Hey there! I have not forgotten you, I promise! I’ve been a wee bit busy with school, which is tough this semester. I’m starting a new language—Korean—and it’s a challenge! Not entirely different from Japanese but some things, while they sound the same, are NOT and that can be really confusing! But I’m getting there, it’s just taking up time, which means writing has been, well, really slow.

That said, I *have* done some editing! This is an older story I started a while back and found on my hard drive. I found myself reading it (though some of it made me cringe!) and decided to edit and, eventually, finish it! It’s part of the Naruto fandom, so if you’re not familiar, you might want to skip this because some of it is very necessary to understand what’s going on. If you do, well… I hope you enjoy my Yamato/Iruka story!

A few things:

1. I do not own Naruto, any of it’s spinoffs, sequels, characters, world, etc., etc., etc.

2. I started this ages ago on AFF and Y!Gal. I’ve edited heavily and am posting it here. (If you’ve seen it on AFF or Y!Gal, this IS better. I promise!) I’ll be updating AFF but Y!Gal is, of course, gone.

3. I refuse to recognize canon after a certain point in the Naruto story (~ch. 614/ep. 364). 😛 This story doesn’t really deal with anything different. It’s after the war, before most things have changed, and they’re still rebuilding. Still, maybe consider this to be an alternative timeline.

4. I make no guarantees about finishing this. :/ I want to, but writing has been a challenge, at best. I’m in school again and it’s… not easy… to find the mental energy to write anything, including fanfic. (I have original, paid works I should be doing…) BUT! I have 10 chapters written, 6 fully edited, so there’s plenty of story to get started with. 🙂


Without further ado, What Is:

Waking up after a night of drinking in bed naked with a strange person wasn’t all that common to begin with. But when Yamato wakes up naked in bed with a man… Umino Iruka… he’s forced to face a whole lot of possibilities he never imagined. Iruka had never even considered he might be gay–or bi–and waking up naked in bed with Yamato was the last thing he’d ever expected. Now the two of them must decide if there’s more to this than a drunken mistake. If they can get past the embarrassment and their own hangups, they might just find something they’d never expected–and that could be the best thing they could ever want.


Yamato smiled at the thud.  He’d done his own head banging back home before he left.  It helped to calm him a little to realize Iruka was just as nervous as he was.  Despite the time they’d spent together while he’d been in the hospital, he was ridiculously nervous for a date.

Of course, then the door opened and he had to stop and stare. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Iruka dressed for a date before.  He’d been in the very nice snug sweater and pants when he’d been out with Maiko for their disastrous accidental double-date. But even so, Yamato couldn’t stop the need to soak up the vision of Iruka dressed up, especially because it was for him.

Iruka had left his hair down and Yamato had to force himself to keep from reaching out to touch it.  He had no idea why it drew him so much; it just did. It made him feel like a genin, like he’d never been on a date before.

He managed to drag his eyes away from the hair and to what Iruka was wearing.  He’d left the collar of the deep blue button-down shirt open and Yamato forced himself to look away from that neck.  The images of fixing his mouth to it slammed into him and his cheeks heated just from that. He’d have thought two weeks would have been enough for him to stop obsessing over that night and all the things they’d done.

His inner-self snorted. Yeah, right. Is that why you still jack off to those memories?

Shut up, he growled in his head.

All he got to that was a mental cackle.

Yamato swallowed the drool and forced his eyes up to Iruka’s gorgeous face.  He managed to dig up a smile from somewhere and Iruka responded with one of his own.  The way Iruka’s smile list up his whole face filled Yamato with warmth. That the smile was aimed at Yamato was the icing on the cake.  “Hi,” Yamato managed, trying desperately not to blush even more.

“Hi.” When it became obvious Iruka was looking him over, the blush Yamato had been fighting won and he was doubly glad he’d worn his best pants and sweater, especially with the admiring look in Iruka’s eyes.

They just stared at each other another moment when Yamato mentally shook himself. “Um, here.” He handed Iruka a bottle of sake.  Yamato had labored over that decision for nearly forever. He didn’t have the first clue what to bring a man for a date.  In fact, he had no clue if he even was supposed to like he did when he took a woman out, but he figured a gift was never a bad idea. Since he didn’t think flowers were very appropriate, he’d settled on the sake, knowing, at least, that Iruka liked it.

“Oh! Thank you,” Iruka said, blinking down at it, then smiled again even wider.  He turned back to his apartment, then set it on his kitchen table. When he came back, Yamato hesitated, then gave in to need and leaned in, leaving a soft kiss on Iruka’s lips. When he pulled back, Iruka’s cheeks were once again red, but his eyes were still closed as if he was savoring the kiss, and he was smiling. It did good things for Yamato’s heart and helped him calm down even more.

“Ready?” Yamato asked in a whisper. Iruka opened his eyes and nodded, so Yamato stepped back and waited while Iruka closed and locked his door.

As they walked along the street, Yamato had no idea if he was supposed to take Iruka’s hand or anything. He wanted to, but had didn’t know if Iruka would or how public Iruka might want to be. Yamato wished he’d asked Kakashi what the hell to do, since he obviously had some experience with this stuff.  Then again, Yamato had never seen the man actually date, so he had no idea if Kakashi really took Genma and Raidou on dates or if they just did… stuff.

“Hmm?” Iruka’s voice pulled Yamato out of his musings.

“I’m sorry?” Yamato asked, annoyed at himself that he’d been lost in thought instead of paying attention to Iruka.

“I thought you said something.”

Yamato shook his head. “Oh. I didn’t mean to. But… I was wondering if Kakashi actually took Genma or Raidou out on dates. And if so, did he take both of them at the same time?”

“No idea. I have to admit, it’s a little weird. I mean, not the part about them being guys,” Iruka hurried to add.

“No.  More the fact that there are three of them.” Yamato sighed. “I think that’s just something I’m not quite going to get. But I’ll say this much, he seems to really care about them.”

“I suppose it’s possible. I mean… parents care for more than one kid, right?”

Yamato glanced over at Iruka. “Yeah. Huh. I never thought about it that way.”  He frowned. “But I don’t remember my parents, so I don’t really know.”

“I’m sorry!” Iruka said, hurriedly. “I didn’t mean…”

“No, don’t worry about it. I really don’t think about it most of the time.” He shrugged. “There are times it bothers me, but mostly because I don’t have any family, you know?”

“Yeah, I do.  I mean, I remember mine, but they’ve been gone so long.” Iruka swallowed, looking away.

“I’m sorry!  Ugh. I’m doing so great at this.” He sighed, rolling his eyes at himself.  “Doing great at putting my foot in my mouth,” he muttered.

Iruka laughed. “You’re doing fine. I brought it up first, remember?”

“Right.” Yamato chuckled making a concerted effort to let it go, then sighed. That seemed to break the tension a little bit.  They turned the next corner then and paused outside of Ichiraku’s.  “Um, I don’t want you to think I’m cheap or anything, but, well, I thought since it’s your favorite…” He stumbled over his words, his cheeks burning.

Iruka grinned. “Who told you?” Yamato swallowed, but before he could speak, Iruka said, “Wait, don’t tell me…”

“Naruto,” they said at the same time and laughed. Yamato relaxed a little more at that.

“I think it’s great,” Iruka said, ducking under the curtain and they took seats near the end of the counter. “You know, I would have brought Maiko here but I didn’t think she’d appreciate it.”

Yamato laughed. “I love it. Not my favorite food like yours is, but it’s up there on the list.”

“What is yours?” Iruka asked,a little too casually in Yamato’s opinion.

Yamato concentrated on the menu, not willing to call Iruka on that. “Walnut shrimp.”

They put in their orders and Yamato took a breath, determined to get a grip on himself.  He tried for a safe subject. “So, tell me about your kids.”

“Kids?” Iruka stared at him blankly. “Oh, my students!” He dropped his face into his palm. “I’m such a mess tonight,” he muttered, shaking his head. Before Yamato could reply to that, though, Iruka launched into a nice long distracting discussion about his students.  After the first few comments, Yamato found things he could ask about and they both were able to lose the tension.

By the time the ramen was served, they were once again comfortable around each other.  Conversation flowed into Naruto and Yamato’s other teammates, including Sai and his attempts at making friends.  Then there were the inevitable comments about Kakashi. “I swear the man has one of those books glued to his hands at all times,” Yamato said, shaking his head.

“I know. I mean, I know they’re not just porn.  Mature, yes, but not just porn, right? But even so, you’d think he could put them down once in a while.” Iruka laughed.  “I think he does it deliberately.  Make people think he’s lazier than he really is.”

“I think you’re right about that.  You know, the new Icha Icha movie is out. I was wondering if you’d want to go see it after dinner.” Yamato swallowed, hoping that Iruka would say yes. A nice dark theater that didn’t require conversation but allowed him to still be close might help things a bit.  Of course, that could cause its own problems, but he’d face those when they happened.

“I didn’t know it was out. That sounds good,” Iruka said and blushed.

Yamato wondered if Iruka was thinking the same thing he was. Well, why the hell not? He couldn’t help but wonder what might happen after their date was over.  If he had gone out with a woman, he’d be wondering if he could get her into bed—or, well, if they’d end up in bed, because he didn’t like pressuring someone into bed. He much preferred them enthusiastic. So, he’d spent at least part of the date wondering if they’d end up in bed. Why not this person, too?

Because it’s a man and you’ve never dated a man before.  He shoved his inner-self into the back of his mind. He was already enough of a wreck and most definitely didn’t need the extra help.

There was an awkward moment when the check came and they stared at each other.  Who the hell paid? Yamato wanted to, but he didn’t know what Iruka was thinking.  He settled on, “I asked you out,” and picked it up.

Iruka stared at him another moment, then said simply, “Thank you.”

This was definitely different. Yamato sighed. None of the women he’d ever dated had even hinted at wanting to pay—or split the check—or anything of the sort. He wondered if this went further if he’d ever get used to dating a man. Deciding it wasn’t a question he could answer then, he set it aside.

When they left Ichiraku’s and turned down the road toward the theater, the tension started to creep in again.  Yamato bumped Iruka’s hand at one point and they glanced at each other, blushing.  Then, deciding to just take a chance, Yamato took Iruka’s hand.

Good grief, that felt good. It was ridiculous. Just holding his hand.  Yamato realized he felt like he had on his very first date years ago.  And it was kind of like that all over again.  Everything here was new and different than any of previous his experiences.

Iruka’s hand closed around his and they said nothing, just walked the last couple of blocks to the theater in silence.  He had to let go to buy the tickets and he felt a ridiculous disappointment at that.  Shaking off the thought as they stepped into the theater, Yamato held the door for Iruka.  He hesitated briefly, glanced at Yamato, then murmured a “thank you” and went through. Yamato figured Iruka wasn’t used to having someone hold the door for him and instead was used to being the one doing the door-holding.

“Um, popcorn?” Yamato asked as they approached the snack counter and Iruka nodded.  When they had the bucket and drinks, they went to find the theater itself, but discovered they were early, so they had to wait.

“It’s been a while since I’ve read this one. I don’t remember much about it,” Iruka said, frowning in thought.

“Um, they go undercover.  I think there was a mob boss involved? I don’t remember much, myself.” Yamato took a sip of his drink, trying not to think about the hair that was right next to him again.  It was almost close enough to bury his face in and he fought against the urge to do so. That was so not the place for it.

“Oh! Right, I remember now.  Hmm. I wonder who owns the rights to these now that the Pervy Sage is gone,” Iruka wondered.  He held out the popcorn and Yamato took a few kernels, grateful for something to think about other than the man next to him. At least for a few seconds, anyway.

“Actually, he passed them to Naruto.”

“Wow. Really?” Iruka’s eyebrows went up in surprise. “Lucky kid.”

“Yeah.” Yamato chuckled. “He was actually kind of annoyed, though because now, Kakashi’s always trying to get him to pay for lunch.”

Iruka laughed. “I can believe it.”

The doors opened then, and one of the employees came out.  He smiled at them and waved toward the theater. “You can go in.”

“Thanks.” Yamato held the door and Iruka paused before going through, glancing over at him.  Yamato figured that, like before, Iruka was having as much trouble with the idea of dating a man as he did. He decided to just say something.

When they found seats a few rows from the back and were settled, he turned to face Iruka. “You know, this is completely new to me too. I have no idea what to do, for sure.   I mean, do I hold the door? Do I pay?” He shook his head.

Iruka chuckled. “I’ve been wondering the same thing. I keep thinking there’s something I’m supposed to be doing, you know? Like holding the door or something.” He shook his own head.

“Yeah.” Yamato sighed. “I’ve… never been the most adept at dating. I mean, my, uh, relationships—the few I had—never lasted very long. But, I guess if you’re not ready to run screaming from me, I haven’t done too badly.”

Iruka laughed. “Hardly!” He snorted, trying to smother the laughs and Yamato couldn’t help but get caught up in it.  Before long, they were both laughing.

When they calmed down a few minutes later, Yamato was grinning. “I feel like I’m back on my first ever date. Geez.”

“I know what you mean.” Iruka chuckled, then bumped him with his elbow. “Let’s just enjoy the movie, hmm?”  He tilted his head toward the screen where the previews were starting.

Yamato nodded. “Yeah, I think we can handle that.” Iruka held out the popcorn box and Yamato took a few kernels, then shifted his attention to the screen.

He couldn’t have named a single preview, though.  Despite the agreement to just enjoy the movie, he kept wondering if he should put his arm around Iruka or if he should at least hold his hand or what.  He wanted to, but didn’t know how Iruka would react.  It wasn’t until the movie itself started that he could finally concentrate more.  Like Jiraiya’s books, he was drawn in.  The director was definitely good at his job.

He shifted in his seat at one point and put his arm down on the divider between them.  Iruka’s hand was already there and he glanced over.  Iruka was watching him, but instead of pulling his hand away, Iruka turned his and they held hands instead.

Yamato swallowed, staring, but then an explosion on screen caught his attention.  They both turned back to the movie, but despite how engrossing it was, more of his focus was on the hand in his than on the screen.  It was ridiculous how much that touch went through him.  Just one touch! Just holding hands! Yamato’s cock hardened and any attention he had left for the movie disappeared.

He glanced over and based on the fidgeting Iruka was doing, he was having the same trouble.  His eyes kept darting over to Yamato, then down to their hands, then back to the screen.

Giving up, Yamato let go of Iruka’s hand and reached up to touch his hair.  That incredible hair that had been distracting him for way too long, since the first time he’d seen it spread over his shoulder.  Iruka’s eyes closed as Yamato ran his fingers through it and he leaned in and buried his face in the soft strands. Damn, Iruka smelled so good.

Yamato didn’t remember starting it, but somewhere along the line, he was running his lips along Iruka’s neck.  He stopped at the ear and pulled back, glancing at Iruka’s face.  His eyes were still closed, his face flushed, his breathing shallow.  Yamato turned back and closed the last tiny distance, placing his lips right behind the ear.

Iruka inhaled sharply. He reached up and gripped Yamato’s sweater in one hand.  Yamato made a mental note of the spot and pulled back again.

Iruka turned to him and their lips met.  It took everything in Yamato not to crush Iruka to him.  Their mouths opened, their tongues touched, and he let out a quiet moan of his own.  Hh threaded his hands through that amazing hair, and he deepened the kiss even more.  He couldn’t taste enough, couldn’t get enough of that mouth as it moved over his.

They broke apart again, their faces barely a couple of centimeters apart, the movie completely forgotten.  There was another explosion on the screen, but this time, Yamato didn’t even notice it. Neither did Iruka, it seemed, since he didn’t look away from Yamato.  Iruka swallowed and licked his lips. “Do you… just want to go?

If Yamato hadn’t been so focused on Iruka, he’d have missed the words as quiet as they were.  But he didn’t, he caught them and barely resisted the urge to cheer. Instead, he took a shaky breath and simply nodded.  He had to adjust himself before he could stand, but he managed to pay enough attention to get out of the row of seats without tripping over or stepping on anyone.  He considered transporting them, but he wanted, needed to calm down a little and hoped the walk to one of their homes would help with that.  They dropped their cups and the popcorn into the garbage and headed out very quickly.

When they were on the street, this time Yamato didn’t hesitate to take his hand.  Iruka glanced over at him and their eyes met again. “My place,” was all Iruka said, and Yamato nodded.

He thought he did very well restraining himself until they got to the apartment door.  He fought the urge several times to pin Iruka against a wall, any wall, and start kissing him again.  But they made it all the way to Iruka’s apartment and he even held on until the door was closed and locked behind them.

But by that time, he couldn’t fight himself anymore.  He pinned Iruka up against the wall and captured his lips again.  Iruka let out a moan and moved his hands up over Yamato’s body, up under his sweater, running over the skin, and Yamato bucked against him in reaction.

Oh fuck, that felt so good.  Iruka was as hard as he was and Yamato wanted nothing more than to strip him right there.  It was still surprising just how much he wanted this, but he did, he couldn’t ignore it.  He ground his cock against Iruka’s and was rewarded with another groan.

They nipped at each others’ lips and tongues battled for control of the kiss as their kisses became more desperate.  Iruka pulled at Yamato’s sweater and he stepped back long enough to tug it over his head, their eyes never leaving each other’s.  He attacked the buttons on Iruka’s shirt, but kept his head long enough to make sure to open all of them before taking it off him.

But when Iruka’s amazing chest was exposed to him, he lost his restraint then.  His mouth fixed onto that neck again and he sucked hard at the skin. “Oh damn, that’s good. Fuck, Yamato.”

He groaned when the nails scored across his back and he rocked against the clothed cock, the friction close, so, so close, but not quite enough.  He needed more of this man, wanted to taste all of him and he pulled back once more.  Yamato’s dark eyes locked onto Iruka’s brown ones again and Yamato pulled him into the main part of the room, intending to get him onto the bed.

They only got a few more feet before their mouths crashed together again.  Iruka snaked his hand down to the front of Yamato’s pants and he gripped Yamato’s cock, rubbing the hard length there. Yamato released his lips. “Damn, that’s good,” he moaned loudly, pumping against the hand.  “I… I need you.” He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t seem to think clearly.

He fumbled with Iruka’s pants, mouth nipping at the naked skin in front of him, and despite being careful, the button popped anyway. “Fuck. I’m sorry.”

Iruka chuckled. “That’s okay.  I don’t care.  I just need to feel you.”  The smile faded, then, when he pulled at Yamato’s pants as well, finally getting him naked.  Their eyes met once more, then Iruka started making a path down over Yamato’s chest with his lips, nipping and sucking, leaving a trail of marks in his wake.


Iruka stared at the hard cock in front of him.  He remembered vividly two weeks ago, taking it into his mouth for the first time.  That had been in the middle of a drunken mess, though, and he hadn’t been thinking.  Looking up, he caught Yamato watching him with an expression of anxiousness and Iruka swallowed his own fear and nervousness.  He wanted to give to Yamato, wanted to make him feel good.  So Iruka stuck his tongue out, tentatively touching the head.

It tastes so good. He licked at the pre-cum dripping slowly out and Iruka’s eyes closed on their own when he heard the sharp gasp above him.  He wrapped his hand around the base of Yamato’s cock, then slowly took the whole thing into his mouth.

“Fuck, Iruka.” Yamato slid his hands into Iruka’s hair and pushed it back away from Iruka’s face.

Iruka did his best to ignore the fact that Yamato was watching him. If he thought about it, the nervousness would grow. Instead, he focused on the sounds Yamato let out from what he was doing. He took his time learning the cock in his mouth, tasting every little bit that he could, cataloging the moans and gasps Yamato made when he did something right.

He learned that Yamato liked it when he ran his tongue along the underside while he moved his mouth over it.  He discovered Yamato was really sensitive right below the tip. And then he found a tiny bump about half way down that made Yamato moan especially loudly if he played with it with his tongue.

And if he relaxed his throat and added just a tiny bit of chakra, he could swallow Yamato completely.  When he did this, Yamato shouted with it. “Fuck! Oh fuck! Stop, Iruka… stop or I’ll come.” When he didn’t, not wanting to stop tasting, the hands on his head fisted in his hair.  “Not yet, please, not yet.”

He finally pulled back and looked up. Yamato tugged on him, and he stood as Yamato brought him in for another kiss.  They backed up to the bed and fell together onto it.  “My turn,” Yamato whispered and started his own path down over Iruka’s body.

Iruka had to grab the headboard to ground himself as that incredible mouth moved over him.  Yamato took his own time learning, and Iruka went damned near crazy from it.  He’d never experienced anything even close to the way Yamato pleasured him, licking and sucking in, apparently, all the right places.

He discovered that his nipples were really sensitive and when Yamato sucked on them, it brought an almost embarrassingly loud gasp from him.  The way Yamato had of leaving marks made him want to scream.  And it was even worse when he simply dragged his lips lightly over Iruka’s stomach, with just enough touch to make him desperate for more, though Iruka’s mind was way too gone to actually say what that “more” was.

And when Yamato took Iruka’s incredibly hard cock into his mouth, Iruka really did lose his mind a little.  Before long, he found himself begging, too–begging to get Yamato to stop, to let go of his straining cock, not ready for it to be over yet.

He wanted more.  He knew what he wanted, needed: Yamato inside him. But as he stared into the dark eyes above him, he blushed. How the hell did he ask for it? What the hell was he going to say?

“Iruka I…” Yamato paused, his own cheeks coloring. “Iruka, I want… you.”  He closed his eyes. “Fuck,” he whispered.

Iruka put his finger over Yamato’s lips. Grateful he wasn’t going to have to ask, he simply pulled at the drawer of his bedside table and, not taking his eyes off Yamato, felt inside.  His hand closed around the bottle he was looking for and, cheeks burning, he held it up.

Yamato glanced down at it, his own color getting worse.  He fisted his hand around the bottle and he closed his eyes, struggling with something.  He sat back a moment, took a deep breath, then opened his eyes.  “Do we… should we…” he sighed, annoyed with himself. “Should we use a condom?”

Iruka licked his lips. “I’ve never been with another man before. As, I’m sure, you know… well, aside from you two weeks ago, but that’s not what I mean, I mean… I’ve never…” His mouth snapped closed and he closed his eyes again, gritting his teeth briefly.  He took a deep breath, then another and reached for the best logic he could. “My checkups have never shown anything and I’m pretty sure Tsunade would kick my ass if anything did turn up.”

Yamato nodded, seeming to accept that, though he blushed. “Yeah, ninja. I should have thought of that.” He shook his head at himself.

Iruka held out a hand. “We’re not exactly thinking clearly right now.” Yamato gave a small smile at that. “Anyway… I’d rather feel you–all of you–inside me.” Iruka took another deep breath and met Yamato’s gaze.

“I want to feel you too,” Yamato whispered as he leaned forward, then, kissing Iruka once more, before sitting back and opening the bottle.  He coated one finger and reached down.

Iruka spread his legs as wide as he could feeling just a little silly.  But then he felt the finger on his ass and he moaned. “That feels–” He paused to gasp when Yamato teased him. “–so good.” His eyes closed as he focused on the sensations.  It was odd to have something at his ass, pushing into him, but it felt really good, too.

Yamato moved the finger into him a little more, then he hit a spot inside Iruka and Iruka’s eyes flew open wide. He let out a shout. His prostate. Yamato was hitting his prostate. He’d heard before that it felt really good, but never experienced it. Yamato bent down over him again, capturing his lips once more and Iruka forgot any embarrassment, forgot being uncomfortable at all. All he could focus on was that mouth and the finger moving inside of him.

Then it was gone and Yamato fumbled with the bottle again.  This time, there was a little more discomfort when the second finger was added and Iruka winced. “I’m sorry,” Yamato whispered, “hang in there. Please. I really want you, but I won’t hurt you.”

Iruka gripped Yamato’s shoulders and a moment later, the discomfort eased and he started feeling good again. He found himself grateful Yamato had obviously done some research as well. Iruka had read about stretching but hadn’t given it much thought. He’d certainly never expected it to feel so good. It was almost too much.  When Yamato hit his prostate again, his hips started moving on their own and he moaned loudly.  He was being stretched, the fingers pulling at him, then a moment later, they were gone again.  He swallowed hard, and tried to force himself to relax.

Because a few seconds later, he felt three fingers push into him. This did hurt a little bit, but he’d be damned if he backed down now. He wanted this man, wanted him inside and Iruka wasn’t going to fuck this up.  He reminded himself this was important if he was going to get what he wanted. So, he tightened his hands on Yamato’s shoulders a little more and focused on the parts that felt good.

He relaxed himself further when Yamato kissed him again, then nibbled on the spot behind his ear that was so sensitive.  At the same time, Yamato hit his prostate again and Iruka nearly shouted. “Oh fuck, Yamato! Yes.

Yamato worked Iruka a little further with his fingers, and just as Iruka was about to get frustrated, wanting more, wanting him, he leaned back one more time.  The dark eyes met his and Yamato whispered, “are you ready?”

Iruka nodded and lifted his legs a little further.  Yamato paused to fumble once more with the bottle and Iruka couldn’t tear his eyes away, his blush returning as Yamato coated his cock thoroughly with the lube.  He added a bit more to Iruka’s ass for good measure, and then he was in place and pushing slowly into Iruka’s body.

Oh fuck, he’s big. That’s all Iruka could think at first. Yamato felt huge and all Iruka could focus on was the sensation of being stretched.  He pulled his legs up a little more and wrapped them around Yamato as he worked his cock slowly into Iruka.

“Fuck, Iruka you’re so tight.” There was strain in Yamato’s voice that awed Iruka a bit.

Just hearing that eased some of the tension and he focused again on the sensations that felt good. “Don’t stop, it feels so good, don’t stop, Yamato…” He forced himself to work his muscles around the cock entering him, trying hard to relax a bit more and then the head finally slipped in. A moment later, Yamato had pushed in the rest of the way.

Good grief, there was nothing to compare to this. Nothing in the world that felt like this did, having this man inside of him.  Yamato was buried completely, filling him up and… he was trembling, just a little. Trembling, Iruka thought, because it feels so good to him, too.

Yamato paused, his breath coming in gasps. “So… so tight. You feel so good, Iruka.” He paused, seeming to struggle with his breath, then down at Iruka. “Are… are you okay?”

Iruka nodded, blushing a little. “Nothing’s ever felt like this before.” He swallowed hard.  “Ever this…good.” He pulled Yamato’s face close, their lips meeting in another kiss and then Yamato started to move.

The first time he hit Iruka’s prostate with his cock, Iruka thought he was going to go crazy.  Then he backed off a little and though it felt good to have Yamato there inside, it wasn’t anything like when he hit that spot.  But when he moved, when he thrust into him, nothing compared to that feeling. And, Iruka had to admit, it was the closeness as much as the physical feeling that felt so good.

Then Yamato leaned up and watched him.  He started thrusting into Iruka again, slowly, and Iruka realized that Yamato was trying to learn the right places to hit, the right angles that made him react.  So, he closed his eyes and just let himself feel.


This was incredible. Yamato had never experienced anything even remotely close to this before.  The way Iruka fit him was insane. Damned near perfect. He could so easily go off and he didn’t want to yet, wasn’t ready for this end.  So he concentrated, instead, on Iruka, watching the facial expressions, watching the reactions and learning.

He discovered that too much directly on Iruka’s prostate didn’t get the same loud moans than if he rubbed against it, then backed off, then bumped against it again. When he did that, Iruka dug his nails into Yamato’s back, tightened his legs and nearly screamed.  He was certainly not perfect at finding it–he was still way too new at this–but he managed enough to have Iruka making plenty of wonderful sounds. He found that even if he wasn’t hitting Iruka’s prostate, if he thrust faster, Iruka liked it better.

But try as he might, even concentrating so hard on Iruka, he couldn’t hold out much longer. The blow job, the long exploration of each others’ bodies, all of it was working against him. He braced himself on one hand, then wrapped the other around Iruka’s straining cock and started stroking it in time with his thrusts. “I’m going to come. I can’t… much longer…”

“Come, Yamato. Come… inside me, please…” Iruka’s eyes were closed and he rocked his hips, moved with Yamato, the rhythm way too good. A moment later, he let out something akin to a whimper then a moan. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come.” Then, a moment later, he got a full shout from Iruka. “Now, fuck, coming now!” Those nails scratched him hard, the legs tightened around him again. Then Iruka’s cum sprayed them both.

Yamato couldn’t hold out after that. He lost it, too when the muscles clamped around him, milking his cock. With a shout of Iruka’s name, he thrust hard once more as the most intense orgasm he’d ever felt in his life slammed into him.  Several oh fucks slipped out and he thought for a moment he was going to black out, it was so immense. It was like he was exploding into a million tiny pieces, his whole being focused on his cock and the incredible body it was buried in.

He might well have blacked out for just a few seconds.  Because when he could think again, he realized he was collapsed onto Iruka, pinning him and Yamato leaned up quickly. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, then pulled at them and rolled, so that Iruka was laying on top of him.

“It’s okay. I didn’t mind. It… felt good.” Iruka leaned up a little, looking down Yamato’s face while they were still joined.  Their lips met again, softly this time.  When they broke apart, Iruka laid his head on Yamato’s shoulder, and Yamato stared at the ceiling, his arms wrapped tightly around Iruka, at a complete loss over what had just happened.