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And without further ado, part thirteen:


* * *

Aki glanced up at the bartender, who seemed to realize Aki didn’t want to speak in front of him. When he stepped away, Aki sighed again. “I… There’s someone I like, but they don’t like me and I’m trying to figure out how to let them go.”

“Ah.” Kiyoka nodded. “That’s a dilemma. I’ve certainly been there. Want to tell me who?”

Aki puzzled over the “been there” part a moment, then remembered she’d once confessed to Haru. He shook his head. “Not a good idea.”

Kiyoka raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“It’s…” Aki blew out a breath. Considering the way Kiyoka had reacted the first time she saw Haru and Ren, Aki had no doubt she’d freak out if he told her the guy he was in love with was Shima. “It’s a guy,” he settled on before drinking the shot.

“Um… so?”

Aki paused. He’d actually forgotten Kiyoka was really a guy under those clothes and moreover a guy who’d confessed to Haru once upon a time. Still… “So… he wouldn’t want me to tell him. First…” First, it’s my twin brother. “He’s only ever dated girls. I don’t think he, uh, goes that way.”

“You’ve only ever dated girls,” Kiyoka pointed out. “Maybe he thinks the same about you.”

“Doubtful.” Aki scowled. “And yeah, I’ve dated girls, but that was just—” Just because I didn’t want to think too hard about Shima.

“Don’t you think it’s possible he’s just never found a guy he’s interested in? That maybe he’s bi?”

“Not likely.” Aki shook his head and downed the third shot. “Doesn’t matter. That’s not the only problem between us.” He set the glass down. “That stuff is good. But I’m not nearly drunk enough.”

Kiyoka laughed. “Give it a bit.”

Aki didn’t say anything for a long moment. He focused his gaze on the counter below him, trying to think of something other than Shima, his feelings for his twin, or the pile of memories that kept prodding him.

Like the date they’d gone on. Neither of them would admit that’s what it’d been, but Aki would never, in his life, forget the feeling of Shima’s arm around him in the movie theater. Or the feel of those lips wrapped around his fingers on the bridge in the park. Or the look on Shima’s face at the end, when they’d talked about how good the night had been.

Then there was the dream Aki had had. It’d been so damned vivid, of Shima playing with his hair, kissing him, and saying “I love you.” It’d felt so fucking real and he’d been so disappointed when he woke up. Annoyed with himself, he looked for the bartender again and when he caught the guy’s attention, pointed at his glass again.

“You’ll be lucky to get back into the house at the rate you’re going.” Kiyoka’s amused voice did not help Aki’s mood.

“I can get to the couch,” he said, though he didn’t sound very convincing.

“Of course you can.”

Aki appreciated Kiyoka playing along, at least.

“So. Who is it?”

Aki ignored her for a moment while the bartender poured; then he downed the next shot of whiskey. It’d be a really bad idea to tell her. And he wasn’t nearly drunk enough to deal with her reaction. He shook his head again.

“I’ll bet I can guess.” Kiyoka tapped a manicured nail against her painted lips. “Does little Ren have more than one admirer?”

Aki scowled. “I’m not into kids.”

“He’s not a little kid anymore. Don’t you remind Haru of that?”

“I’m trying to get Haru to stop tormenting Ren,” Aki said, scowl deepening. “Seriously, not interested in him.”

“Hmmmm. Not Ren. Haru?”

Aki rolled his eyes. “Ugh. No. And why does everyone think we’re all in love with our brothers?” He shook his head again. His face was started to feel warm and the fuzziness was getting worse. He wondered how many more shots it would take to truly pass out. Maybe it’d be enough to knock him out for the night. He signaled the bartender again, who glanced at Kiyoka with a raised eyebrow. She nodded and he poured another. Aki wanted to be annoyed at him waiting for her permission, but couldn’t really summon the emotion to do so.

Kiyoka raised her eyebrows. “Someone else say this?”

“The customers have been making not-so-veiled comments.” Aki buried his face in his hands, trying not to tell Kiyoka to leave him alone. He’d come here to stop thinking, stop fantasizing about his brother, stop feeling for just a little while. He certainly didn’t want to talk more about it. His fuzziness was getting worse and he was hopeful the alcohol would take over completely soon. “Doesn’t matter. Even if he knows, it’s not like anything’ll happen. Can’t.” He downed the next shot and swayed a bit on the stool.

“Well, looks like the whiskey finally hit,” Kiyoka said, chuckling. “So, why can’t it?”

“Because we’re twins.” Aki scowled at the shot glass, trying to remember when he drank it. He didn’t remember taking that shot.

“You… what?!

Aki winced at the shriek in his ear. “Ow. What was that for?” He looked up at Kiyoka but she seemed to have turned into two people. “Oh huh. Two of you?”

The twin Kiyokas tilted their heads. “Your twin brother?

“What?” He tried to focus on her again, not sure how a second one appeared. “Do you have a twin too? I don’t remember hearing about that. Both of you cross dress? Wow, that’s—”

The Kiyokas started laughing.

Aki’s irritation took over. “Why are you two laughing?”

This only seemed to make the Kiyokas laugh harder. She bent over, holding her stomach. Aki tilted his head, but the world tilted at the same time. “Whoa.” He gripped the bar hard and looked up for the bartender. “C-c-can I h-have an-nother?”

This sent the Kiyokas into even more laughter. They waved at the bartender, who moved down the bar. Aki scowled after him, but when he tried to raise his hand to get the bartender’s attention, he got distracted by it. He glared at his hand for a moment. “Really tired of you being my lover,” he mumbled. “Wish I didn’t love my damned brother.” He dropped his forehead onto the bar.

One of the Kiyokas tsked. “I don’t get it, but I guess that’s just how it is. You can’t control you who love.” One of them poked him. “And Aki, darlin’, I think it’s time you go back.”

“Not drunk ‘nough.” He rolled his head to the side so he could look at them.

“Too drunk.” The Kiyokas snickered. “You are in for a world of hurt tomorrow.” They shook their heads, then patted him on the shoulder, which felt weird. Even though there were two of them, he only felt one hand. He tried to focus on them to figure out which one was patting him, but he couldn’t figure it out and gave up. He tried to sit up but the bar tilted on its axis, sending him off-balance. One of the Kiyokas steadied him and to save himself from falling off the world, he put his head back down. “Stay put.” One of the Kiyokas waved at the bartender again. When he came over, she leaned forward. Aki couldn’t hear what she said, and couldn’t summon the will to care.

He closed his eyes, but as soon as he did, the image of Shima’s face floated behind his eyelids. “Not s’possed to see you. S’why I got drunk,” he muttered.

“Who’s he not supposed to see?” Shima’s voice asked from somewhere behind him.

“Fuckin’ ‘lluci—hallu—dreamin’ again. Gotta stop doin’ that.”

“No idea,” Kiyoka’s voice answered. “Do you have Ringl, Eve, or Tylenol?”

“Yeah,” Shima’s voice answered.

“He needs some. And water. Or he’s going to be in serious pain tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I got him from here,” Shima said.