The whimpering leaked through to his dreams. His dream self stared at his friend who was curled into a ball, arms wrapped around folded legs, body rocking. Ian couldn’t reach him, couldn’t quite get to him. He stretched his arms out, but no matter how far he did, Kane moved just that much farther away.

Kane let out a sharper cry and Ian sat bolt upright. He looked around a moment and real life reasserted itself. He was at home, they were in their room, and he was on his bunk. His best friend, Kane, was in the bed below him. He took a deep breath and was beginning to calm down when he heard a familiar whimper.

Kane was having another nightmare. Ian pulled his covers back and leaned down, but in the dark of the room, he couldn’t see very well. He carefully swung over the edge of his bunk and landed on the side of Kane’s. He leaned forward and laid a gentle hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Kane…” he called softly.

The quiet cries got a little louder and Ian leaned forward, brushing at Kane’s shaggy black hair. “Kane, wake up.” He shook the shoulder a little harder.

Kane rolled toward Ian and an arm snaked out to wrap around Ian’s waist. Ian frowned. The nightmares had been getting much better. He hadn’t had one in quite a while.

Of course, this was the first night in a while that they’d slept in their own bunks. Ian’s frown deepened. He’d thought he was helping Kane by sleeping next to him and keeping the nightmares away. But now he wasn’t sure if sleeping together had been the best idea if the first night they were apart, the nightmares came back. He shook his head. He could figure that out later.

He stretched out along Kane’s body and wrapped his arms around his friend. Kane snuggled into him and Ian groaned softly. He was trying to comfort Kane from a nightmare and his cock was getting hard. Again.

It was what had precipitated his going back to his own bunk. Kane had never mentioned it if he’d noticed it, but Ian was embarrassed about it. Having Kane up against him had been driving him damned near crazy.

It was confusing and frustrating. He’d already started to recognize that he was looking at boys the way most of his class looked at girls. He’d been intensely relieved when Kane had said something to him, confessing his own sexuality. And with that, they were both fine with it. Because to them, it didn’t matter if the rest of the class was straight or accepting, as long as they were okay with each other.

But it was one thing to look at other guys in general that way and another altogether to look at Kane that way. Kane was his best friend. Ian didn’t want to make things weird between them because his damned dick got hard from being up against his friend’s body.

It was bad enough he’d gotten hard in the shower a few nights before when Kane walked in. His friend had just come in to use a toothbrush and Ian peeked out of the shower. There Kane was, wearing nothing but the sleep boxers, standing at the sink, toothbrush moving over pearly whites. And Ian hadn’t been able to look away.

Then to his complete mortification, he’d gotten hard. He’d turned the temperature on the shower down to near freezing, but it hadn’t helped. He’d forced himself to wait until Kane had finished, called a “good night,” and left the bathroom before he’d gotten out. He’d been so freaked out, it hadn’t occurred to him to just take care of it before heading back to their room.

No. No, instead, he’d dried off and tried desperately to hide it in the loose pajama pants he wore.

But just like always, Kane hadn’t said anything even though there was no way he could have missed it. There was no way. Ian’s pants had been tenting horribly. When he’d gotten back into the room, he’d gone straight to his bunk and crawled in, hoping that Kane didn’t think anything was weird. Hoping against hope his erection would go away soon so he could be there to comfort his friend.

Thankfully, by the time the whimpers had started, it had. He’d been able to curl up next to Kane, wrap his arms around his friend and help calm the fears. But he’d awakened the next morning with the worst morning erection he’d ever had. And he was sure it was because Kane had been curled up and touching him.

He shook his head, pushing the memories away. Kane had calmed down and was lying quietly against him. He was trying to figure out if he could get away with going back to his own bunk, but he had a feeling the nightmare would just come back.

Ian knew what caused them, what Kane saw in his dreams. He was seeing the damned john again, the bastard his mother had sold him to on his twelfth birthday. And the nightmare no twelve-year-old should ever have to live through in the attempt to get away from the bastard.

Every time Ian thought about it, rage at the woman stole over him. He wanted to do something to her, but she was in jail, out of reach. Not that he could do anything, anyway. The best thing he was to comfort Kane and help his friend through it.

Ian settled in a little better and resigned himself to not sleeping well again. It would be damned near impossible to fall asleep with the hardness between his legs. He tried to arrange himself so it wasn’t against his friend, but as soon as he scooted the lower half of his body back, Kane hooked a leg around his and pulled him back.

And his hard cock brushed against his friend. Who was also hard.

Ian blinked into the darkness, swallowing hard and trying to keep from dying of embarrassment.

“How long are you going to keep trying to hide it from me?” Kane asked quietly.

Ian was sure his face was probably as red as a tomato, based on the heat in his cheeks.  “Um… hide what?” he asked with a shaky voice.

Kane gave an answering snort, then rocked into him again. “That.”

There was a quiet strangled sound in the room that Ian realized came from his own throat.  He nearly bit his tongue in half to keep further sounds in.

“Why do you want to hide it? Is there something wrong with me?” Kane’s voice sounded irritated.

“What?” Ian squeaked. He actually squeaked and it annoyed him.  “Of course there isn’t,” he said, his voice sounding much closer to normal.

“Then what’s the big deal? I get hard for you,” Kane said. It sounded so matter-of-fact, like it shouldn’t matter that they were best friends and sexually attracted to each other.

“We’re best friends, that’s what.”

Ian was fairly certain that the dark eyes were simply blinking in his direction. He couldn’t see them, of course, but he knew Kane too well.


Ian sighed, trying to find a way to make his friend understand, but before he could come up with anything, Kane spoke again.

“If we can’t be comfortable like this with each other, who could we be comfortable with?” He asked, making Ian hesitate.

He’d never quite thought about it like that. “Um, I… guess you’re right.” Ian started to breathe a sigh of relief until he felt something else near his cock.  A hand.  Kane’s hand was sliding over his hard length over the outside of Ian’s pants.  Before he could stop it, a hiss escaped at the feeling.

It was the first time he’d felt anything other than his own hand on his cock.  Well, that he could remember, anyway. His mother hadn’t washed him in a very long time.  And this was certainly the first time it had been sexual.

And it was Kane’s hand on him.

He sucked in a breath as Kane continued to move his hand slowly down Ian’s cock, then wrap it around, bunching the material of the pants around Ian’s dick.  Ian gritted his teeth, trying to fight the sensations.  He was afraid he’d end up completely embarrassing himself by coming all over the inside of his pants.

But no, that wasn’t going to happen. Because a moment later, Kane let go. Before Ian could breathe a sigh of relief, Kane slipped his hand under the waistband of Ian’s pants and wrapped it around his cock again, this time skin to skin.  Another sound escaped that was part moan part embarrassed squeak and Ian slapped one hand over his mouth.

But Kane’s hand disappeared once more.  Ian  didn’t bother starting a sigh of relief. He had a feeling this little experiment wasn’t going to end any time soon.

And he was right. Kane pulled at the hand over Ian’s mouth and put it down at Kane’s own hard length.  Except his friend didn’t bother wasting time. His hand was pushed past the waistband of the boxers and inside.

Reflexively, Ian closed his hand around Kane’s hard cock and nearly moaned at the feel of it against his palm.  The hard, veined length already had moisture gathering at the tip.  Despite his reticence, he ran his fingers over it, exploring a dick not his own for the first time in his life.

He slid his fingers down along the length, pausing at its base then let them go a little further and ghost over Kane’s balls.  Kane gave a sharp intake of breath and Ian did it again, earning himself a moan this time.

Kane must have realized that his own hand had gone still because he started moving it then, causing Ian to groan. A quiet “fuck” slipped out and, interestingly, he felt Kane’s cock jump when it did.  He licked his lips and tried to concentrate on the balls against his fingers instead of his own cock and what was happening to it.

It was damned near impossible, though.  Kane’s hand on him felt so good.  He found himself rocking into the palm and he stopped with a quiet embarrassed sound. “Shhh, don’t be so worried, Ian,” Kane said, soothing him.

He swallowed hard and nodded, then realized his friend couldn’t see it. “O… okay,” he whispered.  As he did, he felt a warm breath on his face and without even thinking about it, he leaned forward slightly.

And felt Kane’s mouth on his.  He was kissing his best friend!  A quiet sound he couldn’t identify escaped, but he wasn’t sure if it was from him or Kane.  The lips on his moved again and he realized he was lying there as if he was carved from stone.

He decided to just give up fighting at that point. If Kane didn’t have a problem with this, then Ian wasn’t going to, either.  He tilted his head and added a bit of pressure behind his lips.  This time, he knew it was Kane who made the noise: a quiet moan.

And then the hand on him started moving with more purpose and he pulled back from the kiss to gasp in a breath. “Fuck, Kane…” He moaned quietly and felt the cock in his hand jump again.

Which reminded him that he’d been basically ignoring his friend’s straining length. Having never done it to anyone else before, he tried to do what he would do to himself. The angle made it nearly impossible, but he hoped that the fact that it was a different hand doing it would make up for any lack of finesse.

A moment later, when Kane gave a quiet groan, he figured he was doing something right. The skin, however, was pulling and he wondered if it was getting uncomfortable. He usually used lotion on himself when he did it. “Kane, wait,” he whispered.

“What?” Kane asked, the whisper loud enough to make Ian wince.

“Shh! Do you want to wake Mom?” Kane inhaled sharply. “Now, wait a second. I…” he gulped. “I usually use a little bit of lotion.”

“Oh. Hang on,” Kane said. He pulled his hand out of Ian’s pajama pants and Ian tried to fight the whimper that wanted to escape. He failed, but Kane didn’t laugh, so he relaxed and waited. A few seconds later, Kane pushed a small bottle into his hands.

“Oh.” Duh. Ian realized Kane had probably figured it out too. Ian opened the cap with a shaky hand and squeezed a bit of the lotion onto his palm. He made a fist to warm it up a little and flipped the cap back into place then handed the bottle back to Kane.

He swallowed hard to try to calm down a little bit and moved to slip his hand back under the edge of Kane’s shorts, but now it was Kane’s turn to say, “wait.”

Ian’s breath hitched, but he managed to keep from making noise. He heard fabric rustling that seemed to take forever, but was probably only a minute at most. Then Kane wrapped a hand around Ian’s wrist and pulled on it. And Ian realized that Kane had taken the boxers off. He fisted his hand around Kane’s length again, but then he felt his friend’s hands tugging on his own pants.

He wiggled around until they were down and he kicked them off toward the end of the bed. He had a brief moment to think that he couldn’t believe he was doing this, then a lotion-covered hand was back on his cock and he couldn’t do much thinking after that. He hadn’t even heard Kane open the lotion bottle, but Kane’s hand was slick as it moved over Ian’s cock, so he must have.

Neither said anything for a few moments as they both worked at the other’s cock, sliding their hands along the hard lengths, breaths gasping harshly. Ian moved his hand up over the end, palming the tip and Kane let out his own quiet “fuck” into the darkness. Ian groaned at the way his body reacted to the sound of his friend’s voice, especially with what they were doing.

Then Kane slowed a little. “Ian, scoot forward a little.” The whisper came out of the dark. Ian blinked into the blackness, but did as his friend asked, their cocks rubbing together once more. He moved his hand away a moment, but when he went to put it back, Kane’s hand was already hovering right there.

“Wait. I…” Kane cleared his throat. “Just…” he didn’t finish, didn’t say why Ian should wait, but it became clear a moment later when Kane’s hand wrapped around both of them at the same time.

“Holy shit, Kane!” Ian moaned much louder than he meant to. Kane covered Ian’s mouth with another kiss, undoubtedly to hold in the sounds.

Ian reached down without even thinking about it and added his hand to their cocks and the two of them together started moving. He never noticed when their hips moved too, but then they were rocking into each other, lips locks, hands fisted around both cocks.

After everything else, it was too much. Ian pulled back from the kiss, remembering himself just enough to keep quiet. “Oh God, Kane. Fuck…” he groaned quietly, hips pistoning, his cock sliding along Kane’s and he heard an answering moan next to him.

“Ian…” Kane’s quiet voice let out and Ian knew what was coming.

“Me, too…” he whispered and sure enough a moment later his friend’s body tensed and the warm liquid spilled over his hand and hit his chest, which triggered his own release. The orgasm ripped through him, harder and stronger than anything he’d ever felt in his life. He bit his tongue to keep from making sound, but he had a feeling something got out, anyway. His own cum hit his chest and even he even got a bit on his chin.

Finally, he slumped down, his forehead against Kane’s, both of them breathing raggedly. Kane gave him a quick peck of a kiss, then Kane leaned back. The bunk shook slightly as Kane moved then came back with boxers in hand. He rubbed them over Ian’s chest and he realized Kane was cleaning them up. The air moved as Kane tossed them over him onto the floor; then Kane wrapped his arms around Ian and pulled him in.

They lay there in silence for a moment, both absorbing what just happened. “Do you think you can sleep now?” Kane asked, quietly.

Ian’s eyes widened. So, Kane had noticed. “Um…” he started but Kane cut him off.

“I know why you went back to your own bunk. Don’t worry so much about it.” Kane said, quietly. “I… would rather you stayed here.”

He swallowed hard and nodded then remembered Kane couldn’t see him. “Yeah, I can sleep now,” he said quietly and tightened his own arm around his friend.

Neither said anything more that night, but Ian wondered just how much their friendship had changed because of what they’d done. He never would have imagined that almost twenty years later, they’d still be best friends, still be together, and he’d be completely in love with the other man. And that that night had probably been the beginning of it.