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And without further ado, part twenty-one:


* * *

Shima moved his hand a little faster, tightening it and Aki fought it with everything he had. He opened his eyes and met Shima’s eyes, tightening his muscles around Shima’s cock. Shima’s eyes closed at that and he clenched his teeth. His hand faltered on Aki’s cock, but Aki was glad for it. He wasn’t ready for it to be over just yet.

He leaned back, bracing himself on Shima’s thighs and managed, with the new support, to move a little faster, rock a little harder. Aki lost himself a little to the pleasure then, biting his lip to keep in the sounds. His brother just felt so fucking good. “Shima,” he whispered, a warning because, despite his best efforts, his orgasm was approaching fast.

“Yeah, me too,” Shima whispered back. He stroked Aki’s cock faster, then tightened it just enough.

That was it, that was all Aki could handle. He wanted to wait for Shima, but he just couldn’t manage it. Gritting his teeth hard, he struggled to keep the sounds contained as he lost control. Pleasure hit hard, stealing any remaining sanity. He covered Shima’s chest with his cum, his orgasm almost too much. At that moment, Shima thrust up into him and the cock filling him pulsed hard. Shima grit his teeth, eyes squeezed shut. He let a muffled “Aki” through, then a moment later, went limp.

Aki leaned forward, bracing himself over Shima, but unwilling to move otherwise just yet. He was still almost desperately trying to catch his breath and he didn’t want to lose that connection right then. He loved the feel of Shima inside him, filling him up and it was still such a new thing, he wanted to experience it as much as he could. He finally managed to calm down a little and lifted himself a little to look down at his brother.

Shima cupped Aki’s face in his palms, meeting his eyes. “I love you.”

It took Aki a few seconds to get enough breath to reply, the words stealing it all over again. “I still feel like I’m dreaming. Even with where we are right now, having just made love. I love you so damned much.” He swallowed hard, then leaned forward and kissed Shima softly.

He eased off Shima then and reached over the side of the bed for his T-shirt. In silence, he cleaned Shima’s chest, then tossed the T-shirt back onto the floor. He settled in on his side, but before he could do more, Shima wrapped an arm around him and pulled until they were against each other, legs threaded.

“Um, just so you know, I… I didn’t come here for that, exactly. I just…” He didn’t know how to say what was going on in his head. He just couldn’t imagine spending the night alone. It was ridiculous, he knew that, they hadn’t slept in the same bed since they were tiny. This was different, with their feelings out between them. An because of this, somehow, the thought of sleeping alone made him want to… he didn’t know what. He just knew it wasn’t good.

“I didn’t think you did,” Shima whispered back. “I’m glad you came over here, though.”

Aki smiled. “Me too.” He frowned, not happy with the expression on Shima’s face. Something was on his brother’s mind—not that they didn’t have a lot to think about—but Aki didn’t think it was the same main fears they’d had since they’d confessed earlier. But, despite his usual abilities to read his twin, he couldn’t figure it out. “What is it?”

Shima hesitated, opened his mouth as if to speak, then closed it again.

“I’d think by now you know you can say anything to me, right?”

Shima blinked at him. “Yeah, I guess so. Um… would you want to go on a date?”

Aki blinked at him. “A date?”

“Yeah. A… a real one.”

“As opposed to the almost-date we went on?”

That brought a smile to Shima’s face. “Yeah. I hadn’t meant it to be a date, exactly. I just wanted to give you a good evening. But I’m glad it worked out that way.”

“I thought I was going nuts,” Aki said, shaking his head.

Shima chuckled. “That makes two of us. So… date?”

Aki frowned. “How do we do that, though? I mean, it’s not like we could just walk down the street holding hands.”

Shima winced and Aki wanted to kick himself. He was well aware of how worried Shima was about their relationship. He frowned, though, because he had absolutely no clue what they could do.

“Never mind—”

Aki kissed Shima before he could finish. “I want to. I don’t know how we’ll do it, but I do want to. We’ll figure something out, okay?”

Shima considered him for a long moment, then nodded. “Okay.”

With another kiss, Shima laid his head on Aki’s arm and closed his eyes. Aki got the message that Shima didn’t want to talk anymore. After the day he had, though, Aki was tired too. He wanted to spend more time trying to figure out a date with Shima, but before he could do anything, he passed out.