“FUCK!” Kane nearly shouted as he slammed his locker door open. “If that fucking teacher gives us one more fucking report, I’m going to shove the fucking paper up his fucking ass!” He punctuated each fuck with the shove of a book into his bag.

Kane…” Ian moaned, pushing Kane’s locker door aside so he could get to his own. “Could you please spare my sanity? Just for a little while?”

Kane glanced to the side at Ian, chagrined. “Sorry, Ian,” he said, blushing. He took the rest of his annoyance out on his locker door and slammed it closed then threw himself back against the metal, sighing.

“Besides, if the teachers hear you, you’ll end up in detention again. And you know how Mom will react to that.” Ian grumbled, pulling his own books out to shove into his bag.

Kane sighed. “I know, I’m sorry. He just pisses me off so fucking badly. Like I give a rat’s fuck about literature.” He glanced sheepishly at his friend when Ian jumped at the f-bombs. “Oops. Sorry.” He knew Ian reacted to the language he dropped; he was just so used to using it that it slipped out without thinking. Especially since the reactions were a relatively recent thing.

Ian turned to him and glared. Kane blushed, seeing the intent in Ian’s eyes too late. Ian glanced around and, seeing that they were mostly alone, and whispered into his ear. “You know what fuck does to me, especially when you… fucking say it. You fucking know what it fucking does because it does the same fucking thing to you.”

Kane groaned and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and doing his damnedest to calm down. “Damn you,” he growled, then turned around to adjust himself, stealing a sheepish glance at Ian who was obviously having the same problem. “You know it’s automatic.”

“So’s the reaction,” Ian grumbled and closed his own eyes a moment. “I’m just glad the day’s over. Now, stop bitching about the stupid report and let’s go before we miss the bus.”

Kane grumbled but followed Ian out to the street. It was really annoying at times—like this one—that Ian’s body seemed to be hardwired to react to his voice, especially when that voice was used with foul language, one word in particular. Of course, it was just as bad the opposite direction. It was going to take most of the way home on the bus to get rid of his erection.

They settled into the same seat they always took and pulled their books out to get a jump start on homework. Kane tried desperately to concentrate on the story he was supposed to read, but the words swam in front of him. He sighed and slammed the book shut, deciding to try for his math instead.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t seem to tell an x from a y or an a from a b, so that didn’t work either. He gave up and stuffed it all back, closing his eyes and resting his head back against the seat.

“Are you okay?” Ian asked from beside him.

Kane opened one eye and peered at his friend. “Not really,” he said honestly. “I’m still pissed at the teacher, still… uncomfortable, and I can’t concentrate.” He closed his eye again and went back to trying to calm down.

“I’m sorry. I was just pissed, too.” Ian said and Kane could hear the frown.

He sighed and looked over again. “It’s okay. I wish sometimes we hadn’t discovered that little… thing,” he said, with a half chuckle. Ian nodded in agreement. Kane looked around to make sure no one was paying attention then dropped his voice anyway. “It’s bad enough that I get turned on just looking at you sometimes.”

Ian snorted at that. “Yeah. Makes gym class a nightmare.”

Kane laughed. “Yeah. I hate showering there. With a passion.”

Ian sighed and closed his own literature book, shoving it back in his bag. He turned slightly to Kane and frowned. “I wonder if the other guys have problems if they see the girls.”

Kane shrugged. “I imagine so. I don’t pay attention. Most of the guys in our class are pretty ugly anyway.”

Ian laughed. “I don’t know. There’s that one guy… what was his name… he’s the freshman, the one that still looks kind of young?”

“Hayden?” Kane asked.

“Yeah, him. He’s kind of cute. Like I said, looks a little young, but he’s cute.”

Kane raised an eyebrow. “You have a crush or something?”

Ian rolled his eyes. “No. I do not have a crush on a freshman, thank you.” He crossed his arms and looked out the bus window.

“You do!” Kane grinned and Ian reached out without looking and smacked Kane in the back of the head. “Haha! That proves it!”

Ian sighed. “Yeah, I think he’s cute. No, it’s not a crush, but it doesn’t matter. He’s probably straight.”

Kane shrugged. “Have you asked him?”

“Oh yeah, let’s see you go up to your crush and ask him if he’s straight.” Ian shook his head.

“I don’t have a crush!”

Ian simply snorted. “Sure you don’t.” He chuckled. “So, you just happen to bump into Kenji in front of his class when your class is on the other end of the school?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kane blushed profusely and glared at his best friend. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ian laughed. “Right.” He went back to looking out the window. “The point is, I’m not about to walk up to Hayden and just ask if he’s into guys, honestly.” He paused, “and no, you’re not, either.”

Kane snorted. “I wasn’t going to.”

Ian simply turned his head and looked at him with his single visible eyebrow raised.

Kane cleared his throat. “Anyway…” he trailed off.

“Don’t. Just… don’t,” Ian said, sounding a little panicked.

“I won’t! Really!” Kane hurried to assure his friend. He held his hands out in a placating gesture. “I promise.”

“Okay. Good.” Ian stared at him a moment, looking like he was going to say something and Kane prayed Ian would let it drop. Ian was smarter than he was, and Kane was hoping his friend wouldn’t catch onto the loophole in his promise. A moment later, Ian turned back to the window and he let out the breath he’d been holding.

The rest of the short trip home was taken in relative silence. When they got home, Kane was reminded that Ian’s mom wouldn’t be home until much, much later, which he was grateful for. They liked having the house to themselves.

She worked a lot of long shifts, being a single parent of two teenage boys. Kane wouldn’t realize until he was much older just what she’d put herself through to take him in. If he had known, he probably would have tried to leave. Which was, undoubtedly, the reason she made sure he didn’t know.

They settled into their room with their homework and snacks, but even after having calmed down, Kane couldn’t concentrate. “Ugh, this sucks. I’m so f….” he stopped himself just in time. “…sick of homework.”

“Get used to it. We’ve got years of it yet,” Ian said from his bunk.

Kane threw a pencil at him that Ian caught and threw back. “I really didn’t need that reminder.”

Ian snorted and went back to his reading but only a few minutes later, Kane sighed again.

“If you say one more thing, I swear to all that is holy that I will let loose a string of f-words that will keep you frustrated for a week,” Ian threatened without looking at him. When Kane made a protesting noise, Ian did look over then. “And I won’t help you take care of it. You can use your own damned hand.”

Kane whimpered and buried his nose back into the Lit book. Apparently, his body recognized the threat for what it was, because he was finally able to actually read the story. The report was still annoying, but not as bad as he’d expected it to be once he actually did the reading. By the time he was half way through his math work, though, he was starting to get antsy again and he glanced over at Ian.

“How can you concentrate so easily?”

Fuck.” Ian swore and Kane whimpered again, his cock responding to the single whispered word.

“Sorry. Sorry!” Kane apologized quickly, turning back to his book. He was finally working through one of the last problems when he heard a sigh from the other side of the room. He glanced up to see Ian watching him, laying on his side with the brown head propped on one hand. He raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

“I can’t concentrate anymore either. And I still have history and science to do.” He made a face and flopped over onto his back, staring at the ceiling.

Kane crossed the room and folded his arms on the side of Ian’s bunk, resting his chin on his hands. “Well, we could take a break…” he started and Ian turned to look at him.

“Is that the only thing you think about?” he asked with an irritated frown.

Kane smirked. “I think about it about as much as you do. Which is why you’re so irritated at me for calling you on it.”

Ian growled and Kane snickered. “Fine,” Ian said with a sigh then rolled up onto his side again. His eyes widened and Kane figured Ian had just realized how close they were.

He was having a bit of trouble with it, himself. He always seemed to have trouble breathing when Ian looked at him in just that way. He swallowed and leaned in to his friend, stopping just a bare inch from Ian’s lips. His eyes shifted from the deep brown ones of his friend to the pink tongue that darted out to moisten those pale lips and back again, but he didn’t go any further.

Ian did it for them, closing that bit of distance and then they were kissing. It never ceased to amaze Kane the way it felt. There was always that slightly shaky, fluttery feeling in his stomach. He lifted one hand up to Ian’s hair and threaded his fingers through the brown locks, holding Ian close to him.

Ian’s tongue slid across his lips and he opened his mouth. They’d only kissed like this a couple of times since that first one they’d had after his nightmare. That first time they’d touched each other in a non-platonic way. No, no, that had been very sexual.

And though they’d kissed a little here and there, he could count on three fingers the number of times since then that they’d done it like this. The vast majority of the time, Ian’s mom had walked in on them or called them to dinner or something. But a few times, they’d just gotten nervous and backed off themselves.

He didn’t understand why he got nervous. It was just Ian, but for reasons he couldn’t fathom, he had and they’d just blushed and turned away.

Not this time. No, this time, their tongues slid along each other’s, Ian’s invading Kane’s mouth, their hands holding onto each other, mouths moving as if they were trying to swallow the other whole. They broke apart for air and stared at each other, breath still coming in harsh gasps, eyes wide.

They sat there for another moment, suspended, then their mouths crashed together again. Kane heard a moan, but wasn’t sure if it was from Ian or him. He couldn’t really think very well, though, his brain was gone; he was only focused on Ian. Ian’s mouth, Ian’s tongue, the fingers threaded through his hair, the other hand clasping his. Ian just tasted so good.

When they broke apart the second time, Kane took a half step back. Ian looked puzzled for a second until Kane tugged gently on his hand. He swung off of the bunk and landed right next to Kane. When Ian straightened, Kane didn’t give him a chance to think or second guess.

He moved in and kissed his friend again. He couldn’t seem to get enough, couldn’t seem to stop. They wrapped their arms around each other, both fisting the other’s shirt. Ian’s arousal pressing against Kane’s own, but he was in no hurry to rush it or end it. He found himself wanting more, though he didn’t really know exactly what. Oh, he’d seen magazines; even found one for gay men in the back of a rack at the book store.

However, seeing a few pictures surreptitiously in a magazine and understanding how it all worked were two different things. And he wasn’t sure just how much even he wanted to do yet. He had one idea, though he had no clue how Ian would take it.

With that thought in mind, he let his hand slide down Ian’s back to rest on his ass. He’d paid attention to that ass more than a few times and very much liked what he’d seen. The couple of times he’d felt it before had been even nicer. So, he cupped both cheeks in his hands and pulled his friend tighter against him.

Ian moaned into his mouth and Kane found he was having trouble keeping the noise down, himself. Ian’s hand tightened in his spiky black hair and he found he liked that little bit of pain. He’d figure that out later. In the meantime, Ian’s slid the other hand to his ass and was currently playing with it.

They pulled back briefly and Kane met Ian’s gaze then tugged at his shirt. He it pulled off quickly and Ian grasped the hem of Kane’s matching one. It joined Ian’s on the floor and their lips crashed back together again.

Kane slid his hands over Ian’s naked chest, enjoying the feel of the muscles. All the years of martial arts had paid off for them. They weren’t the scrawny, skinny little boys they once were. Their teacher – Greg Mays – wasn’t afraid to work them. As a result, both of them had fairly well-defined chests. And Kane loved running his hands over Ian’s.

Ian, in the meantime, was working on Kane’ back, but his hands didn’t stay there for long.

Before he had a chance to register it, Ian opened Kane’s belt. He pulled back from Ian’s lips and looked into his friend’s eyes. The hands on his belt stilled for a moment, but Kane put one of his over top of Ian’s, encouraging him to continue. After a tense few seconds, Ian went back to work and Kane went after Ian’s.

It took a bit of wiggling to get out of their jeans and underwear, but then they were finally both naked. Kane pulled Ian up against him again and they both let out moans when their aching arousals brushed.

Ian’s hand dove for their cocks and Kane gave in to an urge. He leaned in and kissed the side of Ian’s neck. He heard the sharp gasp and low moan and took it as encouragement. He kissed, nibbled, and nipped at different spots, listening to the sounds Ian made while he did. He sucked a little harder at a spot at the junction of neck and shoulder that had given him a particularly loud gasp.

“Oh God, Kane!” Ian’s loud moan froze them both. Ian let go of their cocks, Kane pulled back and they stared at each other again for a very anxious minute before Kane remembered that they were alone.

“She’s still at work,” he reminded Ian and they both breathed a sigh of relief and dove in for another kiss.

But just a moment later, Kane broke the kiss again. “Ian…” he started and Ian blinked at him.

The last time they tried something new–which happened to be the first time they did anything at all – he hadn’t exactly asked. He’d just sort of done it and, after quite a bit of coaxing, Ian had relaxed. Kane swallowed hard. He didn’t want Ian to freak out.

“What, Kane?” Ian asked, hesitantly. The reticence in Ian’s voice was pretty obvious and cursed himself for slowing down.

“Let’s…” He waved toward the bunk, buying himself a moment.

Ian nodded and rolled onto Kane’s bed. Kane stretched out next to him and Ian slid his hand under the Kane’s pillow immediately. “Wait…” Kane cleared his throat. “I’d… um…”

Ian blinked. “What?”

“Just… um…” Brilliant, Kane. “Just…” he stuttered and gave up trying to talk. He closed the few inches’ distance and kissed his friend again.

Ian didn’t seem to mind this, and returned the kiss. The hand that had gone in search of the lotion bottle – which Kane now kept permanently under his pillow just in case – started moving down to Kane’s cock again. His uncomfortably aching cock. He tried to ignore it and pulled back from Ian’s kiss once more.

After a quick glance at Ian’s eyes, he nipped at Ian’s neck again, earning him more gasps and moans. He dragged his hand down over Ian’s chest again, pausing at the nipples when he heard another sharp intake of breath. He pulled back and looked up to see the brown eyes closed, his friend’s head thrown back. He played with the nipple a little bit, looking between Ian’s face and nipple and was fascinated when it hardened.

With another fast look, Kane bent and touched it with his tongue. “Fuck, Kane…” Ian moaned, one hand weaving through the spiky hair again. Kane groaned quietly, his already miserable cock responding even more. He forced his focus back to his friend and switched to the other nipple, giving it the same attention, earning himself another frustrating cock twitch with the word that slipped out.

They were simply going to have to find a way to deal with that.

He pushed the thought aside and used Ian’s own distraction to his advantage. He gathered his fraying nerves and moved down his friend’s body and found himself staring at his friend’s hard, thick cock. It was red and already leaking pre-cum. “K- Kane?” Ian’s hesitant voice floated down to him, spurring him to action.

“Shhh,” he said, refusing to look up. He didn’t want to lose his nerve now that he was here. He stuck his tongue out and tentatively tasted a bead of liquid.

His first thought was something along the lines of that doesn’t suck. So he leaned forward a little more and swiped his tongue over the bottom of it where most of the liquid trailed down. He heard a loud gasp from Ian, but it barely registered.

Because he liked what he tasted. Now he did glance up to see those heated brown eyes – both of them –on him, watching. He swallowed hard and turned his attention back to what he was doing. He settled in a bit more comfortably, adjusting his own hard cock so it wasn’t quite so miserable and turned back to Ian’s.

And now that he was there, Ian watching him, the nerves came back with a vengeance. He had no idea, really, what to do. “K…” Ian cleared his throat. “Kane… you… what… I mean…”

That helped to steady him. This was his idea. He glanced up at Ian again, noting the red cheeks and nervous expression.

“Shhhh, Ian. It’s okay,” he said and turned back. Well, there weren’t really all that many things he could do, so he opened his mouth and moved it down over his friend’s cock.

“OH FUCK!” Ian shouted, one hand fisting in the black spikes, the other, Kane saw out of the corner of one eye, grabbing a pillow and stuffing it into his mouth.

Well, he must have done something right. Of course, the sounds Ian was making were driving him damned near insane. He rocked into the bed without thinking about it, his body desperate for the friction.

He tried to concentrate on what he was doing and ignore his own need for a few minutes. He closed his mouth over the hard length, sucking gently like he would on a lollipop or candy cane or something and heard answering muffled moans and curses through the pillow over Ian’s face.

The hand in his hair tightened and the pain lanced through him. Yet again, he was forced to acknowledge that he liked that. He pushed it aside once more and made himself pay attention again to Ian.

But a few seconds later, when he sucked again, Ian bucked up into his mouth, hitting his throat and he gagged. Ian squeaked and pulled the pillow aside. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Kane pulled off of his friend. “It’s okay. Really. I just didn’t expect it. Calm down!”

But Ian was tugging on his hair, trying to move him. Except instead of getting him to move, it felt good enough to pull a groan from him and caused his own dick to twitch again. He went back to Ian’s cock and made sure, this time that he held his friend down. He took as much of it into his mouth as he could and sucked again.

Ian’s movements slowed and he let out more groans. Kane was determined to finish what he’d started and so went about it with single-minded determination. Fortunately for him, Ian was pretty far gone and a few minutes later, both hands were on Kane’s head and a muffled scream tore from Ian’s throat and into the pillow.

And Kane tasted sperm for the first time. It was such a surprise, that he pulled back. It covered his face and hand and landed on Ian’s stomach.

As Ian lay there, panting hard, Kane leaned over and snagged his underwear, wiping his face and Ian’s stomach off. His friend looked down at him, and Kane couldn’t read the expression on Ian’s face. He thought he saw something akin to awe, definitely surprise, but there was something else.

He blushed and cleared his throat. What if Ian didn’t really like it? Yeah, his friend had come, but that didn’t mean he liked it. Bodily reactions weren’t always the same as emotional ones. He’d learned that before. He ducked his head and looked away.

Ian sat up and leaned toward him. “Kane?”

Kane cleared his throat. “Um, look if you… um… didn’t, you know… if you don’t… that’s okay. I just thought…” He closed his mouth with an audible snap, his cheeks a dark red.

But Ian tilted Kane’s chin up and kissed him gently, just closed lips, but it helped to calm Kane a little bit. Then Ian spoke. “Can I?’

Kane blinked. Ian wants to do it, too? “Um, sure. Did you… I mean…”

And to his surprise, Ian’s lips twitched. “Yes. I did, very much so. Lay down.”

So, Kane stretched out and laid back. Ian got into position, then after a hesitant moment, he simply couldn’t think anymore at all. Because Ian’s mouth was on him, tongue running along his dick and he nearly went insane. He found his own hand going into the brown hair like Ian had done to him, the need to touch nearly overwhelming.

He, too, grabbed a pillow, and he fought desperately against the curses that wanted to come out. He’d just helped his friend; he didn’t want to make Ian miserable all over again. He gritted his teeth, trying to make his sounds wordless. But it just felt so good.

And when Ian sucked just like he had, he nearly went insane. An “oh God, Ian” slipped out and only a moment later, he lost it, himself. He shouted Ian’s name into the pillow as his balls tightened and his orgasm roared though him. He felt it in just about every nerve of his body. He was fairly certain he was still shouting, his hand gripping Ian’s hair.

Finally, he calmed down enough to move the pillow and look down at his friend. He still had his hand threaded through the brown locks and he let go quickly, color suffusing his cheeks. “Sorry,” he mumbled. Ian smiled at him, though.

“It’s okay. You, um… l-liked…” He started and Kane nodded.

“Yes. Definitely.”

Ian nodded once, then crawled up along Kane’s body, laying down next to him on the bed. And that’s when Kane realized that there wasn’t a mess. He blinked over at his friend. “Did you…” he started in shock.

Ian blushed. “You took me by surprise.”

Kane just stared in shock. “Was it bad?”

Ian shook his head. “No. Not even close.” Then he blushed even brighter and Kane‘s brow furrowed.


But Ian shook his head and tried to hide his face.

“What, Ian?” Kane tried again.

“You tasted good.” His color darkened and this time he did manage to hide his face in Kane’s shoulder.

“Um… I’m glad? Why are you embarrassed?”

“’Cause you didn’t… you know… s-s…” Ian’s muffled voice said from Kane’s shoulder.

“You caught me by surprise, too. I just jumped back, that’s all. Look, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll do it again and swallow. Geez.” Kane shook his head.

Ian shook his head quickly, still keeping his face buried and Kane twisted around and put his arms around his friend. Ian wrapped one arm around Kane’s waist and burrowed in. “It felt good,” Kane said quietly. “And you shouldn’t be embarrassed. We’re best friends, remember? You should never be embarrassed around me. I’ll never make fun of you for anything, Ian.”

Ian looked up, obviously fighting with himself. Then he nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“No, no sorry. No reason for it.” Kane sighed. “Grab the blanket at the bottom. We’ll… take a nap then finish our homework.”

Ian nodded and tugged the blanket up over them. He settled in and Kane tightened his arms around his friend. Ian tucked his head under Kane’s chin and Kane paused to drop a light kiss on it.

Kane lay there for a long time, his mind in a whirlwind. He wondered at the attraction he had for Ian. He wondered how their friendship would change because of it. He didn’t want to mess things up, but he couldn’t seem to stop this stuff, either.

He just hoped that, after all was said and done, they wouldn’t lose the friendship, no matter what else happened. He sighed and closed his eyes, making a vow to himself that he wouldn’t let it go. They’d stay friends – best friends, until they died.

Because Kane was all too aware of the fact that someday they would. He just hoped he’d be with Ian when he did. He also hoped that it was in the very, very distant future.

He finally fell asleep much later, plagued by strange dreams of him and Ian. He never remembered them completely, just snippets here and there. He saw the old firehouse they used to play around as kids then the dream morphed into something a lot different and very sexual. And somewhere along the way, he saw them as adults, both wearing suits, standing together in front of a bunch of people he knew to be their friends, though he didn’t recognize any of them. He didn’t understand the dreams, but somehow they comforted him and when they woke later, he found himself very well rested and in a very good mood. He didn’t even mind the homework after that.