Oh Adel, I think you’re finally seeing the appeal of this, aren’t you?

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 48



They unhooked him quickly and helped him onto the bed. Adel knelt at Nadir’s head and Bathasar at his ass. Before Adel could so much as reach for the ties on his pants, Nadir had them open and was swallowing him. He rested his hands on Nadir’s head and looked up at Bathasar as his friend filled Teman’s ass. Bathasar nodded encouragement and as aroused as Adel was, he didn’t hesitate further. He started thrusting into Nadir’s mouth, his eyes sliding closed at just how amazing it felt.

He lost himself in the pleasure, his balls drawing up before he knew it. Nadir’s hazy eyes were aimed at him, but he didn’t know if Nadir could really see him or not. He brushed hair out of Nadir’s face, incredibly turned on at the tears leaking over his thrusts. He didn’t know what that said, but he couldn’t think about it in that moment. Because the tip of his cock popped into Nadir’s throat and Nadir swallowed around it. He gritted his teeth, pulling back briefly, then thrust again, when Nadir had taken a breath. A loud moan from his friend had him glancing up to see Bathasar’s eyes focused on them, watching him.

“Give him the command,” Bathasar murmured.

Once more, his cock went into Nadir’s throat and this time, he lost it. He clenched his jaw to hold in the shout as his orgasm hit, hard. Pleasure spread through him, pulling the cum from his balls almost violently. Nadir swallowed around him as he poured his seed down Nadir’s throat.

“Now,” Bathasar commanded.

Nadir’s mouth was still around Adel’s cock, still working it over as the pleasure faded slowly. He looked back down at Nadir’s, seeing Bathasar reach around to stroke Nadir’s cock at the same time. He waited a beat and was rewarded when Nadir’s eyes slid closed and his face took on a grimace of frustration.

“Come, Nadir,” Adel managed.

Nadir screamed around his cock, sending vibrations along the flesh, surprising another minor shock of pleasure and another spurt of cum from him. He watched in fascination as Nadir shook through his orgasm. Before it was even over, Bathasar shouted, thrusting hard—pushing Nadir farther onto Adel’s still-hard cock—and taking his own pleasure.

They seemed frozen in that position for a long moment, all three of them panting hard. Adel pulled back, helping Nadir onto his side after Bathasar eased out as well. He wondered if the care would be different and this time, he waited, wanting to help.

It was, indeed, a bit different. Bathasar had a cream he put over the welts on Nadir’s back, which Adel helped with. When they finished, the two of them stretched out with him, one on either side, offering the praise and soft touches they had to Teman.

Adel tried to gather his scattered thoughts as he lay there, soothing Nadir. He had a lot to sort through, after the two evenings. He liked this part, the after care. He couldn’t argue he’d enjoyed giving Nadir pain. He wasn’t positive if it was more the reactions, the marks, the feel of the implement hitting flesh, or something else, but he thought he could handle it if Ghalib wanted it.

He wanted Ghalib. He was getting more than a little frustrated with waiting. He knew it was the right thing to do, but he wanted to explore these things with Ghalib, not someone else. Maybe he was being ridiculous, but he didn’t think so. Something drew him to Ghalib, and he was going to just go with it.

He’d just need to dig a little deeper and be a little more patient.

* * *

The recovery conditioning wasn’t as difficult as Ghalib had expected. He’d gotten more or less used to the cycles of arousal and denial, the need, wanting to please, trying to hold back.

He also lost track of time. With his daytime filled with conditioning and his dreams filled with Adel, he wasn’t able to pay too much attention to the passage. He’d have been surprised to know only a week passed before he found himself with his cock in Nadir’s mouth, on the edge of orgasm.

And unable to go over.

“Go ahead, Ghalib, take your pleasure,” Cyrus murmured, but Ghalib felt as if he was up against a wall and couldn’t get past it.

Nadir sucked hard, tongue dancing over the vein on the underside of Ghalib’s length. One hand teased his balls, heavy and full from being brought to the edge denied again many times over for the last two days. He’d mastered recovery much faster than even Cyrus and Nadir had expected and, as such, the ability to orgasm had once again been withheld as he was conditioned to hold it for command.

The fingers of Nadir’s other hand teased Ghalib’s entrance and taint, making him desperate. They let him thrust into Nadir’s mouth, his eyes squeezed shut as he chased his release. The fantasy in his head was of Adel’s mouth around his cock instead of Nadir’s, only driving him further.

He was right there, needed to come so badly. He thrust a little harder, groaning as Nadir sucked again, swallowing around the tip.

“What is it, Ghalib?” Cyrus asked from behind him.

Ghalib whimpered, coherency long gone. He was leaning against Cyrus, who provided support for his back. Cyrus had his legs spread wide, one hand teasing his left thigh, the other plucking his right nipple.

“What do you want?” Cyrus’s voice came through deep, full of the commanding tone he used.

Ghalib moved, thrusting again, arching his back to get Cyrus to pull on his nipple. He could feel the edge teasing him, as he rode it, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t seem to take that plunge.

“Is it your release, Ghalib? Orgasm? Is that what you need so badly?”

He managed what he hoped was a groan that conveyed his “yes.”

“Then why don’t you take it?” Cyrus asked.

* * *

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