For a quick reminder of what these posts are about, click here. What was not in the original post is a reminder that I’m a happily-ever-after person and that goes for my reading as well as my writing. While it spoils things to a point, in the same way my writing is spoiled (there’s always a happy ending of some sort), here, too, you will find happy endings. Yaoi and even shounen-ai does not guarantee it like Western romance does, but I will not be reviewing unhappy endings.


Title: Seven Days
Alternate Title: セブンデイズ; 星期戀人;
Art: Takarai Rihito
Story Tachibana Venio
Publication date:  March 15, 2011
Genre:  Shounen-ai
Length:  2 Volumes, 200 pgs. ea, 12 chapters (total) + extras
Availability: Amazon: Volume 1 Volume 2
Juné: Volume 1 Volume 2


SevenDaysMT_cvr_1024x1024It is rumored that Touji Seryou, one of the more popular boys at school, would go out with anyone who asks him out on a Monday morning. But on this particular Monday morning, the first person he meets at the school gate is no other than Yuzuru Shino, Seryou’s sempai at the archery club.

On a whim, and well-aware of Seryou’s reputation, Shino asks Seryou to go out with him. Thinking that it will be treated as a joke, they’re both guys after all, imagine Shino’s surprise when Seryou takes him up on the offer!

There is a catch, though. While Seryou does go out with the first girl who asks him out on a Monday morning, the other side of the coin is – by the end of the week, he will break up with that person. In essence, Seryou is a lover with a one-week expiration date. But will Shino prove to be the exception to that rule?


Scan: 4star
Translation**: 5star
Story: 4star
Art: 5star

**I read both the scanlation as well as the official translated version. I actually prefer the scanlated version, even if it is unofficial. You can read that here, but do support Tachibana-sensei and Takarai-sensei by purchasing the stories officially.


Takarai Rihito does beautiful work. The emotions the characters showed both made my heart hurt and smile beautifully, all at the same time. I never once was left guessing what they were feeling. Amazing scenery, distinct secondary characters, and wonderfully clean lines.
I know what you’re thinking. “Grace! You love your sex! Why is your first review shounen-ai (and, thus, lacking in sex)??”

Short answer: I really have no idea except…

Longer answer is I have a list as long as my arm of manga I want to review and Seven Days happened to be on the top of the list. That’s… about it. *laughs*

I’m not sure I remember how many times I’ve read this manga. The concept intrigued me when I first saw it, and I couldn’t resist finding out how the week would unfold. Yuzuru and Seryou’s ups and downs certain made for an entertaining read and while it wasn’t super-heavy on the angst, there were a few moments that made me really wonder how things were going to end up.

Yuzuru and Seryou both have their good and bad points, though truthfully, not nearly as many of the latter as I’ve seen in other stories. They struggle throughout the story to come to terms with the idea that nothing has gone the way either expected it to, and it really made me feel for both of them. This is the first time Seryou has accepted a male (as far as you know in the story) and thus is thrown off by some of Yuzuru’s reactions. At the same time, Yuzuru finds himself confused more than once by what he expects both of Seryou, as well as himself.

I liked that the secondary characters didn’t overshadow the main two. All too often, the MCs get lost amid a huge cast. Only one stood out remarkably and she created a pivotal point for the two, so it worked. The others were well rounded, while not stealing the show.

If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like, there were a couple of spots that didn’t feel like they were explained well enough. It didn’t end up being a big deal in the end, but it would have been nice to see them filled in. Also, I’m a sucker for the “ever after” and I would have liked to see a “X years later” but that’s just me being greedy.

Overall, Seven Days really captured my heart. I love the two boys and can easily picture them together for many years after the end of the story. Definitely recommend.

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