Whee! I am back from AnimeFest! I’m so happy to be home again. I love traveling but I also love coming back home to my own bed, pillows, and shower.

AnimeFest is held every year at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel (picture) which is a pretty nice place. I got to share a room with Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes and hang out with them quite a bit.

DHdsdjDVoAIO7X6The best part of the weekend, though, was that I got to see the creative team from Yuri!!! On Ice! I went to three separate panels and had so much fun. Kubo-sensei is a neat lady, who had a really great sense of humor. Yamamoto-san (the director) is really nice, but so quiet. Thankfully, the translators were a bit louder. They requested (nicely) that we not take any pictures ourselves, but AnimeFest was allowed one. I did get to see Kubo-sensei on her way to the elevators to her room, but I managed to restrain myself from going full otaku and chasing her down. 😉

One of the coolest moments was before one of the panels, they were playing History Maker, the title song by Dean Fujioka.


(Please note, this is the lyric video as there’s no official video for the song). As they played it, the entire audience sang along (including, of course, yours truly). What was even cooler was that during one of the panels, Kubo-sensei said she was listening as we sang and it gave her chills to hear so much support and love for her show. I still get a little emotional hearing that.

DHiRw4mVwAAGomgOne of the best parts of any anime convention is the cosplay. Alas, I did not cosplay at all myself this year. I didn’t have anything ready and wasn’t up to getting into all the makeup and such. But I saw some great ones, including a full Maccachin from Yuri!!! and a rather disturbing Pikachu. There were, of course, more Yuris, Yurios, and Victors than you could possibly count.

pikachu_afestSaturday night, I hosted a panel with Shira and Venona about Yuri!!! and how yaoi and gay romance are slowly working their way into mainstream media. We had a lot of fun and had great participation.

The only major downer was that I didn’t manage to get an autograph. I was very disappointed with the way the con organizers and managers handled the huge crowd Yuri!!! brought in. The lines for the panels were hours long, the autographs were handled poorly, at best, and it was clear the volunteers were seriously overwhelmed by all of it. I’ve heard quite a few horror stories in reviews and on the tumblr tag and that’s only a few days after the con is over.

Still, I had some fun, got to hang out with friends, and see some great cosplay. And now, I am home and resting a bit before I get back to writing sexy men. 🙂