Welcome to another Sexy Snipper Sunday. Today, we peek into Deception. Just a peek, but I just love this little bit. I hope you do, too.

Please remember that this is Sexy Snippet Sunday and, thus is NSFW or under 18. 🙂

* * *

“Beautiful,” Bathasar murmured, dragging a hand down over Nadir’s chest.  He teased glans and length around coils with his thumb, tracing open skin until he reached Nadir’s balls.  He weighed them in his hands, cupping them and playing until he pulled a low moan from Nadir’s throat.  “Mmm, yes,” he whispered, releasing them.

Teman lifted a small bowl from the table and dipped a finger into it, then painted Nadir’s nipples in the sweet cream.  Bathasar leaned forward and slowly licked the cream off, causing a gasp and moan, Nadir gripping the edge of the table next to his hips hard as the pleasure spiked.  “Cyrus, it’s your turn,” he heard Bathasar say, then saw Cyrus leaning over him, fingers covered in cream.  He drew long lines over Nadir’s chest and he and Teman took turns licking the cream off of Nadir’s skin.

He gripped the table harder, his back arching more at the feel of their tongues.  He felt a finger start to tease his cock again and he groaned, unable to hold in the sounds anymore.  His length swelled, filling the golden snake once more, balls tightening as he was teased to the edges of tolerance.  Cream, then honey, then fruit, each of them finding new ways to arouse him further with it.  Here, they painted his lips, then licked it back off, not giving him a full kiss, just enough to make him need more.  There, they lay bits of fruit in a line over his chest, eating them off of his skin and making it even more sensitive.

* * *

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