Just a short one today with a teasing look into my upcoming release, No Sacrifice. Look for it soon on the Dreamspinner Press Coming Soon page!

* * *

“Right, I remember.” Patrick considered Rhys’s expression, but when he couldn’t figure it out, he just leaned in and gave Rhys a short kiss before working his way down Rhys’s body. He liked hearing the gasps and moans his nips and licks brought. He teased Rhys’s nipples and loved seeing them harden. And he decided he liked tracing a treasure trail and wondered if Chance would like it too. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Chance under him instead of Rhys for a moment.

But it wasn’t right and he knew it, regardless of his personal feelings toward Rhys. So he opened them again, looked up at the dark eyes of his friend, and slid slightly farther on the couch until he was even with Rhys’s cock.

This briefly brought him to a stop. He’d never sucked cock before, and he had to think what to do. Then he thought about what he liked, decided it was a place to start, since Rhys was watching him avidly, and lowered his head, tongue out. He ran it along the length from base to tip, catching precum.

He hummed, yet again deciding he liked this. He licked again, tracing crown and ridge and collecting all the clear liquid he could. Rhys’s hand went to his head, brushing his hair back, and he looked up to meet Rhys’s eyes again.

Patrick noted the intense expression and saw Rhys’s nostrils flaring as he breathed hard, all evidence of the effect Patrick had on him. And Patrick loved it, especially when a groan came out that Rhys had obviously been working to keep in. Patrick lifted his head completely, smiling. “I like sound.” Rhys’s eyebrows went up, and Patrick nodded. “Turns me on,” he said, then went back to Rhys’s length.

Another groan was his answer, louder than any other, and Patrick’s cock twitched hard in response. He opened his mouth and, after a quick glance up at Rhys’s face, leaned in. When his lips closed around the head, Rhys moaned again, even louder, and let “Fuck” slip out. Patrick worked to swallow as much of Rhys as he could.