Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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Hayden brushed a thumb across Ian’s cheek. “Not hardly.” Hayden rubbed his hand soothingly up and down Ian’s back, then pulled Ian back in for another kiss. When they broke apart, Hayden snagged the blanket off of the back seat and they resettled a little bit, Ian laying on top of Hayden. He spread the blanket over them and they lay quietly together for a while, dropping soft kisses now and again.

Finally, Hayden glanced at the clock and sighed. “We have to go.”

Ian nodded. Hayden didn’t let him go at first, though, stopping to kiss Ian again thoroughly. With another sigh, he finally unwound his arms and Ian struggled to get into the other seat again. They adjusted themselves in silence and, after one more kiss, Hayden started the Jeep and pointed it back to Ian’s house.

They made the trip back in silence, the road noise and quiet interior broken only by the radio. Hayden held Ian’s hand except to shift, occasionally bringing it up to his lips to kiss. When they finally pulled up in front of Ian’s house, Hayden squeezed Ian’s hand and hurried around to open his door again.

They stopped on the porch and Ian was grateful that his mom had left the light off. They exchanged more light kisses; then Hayden reluctantly pulled away. “Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked.

Ian hesitated. “I have a shitload of homework to do.”

“I haven’t done mine. I could bring it over.”

Ian smiled at the hopeful tone of voice. “Okay. I’d like that. Um, Mom serves a kind of big dinner at noon. You’re welcome to come for that.”

“I’d like that. I’ll call Kenji tomorrow too, then you and I can talk about him.” He dropped another kiss on Ian then finally stepped back with a sigh. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” Ian said and stepped into the house. He watched from the door as Hayden got into his Jeep and drove away before turning inside.
When he got into the bedroom, Kane was still awake. He had a book open and face down on his chest. He glanced over at Ian and one eyebrow went up. “Well, well. You look like you got busy.”

Ian’s cheeks colored. “What do you mean?” he asked, turning his back and stripping quickly, then grabbing his pajama pants out of the dresser and pulling them on.

Kane got up and walked over to Ian, looking at him in the mirror over his shoulder. “Hmm…” Kane said in Ian’s ear, “let’s see, swollen lips, messy hair and if your face doesn’t say ‘just fucked’…”

Ian stared at his friend, but there was no malice, only amusement. He frowned. “We didn’t fuck.”

Kane’s eyebrows shot up. “There’s a whole world of sexual activity between nothing and fucking.” His lips twisted again, fighting more amusement.

Ian sighed. “Fine. We jacked each other off. Happy?” he asked, cheeks coloring.

“What? Was he an ass about it?” Kane eyebrows dropped into a scowl.

“No! No, he wasn’t. I…” he frowned. “I didn’t know how you’d react,” he finished, swallowing. “And… well, to be frank, I feel a bit like a slut.”

“Why?” Kane asked.

Ian blinked at him. “We just started dating yesterday.”

“Well, you didn’t fuck on the first date. Hell, you didn’t fuck on the second date… if you could call that a date.” He shrugged. “But really, jacking each other off isn’t that big of a deal. You and I used to do it all the time.”

Ian closed his eyes. “Yeah, but we’ve known each other for years, we’re best friends. We’re not practically strangers.”

“And neither are you and Hayden. If the look on his face is anything to go by, he’s well on his way to being in love with you,” Kane pointed out. “And I’d bet you know what he’s done sexually, know pretty much all of the things he likes, what he eats, know his full name, his brother’s name, his family’s name, probably know exactly where he lives… stop me when I get to something you don’t know about him…” He paused and Ian’s mouth stayed firmly shut. “You’ve spent the better part of the last twenty-four hours talking to him, so I’m guessing you know plenty. And let’s be serious. We’re still in high school. It’s not like this is the guy you’re going to marry someday.”

Ian frowned. That was very likely true. Hayden would likely not even be the last boyfriend he’d ever have. But the bottom line was, Kane didn’t think less of him for it and that, even more than Hayden, was what mattered to Ian. Something felt off about that, but Ian was too tired and mentally fucked up to figure out what. “Sorry, I’m still a little… lost here, you know?”

“I know. Don’t worry so much. Come on, you look ready to pass out,” Kane said and flipped the light switch, then steered Ian toward their bunks.

He aimed Ian for the ladder to the upper bunk, but Ian just turned to look at his friend. “Let’s not even bother with that, hmm? You’ll just end up with another nightmare.”

Kane considered him a moment. “It won’t bother you… because of Hayden?”

Ian shook his head. “I’m not comfortable doing other stuff, Kane, but you’re still my best friend, and I won’t make you go through that. If I can keep them away just by sleeping next to you, I will. I want to.”

Kane grinned. “Thanks, Ian.” He rolled into his bunk and Ian stretched out next to him. Ian turned onto his side and rested on hand on Kane’s hip. A short time later, he was asleep and neither so much as stirred until the next morning.

* * *

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