For a quick reminder of what these posts are about, click here. What was not in the original post is a reminder that I’m a happily-ever-after person and that goes for my reading as well as my writing. While it spoils things to a point, in the same way my writing is spoiled (there’s always a happy ending of some sort), here, too, you will find happy endings. Yaoi and even shounen-ai does not guarantee it like Western romance does, but I will not be reviewing unhappy endings.


Title: Koi Ni Nare!
Alternate Title: 恋になれ!; Let’s Go Love!
Art: Itsuke Kaname
Story Tsukimura Kei
Publication date: 2011
Genre: Yaoi
Length: 1 volume, 6.5 chapters
Availability: Mangago (no place for purchase that I can find)


High school closeted senior Komatsu Shin is convinced he’ll never have a relationshipBvFLZcnijKUELJJ4 because he’s gay. When his roommate discovers his phone open to a gay dating website, he panics at being found out. But rather than be upset, his roommate instead sets up a blind date for him. But to Komatsu’s horror, the one person he wouldn’t want to see is the one person who shows up—his dorm supervisor and the teacher he’s most annoyed with, Shindo Kotarou.

Despite his best efforts, Komatsu can’t get Shindo-sensei out of his head. Even doing his best to avoid Shindo, Komatsu ends up watching the teacher and being in Shindo’s company too much. No matter what he does, Komatsu finds himself in love. In a desperate attempt to get over the man who both infuriates and fascinates him, he begs his roommate to set him up with someone new.
Komatsu goes, and to his shock, who should show up but Shindo-sensei—again. In a panic, Komatsu runs, only for Shindo to catch up with him back at school, refusing to let Komatsu go unless they talk. But will Komatsu want to hear what Shindo says?



Scan: 5star
Translation: 5star
Story: 4star
Art: 5star



Itsuke Kaname’s art always makes me want to stop and stare at some of the panels over and over again. The lines are always so clean and the characters are quite pretty and easily distinguishable. My favorite part of their art is the eyes, they’re just so pretty.
I have to admit, Komatsu can be a bit annoying, but I can write most of it off as being a teenage, and one as closeted and unable to deal with his hormones as he is, is bound to be a little frustrated. That said, I felt for him so much. There was real despair at times and I just wanted to wrap that poor boy up in my arms, pat his head (though he wouldn’t appreciate that) and tell him it’s okay, he’ll get the happy ending.

Shindo also had his faults and I think that’s one of the reasons I liked this story so much, aside from it’s taboo relationship (teacher/student). Shindo has no problems playing up his playboy, free with everyone personality, which of course clashes with Komatsu’s seriousness. This, of course, makes them a good match because Komatsu can keep Shindo grounded while Shindo can remind Komatsu to lighten up. But while Shindo doesn’t lie, he has no problems leaving Komatsu with the wrong impression, making things more difficult than they needed to be.

The story overall was quite good, though, and at least the first few (I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve read this…) times through, brought tears in a few places. I thoroughly enjoy Komatsu’s growth and seeing them butt heads was fun.


Favorite page:

I couldn’t decide on a single page, so I have to share three (All three behind links because spoilers!)

First is this one because it just made my heart ache for Komatsu.

Second because the art composition on this page is beautiful.

And third because I just love the emotion behind the words on this page.

(Please note, the page immediately before it says “I didn’t know…”)