Hey there! I have not forgotten you, I promise! I’ve been a wee bit busy with school, which is tough this semester. I’m starting a new language—Korean—and it’s a challenge! Not entirely different from Japanese but some things, while they sound the same, are NOT and that can be really confusing! But I’m getting there, it’s just taking up time, which means writing has been, well, really slow.

That said, I *have* done some editing! This is an older story I started a while back and found on my hard drive. I found myself reading it (though some of it made me cringe!) and decided to edit and, eventually, finish it! It’s part of the Naruto fandom, so if you’re not familiar, you might want to skip this because some of it is very necessary to understand what’s going on. If you do, well… I hope you enjoy my Yamato/Iruka story!

A few things:

1. I do not own Naruto, any of it’s spinoffs, sequels, characters, world, etc., etc., etc.

2. I started this ages ago on AFF and Y!Gal. I’ve edited heavily and am posting it here. (If you’ve seen it on AFF or Y!Gal, this IS better. I promise!) I’ll be updating AFF but Y!Gal is, of course, gone.

3. I refuse to recognize canon after a certain point in the Naruto story (~ch. 614/ep. 364). 😛 This story doesn’t really deal with anything different. It’s after the war, before most things have changed, and they’re still rebuilding. Still, maybe consider this to be an alternative timeline.

4. I make no guarantees about finishing this. :/ I want to, but writing has been a challenge, at best. I’m in school again and it’s… not easy… to find the mental energy to write anything, including fanfic. (I have original, paid works I should be doing…) BUT! I have 10 chapters written, 6 fully edited, so there’s plenty of story to get started with. 🙂


Without further ado, What Is:

Waking up after a night of drinking in bed naked with a strange person wasn’t all that common to begin with. But when Yamato wakes up naked in bed with a man… Umino Iruka… he’s forced to face a whole lot of possibilities he never imagined. Iruka had never even considered he might be gay–or bi–and waking up naked in bed with Yamato was the last thing he’d ever expected. Now the two of them must decide if there’s more to this than a drunken mistake. If they can get past the embarrassment and their own hangups, they might just find something they’d never expected–and that could be the best thing they could ever want.



Even though Iruka loved ramen, he wasn’t about to take a date to Ichiraku’s, at least the first time.  He wasn’t Naruto, after all.  He’d decided on the barbecue restaurant instead, since it was a step up without emptying his wallet. As they approached the door, Maiko gave him a big smile. “I love this place.”

He returned her smile. “Well then, I’m glad I picked it.” He opened the door for her and they stepped into the restaurant.

It shouldn’t have surprised him how busy the place was, considering how many teams were home, but he was a bit surprised. From what Iruka could see, most of the tables were occupied. Noise filled the restaurant and Iruka found himself wondering if they’d even get a seat. The hostess took the group in front of them to a table and Iruka tried to decide what to do. While they were waiting for the hostess to come back, the door opened behind them.

As the newcomers approached, Iruka recognized the chakra signature, couldn’t not, in part because it was being suppresseda side effect of being ANBU.  He closed his eyes and nearly laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Before Friday night, they’d almost never seen each other.  And now, in the space of two days, almost everywhere he’d been, Yamato had been too.

The hostess came back then, an older lady Iruka recognized as the parent of a former student but he was too messed up to try to talk to her about it.  “Hello,” she greeted them with a smile. “How many?”  Her eyes darted to the people behind them.

“Just the two of us,” Iruka said.

She frowned down at her pad of paper. “Well, it’ll be quite a wait for a table for two.”

Iruka turned to Maiko to ask if she wanted to go somewhere else—even Ichiraku’s at this point would be better—when he was interrupted.

“Maiko-chan?” Iruka looked behind them to see Shizune with Yamato.

“Shizune-chan! Hi! Don’t tell me Lady Tsunade let you actually go do something?” The two women hugged.

“It didn’t take much. I offered her a bottle of sake.” Shizune laughed.

Iruka and Yamato stared at each other. Iruka had had to wear his only high collared sweater to cover his neck which still had bruises from Friday night.  Yamato was wearing a deep blue button-down shirt in a soft fabric that made Iruka’s hand itch to run over it, closed all the way except the top button.  A couple of the hickeys Iruka left on him were still visible if you knew where to look.  Iruka swallowed and tore his gaze away because he did know where to look. Annoyingly, Yamato looked great and Iruka gave a mental eye roll at himself for even noticing. Iruka took a deep breath, closing his eyes. This just isn’t happening. I can’t be this unlucky. He opened his eyes again and nodded. “Yamato-san.”

“Iruka-san,” Yamato replied, returning the curt nod.

“Excuse me,” the hostess called, drawing their attention. “If you’d be willing to share a table, we have one available?”

It was on the tip of Iruka’s tongue to refuse. Sharing a table with Yamato was a disaster waiting to happen.  “Oh, that would be fine with me,” Maiko said for them.

“Works for me,” Shizune turned with an expectant look at Yamato.

Yamato and Iruka looked at each other a moment before Iruka shrugged. What could they say without giving it all away?  “Okay.”

The hostess led them to a booth for four, Yamato and Iruka against the wall, their dates next to them. “When did you and Yamato-san start going out?” Maiko asked as the settled.

“Oh, he just asked me yesterday,” Shizune said, grinning.  Yamato closed his eyes and a blush spread up his cheeks. “What about you? How long have you been dating?”

“Oh, this is our first date. He asked me this morning,” Maiko said, smiling.

It was Iruka’s turn to blush.  Could it be any more obvious, at least to Yamato? Iruka didn’t know if Maiko had caught the tension between him and Yamato, but he hoped even if she did, she wouldn’t know why. Praying to every deity in existence she didn’t figure it out, Iruka simply tried to smile. He was pretty sure it fell flat.

The waitress came out then for their drink orders and he had a chance to calm down a little.  After she left, he shifted in his seat, his foot coming into contact with Yamato’s.  He didn’t growl, but he wanted to.  Iruka pulled his foot back and based on the way Yamato moved, he suspected Yamato did the same. He wondered at that. Was Yamato as affected by that night as he was?

It didn’t matter. Iruka reminded himself he was on a date with a pretty woman. he tried to tune in to the conversation between the two women, but his mind could not get off the man across the table from him. Yamato seemed to be looking anywhere but at him. Iruka told himself he was grateful for it.

No you’re not.

Shut up. Iruka did not need help from his inner self.

“Excuse me a moment, Iruka-sempai. I’ll be right back,” Maiko said, pulling him back to the table.

“Oh, um, okay.” He blinked when Shizune got up at the same time and he glanced at Yamato, who gave a minute shrug. When they were gone, Iruka looked back at Yamato who was finally looking at him. “Why do they always go together?”

“To talk about us. It’s the only thing I can come up with,” Yamato answered, smiling gratefully at the waitress as she set their drinks down. “Um, just bring me a second one, please.”

“Me, too,” Iruka said, downing half his sake in one drink.  The waitress gave them both amused looks, then bowed and left.

“To talk about us.” Iruka nodded. “Great.”

“Yeah.” Yamato drank more of his sake.



The women kept up a steady stream of chatter through the dinner, which was just fine by Yamato, and he suspected Iruka appreciated it too.  Yamato had no clue what to say, anyway, especially in front of the other two.  So he’d concentrated on eating and trying to listen to the conversation.  Which basically amounted to trying to ignore Iruka.

The sweater Iruka wore was in a sky blue with a high collar undoubtedly to cover the marks that were still on his neck.  If Yamato’s hadn’t gone away yet, he had no doubt Iruka still had his as well. The sweater fit him snugly like his pants did and it had annoyed Yamato to no end that he’d found himself noticing how well they clung and how nice Iruka’s ass looked in them.  The real kicker, though, was that his hair was down.

Yamato had dug his fingernails into his palm when he’d first seen it.  He’d had the worst urge to reach up and touch it, to run his fingers through it.  He remembered what he’d thought about it before he’d known it was on a man.  And somehow, even knowing it was on Iruka—a man—hadn’t changed his want to bury his face in it, or run his fingers through it, or pull on it during—.

He shifted in his seat, pulling his thoughts away from those images fast. If he didn’t stop thinking along those lines, it was going to be difficult to get up.  And since Shizune would be well aware of the fact he hadn’t touched her since they sat down, there’d be no reason for him to be having problems from her. That would mean either he was fantasizing and not paying attention—which he was, just not about her—or he was touching someone else, which he—obviously to her—wasn’t, even if he was fighting the want to.

This date had turned into a disaster.  He may as well have just asked Iruka out. It would probably have been less tense than what was happening with them.  His attention was finally drawn into the conversation when Shizune touched his arm.

“Yamato? Would that be okay?”

Shit. He had no idea.  He swallowed hard, but had no idea what he was about to agree to. “Sure, that’s fine.” What was?

“Good! I haven’t been dancing in a long time,” Shizune said and Yamato was fairly certain it was entirely for his benefit.  He let out a breath of relief. Dancing wasn’t too bad; he could handle that.

He forced his attention back to the table so he didn’t miss anything else.  He heard Maiko say something quietly to Iruka, who nodded.  “Sure, that’s fine,” he said, sounding as panicked as Yamato had felt a moment ago,  and Yamato choked on his sake a little.  Iruka’s mind had obviously not been on the conversation either. Yamato wasn’t sure if that comforted him or not to know Iruka might be as worked up over everything as he was.

“It’s settled, then. We’ll go together.” Shizune and Maiko turned to their dates with twin grins and it was the first indication Yamato had that something more was going on here.  Without a better idea of what to do, though, he finished the last of his food and smiled a little too gratefully when the waitress brought the checks.

The ladies once more wanted to stop in the restroom before they left. Iruka turned to him when they’d gone in. “What did we agree to?”

Yamato swallowed, caught between amusement and pity. “We’re going dancing, but I have no idea where.”

“Oh.  Um, okay, that’s not too bad.” Iruka frowned. “How many places are there to go dancing in Konoha? I mean, since the rebuilding?”

Yamato shrugged. “As far as I know, the dance floor Aio put in at the Krooked Kunai is the only one most ninja go to.  I don’t know of any others. I don’t usually go out much.” His mouth snapped closed when he realized how much that said.

“Huh.” Iruka didn’t seem to realize that, though, to Yamato’s relief and turned as the two women came back out.

Maiko took Iruka’s arm and Shizune took Yamato’s.  Iruka opened the door for Maiko and Yamato blinked at the weird thought that hit him when he saw them hold hands.  He didn’t like it.

He shook his head at himself, held the door for Shizune, then took her hand, as well when they were through. Annoyingly, he felt nothing when he held her hand.  He sighed. “I owe you an apology.”

“Hmm?” Shizune asked, looking up at him.

“I didn’t hear everything you said when I agreed to go dancing.” He frowned. “I’m sorry.”

She smiled. “I had a feeling. Maiko and I suggested we just go to the Krooked Kunai for a while. They have a dance floor now and we could still talk.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “I really am sorry, I hadn’t meant to ignore you.”

Shizune chuckled. “It’s quite alright.”



When they stepped into the bar a short while later, Yamato wasn’t surprised to discover it was fairly crowded, just like the restaurant. It made sense with the low number of regular missions running at the moment.

Annoyingly, Yamato had been contacted not long before his date. Two of his fellow ANBU had delivered the message from Ibiki with orders for the next morning. So, he couldn’t drink much tonight. The sake at the restaurant and the one more he’d have at the bar was enough.

He pushed that aside, not wanting to think about it yet. He’d get into his ANBU mindset and get ready for the mission in the morning.  He turned his attention back to the bar.  Spotting a table toward the back, he leaned in to Shizune. “Over there,” he pointed, “that okay?”

She nodded and they threaded their way through the closely packed tables to one near the dance floor and off to the side.  Kakashi sat at the table next to them with empty seats on either side of him, obviously having recently been vacated.  He waved at Kakashi who waved back and raised his eyebrow, sending a pointed look at Shizune.

Yamato lifted their clasped hands a little and Kakashi’s only response was to shake his head.  His eye darted behind them to, Yamato figured, Iruka, who was following them with Maiko.  He looked back at Yamato and by the look in the visible eye, Yamato had no doubt there was a smirk under the mask.

Yamato held Shizune’s chair, as Iruka did for Maiko, and Yamato turned to her. “What can I get you?”

“Lime chuhai, please,” she said and turned to Maiko, who had taken the seat next to her. It wasn’t lost on Yamato that it meant he’d be sitting next to Iruka.

Iruka leaned down to Maiko, likely to ask for her drink and both guys stepped up to the bar. Yamato glanced over at Iruka and forced a smile. The whole situation was ridiculous and Yamato wanted to diffuse it, at least a little. “I’ll get the first round.”

Surprise filled Iruka’s face. “Um, okay. Thank you. Sake for me and lime chuhai for Maiko.”

Yamato chuckled.  At Iruka’s raised eyebrow, he held up a finger and turned to Aio. “Two sake’s and two lime chuhai.”

Iruka chuckled.

With a nod, Yamato glanced around, then stopped and stared at Kakashi.

“What?” Iruka asked and followed Yamato’s gaze.

The two who’d been with Kakashi had come back. Genma sat on one side and Raidou on the other. And both were currently kissing Kakashi’s cheeks.  Iruka’s mouth fell open.  He leaned over to Yamato. “Did you know…?”

Yamato shook his head. “No clue. I mean, I suspected he at least went both ways, but never with them. Either of them, much less both. I mean, I don’t know why, except I didn’t know  he knew them more than in passing.”  He glanced at Iruka, who looked at him at the same time.  They blinked and looked back at Kakashi. He’d put his arms around the other two and Yamato couldn’t miss the happy crease at the corner of his eye.

They turned back to face the bar. “Now, I’ve seen everything,” Iruka muttered in a stunned voice.

“No. Doubt.” Yamato blinked.  “No wonder he reacted the way he had.”

“What’s that?” Iruka asked.

“Um…” he blushed. “He saw us leave Friday night.”

“Oh.” Iruka’s cheeks darkened. “Did he ask you about it?”

Yamato nodded. “And, um, he guessed that something happened. I didn’t tell him what. I… wouldn’t. Um, tell him, I mean.”

Iruka nodded, giving a small smile at that. “Thank you. I… Thanks. So, do you remember, then? What…” he gulped. “What we did?”

Yamato nodded again. “Yeah, well, most of it, anyway.  Do… you?”


They stared at each other, unable to look away until Aio said something. “Hey, guys?”

Yamato blinked and turned back to the bartender. “Oh, sorry.” He put the money on the bar and picked up his sake and Shizune’s drink. Iruka took his and Maiko’s and they went back to the table.

They sat back down with the two women, but it had gotten much more uncomfortable all of a sudden, at least for Yamato, but he suspected it was as much for Iruka too. It might not have been so bad if talking about that night with Iruka hadn’t brought all those mental images back.

The ladies were talking about Maiko’s students and Yamato and Iruka were able to tune in for a bit.  Yamato couldn’t help but smile at the way Iruka talked about his own kids.  And the way he talked, you’d think he was talking about his own children, not his students.

“So, Yamato, what are you up to without missions?” Shizune asked him, catching him by surprise.

“Oh, I actually have one in the morning.”

Iruka glanced over at him and he reached up and pretended to scratch at his left shoulder. Yamato had turned in more than a few ANBU mission reports to him over the years, so Yamato could tell him. Iruka gave a minute nod.

“I thought they didn’t have many right now,” Shizune said, looking confused.

“Oh, um, there were some that came in late yesterday.” Iruka said, rescuing Yamato, their eyes meeting.

“Oh. I didn’t hear about them, but then again I can’t keep up with all of them. I’m usually too busy just trying to get Tsunade to keep up with all the paperwork.”  She smiled wryly. “Izumo and Kotetsu try, but they can only do so much. They did manage the other day though to get her to do some.” She laughed, shaking her head. When Yamato and Iruka raised their eyebrows, she nodded. “Apparently, they’d threatened to strip and have sex on her desk. I’ve never seen her work so hard after that.”

That brought laughter from all four of them. Before anyone could say more, the music turned up then. Amusement filled Yamato as Kakashi got up and dragged his two companions onto the dance floor.  Yamato wondered just how much Kakashi had to drink. He shook his head and looked over at Shizune. “Care to dance?”

The two couples made their way onto the dance floor and in no time, it was ridiculously crowded.  The other dancers pushed him much closer to Shizune than he might have liked, considering it was a first date, but that wasn’t what started to get uncomfortable.

Iruka and Maiko were right next to them.  And try as Yamato might, he couldn’t ignore the way Iruka was moving.  He could dance well, and Yamato was having a hard time concentrating on his own partner, rather than Iruka’s moves.

He forced himself to turn so that he couldn’t see Iruka dancing and shifted his attention to Shizune again.  Except when he did, he realized that she and Maiko were dancing together.  He raised an eyebrow and glanced to the side. Iruka had noticed it himself.

Yamato and Iruka’s gazes met and they both shrugged, then moved closer to the women, trying not to actually dance with each other. But every time they got closer to Shizune and Maiko, the women moved in a way that put Yamato and Iruka back together.  Until at one point, they were pretty much dancing with each other. It didn’t take a Nara genius to figure out what was going on.



It was deliberate.  Iruka had figured out that something wasn’t right by the second time the women moved away from them.  He didn’t think it was accidental in the slightest. He and Yamato had been trying very hard to ignore each other, but it was pretty much impossible.

He was very, very close, and Iruka was vividly reminded of the way Yamato felt against him the other night.  So when they bumped into each other on the crowded dance floor, it only got worse. After the third time the women moved away, he had no doubt they were pushing him and Yamato together. He glanced into the dark eyes and gave up, moving a little closer.  Yamato moved in too, their bodies touching and Iruka stifled a moan.

It was ridiculous. His heart was pounding, pulse racing and his breathing damned near impossible to control.  And not from the dancing itself. No, Iruka couldn’t even pretend that. It was purely from Yamato’s proximity.  All Iruka could think about was touching the defined form in front of him.  He swallowed hard, then tentatively put his hand on Yamato’s hip.

Yamato pulled him closer then, so that they were touching.  Their eyes never leaving each other, they moved to the music, bodies insanely close.  Iruka couldn’t miss the arousal that was straining against his own and he was still struggling with the fact that Yamato—this man—turned him on so.

When the music shifted and slowed, it seemed to break whatever spell had caught them both up. They stepped back from each other, and Iruka was gratified to see that Yamato seemed to be having the same trouble he was.  He finally managed to turn around to leave and he saw Kakashi on the floor with Genma on one side of him and Raidou on the other.  He got Yamato’s attention and pointed.

Yamato’s mouth dropped open.  All three of them were tight up against each other. “Geez, get a room,” Yamato said in Iruka’s ear. “They’re practically fucking right there.”

Iruka laughed. “I know, right?” Iruka shook his head and glanced back at Yamato.  Way too close.  They were closer than when they’d danced, barely a couple of centimeters away.  He swallowed hard and turned to look for Maiko to keep from doing something he’d regret—like kissing Yamato. Except Maiko wasn’t there.  Iruka blinked, looking around, but Shizune was also gone. “Um, they’re not here.”

Yamato looked around too. “Did we… get abandoned?”

“I have no idea.” Iruka shook his head.

They made their way off of the dance floor to the table, but the women weren’t there. They weren’t at the bar either. So the guys sat. “Maybe they just went to the bathroom….” Iruka suggested. Yamato shrugged, but he didn’t look like he believed it any more than Iruka did.

But by the time the song changed not once, but twice, they had to admit the ladies weren’t coming back.

“Well, we’ve been abandoned,” Yamato said.

Iruka frowned. “Do you think they know about what happened between us? I mean, before out there.” He motioned to the dance floor. He caught a glimpse of Kakashi and Raidou making out on the dance floor and he looked away.

“I don’t know how they could have. I mean, the news that we left together went around, but that was it.” Yamato frowned. “I’m… sorry if I messed up your date.”

Iruka shook his head. “No, it’s not you. If anyone did, I did. I certainly didn’t pay attention to her very much.”  He swallowed and looked over at Yamato.  “I’m sorry about Shizune—”

Yamato shook his head, too. “Nope, that was on me.” He sighed. “I probably shouldn’t have asked her, anyway.” He frowned.

Iruka raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

Yamato stared at him a moment, considering him, then swallowed. “You.”

Whatever Iruka had expected, it wasn’t that, despite the dancing they’d done. His mouth fell open, so stunned it took him a moment to speak. “Me?”

“Have you been able to forget it?” Yamato asked.

Iruka swallowed, then shook his head. “No.” He glanced back up, his face heating. “I… don’t know what it was, exactly. Or, um, is, but…”

“Yeah, me either.” He glanced at his watch. “Crap. I have to go. We’re leaving very early.”

Iruka nodded. “Do—” He shut his mouth so fast, his teeth snapped. He wasn’t going to ask this.  Even if he was attracted to Yamato and couldn’t forget that night, he wasn’t going to do it.

“Are you staying?” Yamato asked.

Iruka shook his head. “No. I don’t usually go out much on school nights, anyway.”

Yamato took a deep breath. “Can I walk you home?”

Well. There’s no mistaking that.  Iruka stood. “Um, yeah. Okay.”

They didn’t touch as they walked out of the bar and turned down the street.  Neither said anything at first, both of them with their hands stuffed into their pockets and bright blushes on their faces. “So, do you know how long you’ll be gone?” Iruka finally asked.

Yamato shook his head. “I don’t think it’s supposed to be a long mission, but, well, you know.”

“Yeah, anything could happen.” Iruka sighed. He didn’t want to think about something happening, so he asked instead, “what on earth was up with Kakashi?”

“I have no idea. None. I didn’t have a clue that he was even involved with them.” Yamato shook his head.

“Yeah, and them? I mean, two at the same time? It’s one thing to for that to happen, you know, once, but he was basically claiming them for every ninja to see.” Iruka glanced over at Yamato.

“I know. I couldn’t believe it. He’d been drinking, I could tell that, so maybe he just drank too much.” He shrugged. “I guess it’s his business.”

“Yeah.” Iruka fell into silence as they walked, then stopped in front of his building. “This is it.”

“Okay, well, um.” Yamato paused and looked over Iruka for a long moment, then said quietly, “Go out with me.”

“What?” Iruka couldn’t have been more stunned if Yamato had just sent a Mokuton branch through him.

“Dinner or… something. When I get back.”

“Like… a date?” Iruka asked, still not sure his brain was translating Yamato’s words properly.

“Yeah, a date.” Yamato blushed.

Iruka swallowed. Good grief, he’d just danced very intimately in public with the man. Why not dinner?

Because you know it won’t just be dinner! his inner-self helpfully put in. He ignored it, not willing to imagine that right in that moment. He was messed up enough without bringing those memories back out. “Okay. Yeah.”

Yamato smiled.  “Okay.”  They stood uncomfortably for a moment, then Yamato took that half step closer.  “I’ll… let you know when I’m back.”

“Okay.” He was too close again. Way too close.  “Be… be careful.”

Yamato nodded. “I will.”

Iruka couldn’t seem to breathe. Yamato was too close.  That was all he could seem to think. Just like they were back on the dance floor, maybe two or three centimeters apart, that was it.  He smells so good.  Yamato smelled of the forest, and Iruka closed his eyes without even meaning to and inhaled.

Yamato put a hand on his hair and Iruka opened his eyes.  “Soft. I thought it was,” Yamato whispered, then leaned in.  Iruka closed his eyes again when Yamato buried his face in Iruka’s hair. Iruka whimpered at just how fucking good that felt, his arousal getting horribly worse in that instant.

Should he ask Yamato to come up? He couldn’t believe he was thinking that. No! No. Their—Iruka flailed mentally—date was soon enough.  He swallowed hard, and fought to catch his breath.

He turned his head, intending to say something, anything, and Yamato’s mouth was closer than he thought.  Their lips touched, just barely and that jolt hit him again.

It wasn’t even a deep kiss. Yamato’s lips moved over his softly, gently, brushing lightly back and forth before Yamato put a bit more behind it.  Iruka reached up and put his hand on Yamato’s shoulder to steady himself. As he did, Yamato wrapped both arms around him, pulled him closer, and the lips on his opened.

Yamato’s tongue touched his bottom lip tentatively and he opened his own mouth.  His breath disappeared completely when Yamato’s tongue touched his.  Yet again, the memory of the other night crept up, but this was completely different. There was no alcohol spurring them on this time.

No, this was pure desire on both their parts.  Yamato wouldn’t do this unless he wanted to. Iruka may not have known everything about him, but that Iruka was sure of. He met the tongue with his own, sliding it along the side and the taste of sake and barbecue was underlined with something rich.  He couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but he’d never tasted anything like it before.



Iruka can kiss!  The feel of those lips, this body against him, made Yamato want to practically drag Iruka upstairs.  He had no idea what to do at that point, since he had very little experience when it came to sex with a man—and all of it through a drunken haze—but he didn’t care. He figured they would come up with something.

But Iruka’s mouth moving over his, the tongue against his, tasting, teasing him was making him crazy.  He tightened his arms, forcing Iruka’s hard cock to rub against his own, and the moan he’d been holding back escaped.  He couldn’t believe how good this all felt, this man felt.

They broke apart briefly and he looked into Iruka’s eyes.  Iruka’s face was flushed, lips kiss-swollen from his kisses. Yamato lifted one hand and ran his fingers over that beautiful hair again.  He savored the softness as the strands slid along his palm. He let it fall, then met Iruka’s eyes again.

He could stand there all night like that with Iruka in his arms, their bodies close. Well, that wasn’t entirely true.  At some point, he’d give in and drag Iruka into his apartment and do something with him, even if Yamato wasn’t sure what it was at that moment.  He cleared his throat to derail that line of thought before he acted on it. It was true they’d already been together, but that had been while drunk and even if Iruka was a man, Yamato wanted to do things right and at least take Iruka to dinner before they did anything again. “I… have to go.”

Iruka nodded, his eyes leaving Yamato’s. “Yeah, I do too,” he replied, but neither of them moved. He took a breath, then whispered, “Kiss me again. Once more, before you go.”

How could he turn that down?  Yamato couldn’t even pretend he could, wouldn’t pretend he wanted to. He closed those few centimeters one more time and captured Iruka’s lips with his own.  Iruka’s tongue slid along his again and the flavors he’d experienced a moment ago exploded again.  He couldn’t begin to name them all, but beyond the sake and dinner, there was a something he knew was distinctly Iruka and he was beginning to wonder if he could ever get enough of it.

They broke apart a moment later and Yamato forced himself to take a step back.  It took a lot of effort to do it, but he managed.  “I’ll let you know as soon as I can that I’m back.”

“Please.” Iruka swallowed. “Be careful. And… come back, okay?”

Yamato nodded, his heart thudding at the note of fear in Iruka’s voice. He brushed a thumb over one cheek, choosing his words carefully. He couldn’t absolutely promise that, he couldn’t even promise there’d be a body to bury and Iruka would know both quite well.  “I will do everything I possibly can to come back.”

After one more long look, Iruka turned toward his building. At the front door, he paused and turned back. They stared at each other another moment, then Yamato waved and he waved in return.  When Iruka stepped into the building, Yamato turned toward home. This was going to be the longest mission of his life.