Hey folks!

It’s been a while, I know, and I’m sorry for that! First off, let me offer a big happy holidays, for whatever you celebrate. Have a bit of holiday cheer:

In case you missed it, I am back in school! This semester has been a bit brutal, since I took full time classes and it’s been *cough* years since I’ve been in school. It takes some adjustment. But! I am doing well and excited to continue.

However, my course load lightens significantly (I can only do half time next semester) since the college I’m at (community) to take my core classes only offers a few more that I can take. This means I have time for writing!

Or, in the most recent case, editing first. I’m still working on my Omegaverse, Because I Want To. It’s in edits now and still needs to be proofed and a cover done up. I have a cover artist lined up, though! So, it’s getting there and I hope to announce cover reveal and release dates soon!

Along those lines, I have a list as long as my arm of stories I want to write. Hope is being expanded to novel length. I have planned sequels to Beautiful boy and the third in the Golden Collar series, Jealousy, all itching to get out. And an Omegaverse BDSM story poking at me. I think my BDSM bug is prodding me. 😉 So, hopefully, more writing news on the way soon!

That said, I still have a few things I’ve got to finish for the holidays for my family. I’ve been busily baking and decorating the house. The tree needed to be up on a table, but the poor thing lost a bit of height. XD Oops? Still lovely, though, and It’s right across from my desk where I get to enjoy it every day.

I’ve also been working on a mess of handmade gifts for the family and a few close friends. In and around all this, a grumpy ol’ member of my house came back to live with us. He’d been living with my oldest son, but decided he didn’t like the grandbaby. Not a good combination, so he’s not home here, instead. I’ve missed having a kitty around (though, my allergies are now trying to take over! Zyrtec for the win!), though he, of course, thinks it’s his job to make my crafting a bit more difficult.

I hope your holidays are amazing! If you’re looking to read something holiday, I have a few of freebies to check out: Being True (pdf, epub, mobi), The Family You Choose (Forbes Mates), and the super-short, Daniel (Pandemus Chronicles). There’s also a couple of not-free ones, including Celebrating You (directly follows Daniel from Pandemus Chronicles) with a holiday theme. Beautiful boy happens during the Christmas holiday and No Sacrifice has some lovely holiday scenes.

Have a great rest of the year! I’ll see you again soon. <3