One of the first questions it seems every author gets asked is, “where do you get your inspiration for the story?”

Well, I talked last week about “Sacrifice” by Elton John and how that got me started in No Sacrifice on Patrick’s relationship. Well, what kicked in for me for the conflict was “Kiss You” by Iio.

The version above is a remix of the original. I first heard it in a fan-made video for a TV show. (In fact, a friend of mine pointed me to it.) And after reading the lyrics, everything started to really fall into place. And I just could not wait to write the book. I could only imagine Patrick when I heard the song. Especially this line:

At least I can dream of you in a scene when I kiss you

Despite the six months it took me to write No Sacrifice, the words just did not want to stop. This book just seemed to pour out of my fingers. It doesn’t work that way for all of them, but I am certainly glad this one did.

* * *

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