Welcome to another Sexy Snipper Sunday. I wanted to go back for another peek into Choices.

Please remember that this is Sexy Snippet Sunday and, thus is NSFW or under 18. 🙂

* * *

“You’ve both done very well,” the captain praised them, and they turned to look at him. Darius was sitting back in his chair, a smile on his face, still quite naked. Teman’s body reacted to the sight and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was hard again, thanks to the conditioning they’d been through, especially if they had something like the captain to look at. Darius held his hand out, and Teman and Cyrus moved to sit next to him on the floor, one on each side of Darius’s legs.

The captain pushed his fingers through their hair, playing a bit with them, and then he turned and handed them each a glass of the dark liquid. Teman’s eyebrows went up, but he accepted the glass and took a taste. It was a strong, fruity wine, and considering it had been a long time since he’d had anything like it, he knew better than to drink much. But he sipped at it as Darius continued to play with his hair and touch him in silence, and he felt himself getting aroused again, partially from his conditioning and partially because of the touches.

Darius set his glass down and made a come here gesture at Teman who glanced at Cyrus. Receiving a nod in response, he handed his own glass over before climbing into Darius’s lap. After cleaning him off the rest of the way with a cloth, Darius’s hands moved over him, teasing his skin, ghosting over his cock and balls, along his thighs, then up to gently tweak his still-sensitive nipples. Hemoaned, his face buried in the captain’s neck as he was aroused again thoroughly.

His cock was back to being hard, his body a live nerve, wanting more. Going on instinct, Teman nibbled at Darius’s neck, earning more sounds from the other man as the captain’s hands continued to tease him. Then he felt Cyrus’s hands on him too, and he turned to see Darius reach out and tweak one of Cyrus’s nipples, then stroke Cyrus’s cock a couple of times.

With a nudge, Teman slid off of the captain’s lap and his lips crashed into Cyrus’s. The kiss deepened as their hands started roaming, touching, and teasing. Their arms stole around each other, hands cupping the other’s ass, fingers squeezing as their now-hard cocks brushed. Quiet moans escaped then Darius’s deep voice broke through again. “Turn him around, Cyrus, you know what to do.”

Cyrus pulled back and nodded, and after another brief kiss, Teman turned around and allowed Cyrus to push him until he was bent over. Cyrus leaned over him, arousal brushing along his entrance, and he moaned, wanting it badly. He bucked back against his friend, but Cyrus held his hips still, bending down and kissing him on the cheek. Teman twisted his head to return it, but Cyrus had already moved on, brushing lips lightly over his shoulders, then slowly along his spine.

Teman moaned again, the feel of those light touches making his cock jump and need pour through him. He wanted so much more, but he held himself carefully still as Cyrus worked, reminding himself this was for Darius’s pleasure first and foremost.

Then he felt hands on his ass, parting his cheeks, and he sucked in a breath. A moment later, Cyrus’s tongue ran over his sensitive entrance and Teman grunted loudly. He buried his face in his arms for a moment as the pleasure started to flow, his toes curling and his hands clutching the pillow. “Nngh, Cyrus…,” he groaned as the other man worked, tongue licking and teasing, then slowly pushing its way through the tight ring of muscle. Teman couldn’t resist the urge to rock just a little bit, but Cyrus pulled back and waited for him to still, and Teman grunted in frustration.

When Teman settled, Cyrus went to work again, teasing, then pushed his talented tongue in slowly until he was pumping it in and out. Teman’s moans were almost constant until he heard the captain speak again. “Stop and switch.”

Cyrus pulled back and Teman turned to him, kissing him again before taking the place behind him. More kisses, the same trails over shoulder and back made, and then he was faced with the tight pink muscle, and Teman’s cock twitched when he made the inescapable mental jump to pushing his cock into it. He forced his mind back to what he was supposed to be doing and leaned in, kissing and nipping at each cheek before he ran his tongue over Cyrus’s entrance.

He got the same moans from Cyrus that he’d given from that very treatment. His cock jumped as he worked, thoroughly enjoying the sounds Cyrus made, the knowledge of the pleasure he was giving to his friend and even at the grunts he was hearing from Darius, evidence the man was pleased by the view. Teman poured everything he could into it, pausing now and again to lick at the sensitive skin below Cyrus’s entrance, then back to the muscle itself and pushing his tongue inside, drawing more of those wonderful sounds out.

He was just about to the point of desperation—needing more, wanting so much to replace his tongue with his cock—when the captain stopped him. “Now, Cyrus,” Darius murmured, and Teman puzzled over it as he pulled back, until he saw Cyrus sit up and take the small bottle off of the side table. Cyrus kissed Teman softly, then nudged him back onto the pillows again. A moment later, his friend pushed a finger into him, and Teman’s eyes closed as he was prepared.

He heard rustling and opened his eyes to see Darius move off of the chair and take the bottle from Cyrus. He watched Darius pour oil over two long fingers, but then his eyes closed again when Cyrus pushed a second finger into him and began stretching him. Teman moaned at the feel, impatient for the real thing.

Cyrus gave a moan of his own and Teman guessed Darius was doing the same things for Cyrus. He wondered about it briefly, but then his body took over again and he couldn’t think of anything else except getting Cyrus inside of him. “Cyrus, please,” he moaned. There was a murmur he couldn’t decipher in response, and then Cyrus was over him and that thick cock was pushing into him. Teman groaned loudly and lifted his legs, wrapping them around Cyrus’s waist.

Their lips met in yet another of those kisses designed to make insanity a sure thing, then Cyrus started moving. Teman rocked his hips, matching Cyrus’s thrusts, reaching up to grip the cushion he was on, needing something to ground himself. He lifted his legs a little higher as Cyrus started moving faster to a quiet command from the captain.

Teman turned his head and met Darius’s gaze. Darius once more had his cock in his hand and was stroking it slowly as he watched them. Teman opened his mouth and licked his lips as he watched, and Darius shifted, moving over him and straddling his face. Then Teman had that wonderful cock in his mouth again, and his moan at the feel of being filled so thoroughly from both ends was matched by an equally loud one from the captain. His hands came up to hold onto Darius’s hips as the man started to pump gently into his mouth. He added what he could to it, tongue, lips, sucking here, then bobbing when Darius pulled back.

Then Cyrus wrapped a hand around Teman’s cock and started stroking it, and Teman thought he would go insane. He whimpered around Darius’s cock, once more desperate for his climax. He rocked and sucked and moaned, trying to show wordlessly how much he needed it.

But the captain wasn’t quite ready yet for them to be done. He moved away and Teman found himself letting loose a small whine. Darius let out a cluck of disapproval at that, and Teman, chastised, went quiet. Cyrus eased out of him and helped him to sit up, then they shifted around, Cyrus bending over in front of him and swallowing Darius’s cock.

The captain let out a long groan, the sound followed immediately by one from Teman as he eased into Cyrus’s body. He bent over Cyrus’s back, dropping light kisses across the skin before he pulled his hips back and thrust forward. With a grunt, one of Cyrus’s hands came back to hold Teman’s hip, and he met the hand with one of his own, holding it as he pulled back and thrust again. It felt incredible. Cyrus was tight and he closed his eyes, dropping another kiss on his friend’s back.

But the pleasure was too much, and he had to start moving, pumping into Cyrus’s heat. “Nngh, Cy… so good,” he moaned, face buried in Cyrus’s back. He glanced up when he felt a hand in his hair and saw Darius’s eyes glued to him. Remembering what Cyrus said about the captain watching, he sat up and shifted enough to make sure Darius could see them as he thrust into Cyrus. The dark eyes darted up to his face. There was a look of approval in the captain’s features, then Darius’s gaze dropped back again.

Teman’s own eyes closed, though, the pleasure getting the better of him as he moved. He was starting to hit the point of real desperation. It felt so good and he needed to go off the edge so badly, wanted to take them both with him. He sped up, thrust harder, and heard answering grunts from the other two because of it. Finally, when he thought he was going to cry in frustration, he heard a command, but it was one he didn’t expect.


He nearly did cry at that, but he pulled back and out, his cock jumping hard at the denial. He watched Cyrus rest on folded hands, panting hard with need, and noted Darius’s own length twitching hard. “Teman,” Darius said simply, then made another “come here” gesture with his finger. Teman crawled closer as Cyrus sat up, and he took his place back between the other two men. His hands were caught and held by the captain as Cyrus got into place, his cock sliding along Teman’s. Cyrus wrapped a hand around both of them and started stroking them as he rocked into Teman, their arousals rubbing, movement aided by the oil.

Darius started stroking himself again, and Teman had the briefest of moments to wonder if they would be given the command again. But then Cyrus released a loud groan, Teman’s own sounds turned damned near pathetic, and he heard it, the word he’d been waiting for. Hot cum splashed his chest from three separate cocks as the orgasm ripped through him and they came together. He bucked into Cyrus’s hand, his eyes locked on the cock above him that was coating him in thick liquid, his own climax still going.

Darius sat back first, then Cyrus slumped forward, supported only by one arm. Teman lay there, unable to move for the moment. The captain helped him sit up and he felt a soft kiss on the side of his face. He looked up in surprise at Darius, who smiled.

“I most definitely don’t regret giving you the choice, Teman. You have done wonderfully,” he murmured into Teman’s ear. “Keep it up and you never know what could happen,” he said cryptically, and Teman blinked up at him. But another light kiss was dropped on his cheek and Darius stood up without another word, crossing the room and returning with a fresh wet cloth.

They cleaned each other, and then the captain picked up the bag Salehi had handed him. He put an oiled cage onto Cyrus first, then one onto Teman, locking them in place. They were given a couple more moments to recover their breathing, then the captain redressed and led them back to the wing.

Teman would have trouble sleeping that night. The session with Captain Darius was unlike anything he’d expected. Darius spoke to him like a normal human being, had treated them both well, even sharing wine with them. He’d praised them both often, and then there were the words he’d parted with. Teman, curled up in Jasim’s arms, would be awake for a very long time.

* * *

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