Patrick flopped onto the couch and sighed before reaching for his phone. He needed to get up and shower, get moving on a few other things he needed to do, but he couldn’t resist checking his texts first.

His grin spread when he had one waiting from Chance.

Hi baby! Just wanted to see how you’re doing. Was thinking about you. Reply when you can. Love you.

He quickly tapped out a reply: Hi back. Love you. I’m hot and sweaty. You?

He laid his head back and closed his eyes, trying to decide if he should wait for a reply or go shower. Before he could think much, his phone beeped. Well, I was fine. Now I’m horny, thinking about you all sweaty.

Patrick laughed. Now you know how I feel. Spent the whole time down in the gym thinking about last night. And thinking about the taste of your cum + working out = weird.

He waited, knowing the reply would be quick. Yes, that would be weird. What were you thinking about it?

Patrick didn’t realize he’d started rubbing his cock through his shorts at the thought of last night and Chance being horny. Until, that is, he had to move his hand to reply. He paused to think. Liked it. A lot. Never thought I would. Then he grinned evilly when he wrote, Can’t wait to get more.

This reply took even less time. Fuck. Now I’m seriously turned on. Do you know how hard it is to hide a hard on here?

With a grin, Patrick replied. Oh yeah. I’m *well* aware.  I have one, now. Your fault.

Patrick pushed his hand under the waistband of his shorts and started teasing himself as he waited for the reply. It was almost immediate. Oh fuck. What are you going to do about it?

Patrick stroked himself a couple of times before pulling his hand out to reply. Hmm, do? Figured I’d wait for you to come home.

The one word reply threw Patrick quite a bit. Why?

Patrick blinked. Kinda figured you’d want me to.

Oh hell no, baby. Jack off anytime you need to. Not like you won’t reload before I get home, anyway.

Patrick hadn’t thought of it like that. The few times he and Emily had lived together instead of in separate states—or countries—she hadn’t appreciated him masturbating without her. He considered his wording carefully, hoping Chance would get the meaning behind it without ruining their teasing by bringing Emily up. Huh. Never thought of it like that. That’s… uh… new idea for me.

Chance obviously did and the next reply surprised him even more. If it’ll make you feel better, take a picture and send it to me when you’re done.

Patrick grinned, set his phone aside and shifted enough to push his shorts down. His cock, quite hard now, slapped back when it was free and Patrick ran his hand over it a couple of times to tease. Then he had an even more evil idea. He snatched up his phone, held up his cock, lined up the lens, then snapped a picture of his hard and now dripping length. He tapped out, like this? and sent it off.

This reply was even faster than any other. Fuck me. Now I’m hard, too. *Really* hard. Send me that pic. I’m going to take it into the bathroom.

Patrick’s grin widened at the reply and he stroked his cock a few more times with purpose, but he wanted this to be good, wanted plenty to send to Chance. He stood up and kicked his shorts off, sending up a quick thanks that his son Avery was at preschool then retrieved his laptop and set it up on the coffee table. Within a few clicks, he had what he wanted: a picture of Chance stark naked, laid out on the bed, hand wrapped around a really hard cock. He’d snapped it not long after they got together. And it never failed to turn him on. He hadn’t thought he’d use it for this—hadn’t really thought what he’d use it for. He simply couldn’t resist capturing such a shot.

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