keep you all abreast of how that goes.

But I need your help, no matter what! Firstly, I need stories.

The THEME is: Centered around People triumphing during times of adversity or struggle/Hope/Strength/Also, if water could play a central focus that would be great. So a couple who meet digging a well in a foreign country, two kids who meet and become friends at a pool, a kid who gets over being scared to swim at the pool, etc., something with water. It doesn’t have to be contemporary. It can be any genre. All subgenres welcome.

LENGTH: 5k-20k. Some of you can write very short stories and some of you need the extra wordage so have at it. If you want to write for each volume, that works as well. Do whatever moves you. I am open to longer or shorter, depending on the story, just let me know.



1. General Fiction (This includes sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.)

2. Mainstream Romance (M/F-since most of the residents of Flint are minorities, I would really love to have diverse characters. That’s for most of the stories.)

3. LGBTQ Romance (M/M, F/F, Trans*, etc)

4. YA/Children’s Fiction

5. Poetry/Non-Fiction Short Stories of Hope, Courage, and Strength

The targeted charities include: United Way Flint Water Fund, Community Foundation: Greater Flint, Flint Community Schools, and Catholic Charity Center for Hope.

If you are interested in helping in any (or all) of the following areas:






Website Developer



Please head over to the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLD1THEPN4xwpnHqFyOdbAA82BoBe1gYzH_Ab36crTiKzSkg/viewform

And sign up. I’ll be participating as an author! I’d love to see your stories join mine. If you can’t write, if you can share, that still helps us!

Join me in helping provide water for Flint.