It’s about damned time, Ghalib. Really, it’s not going to kill you to want him…

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 44



Ghalib let himself think of Adel, but let go of the confusion. He liked the qadi. He wanted the qadi. He wanted to serve the qadi. And the admission released some of the tension in him.

Interestingly, it also seemed to help his conditioning. As he let himself think about Adel and the way the man had felt against him, in his hand, in his mouth, arousal came even faster. When the cage came off the morning after his admission, his cock started twitching almost immediately. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath of the incense, shifted his foot and within another couple of minutes, his cock was hard. As he filled his mind with Adel, need bloomed and he knew the first part of the session was going to be fierce, despite the incredible release he’d had the day before.

Nadir used Adel too. Reminded Ghalib of his attraction, his memory and his want. And the mental images, the remembered taste and feel drove him further faster than he’d have expected.

He was denied again that night, though he’d expected it. In fact, he would have been surprised to be given release so soon. Of course, by day three after his orgasm, while still not surprised, he did start hoping for another.

It was not to be. He went to bed once more frustrated, mind filled with Adel, body needy and nearly desperate. His dreams that night were the most erotic he’d ever had, filled with images of Adel sucking his cock, thrusting into his ass, pulling his hair and filling him with cum.

When he woke the next morning, his cock strained harder than ever against the cage, his balls stretched so tight, they truly hurt, this time. He’d barely tasted his breakfast, he’d eaten so fast so he could get to the conditioning.

But Cyrus and Nadir weren’t ready yet, so he was forced to cool his heels in the common room. He stood at the doorway to the large balcony, looking out over the rooftops of Neyem. He couldn’t help but wonder where Adel was at that moment, what he was doing. Was he still sleeping as so many of the nobility did? Was he in the palace? Or somewhere else? He knew Adel often occupied one of the guest chambers there in the palace, so it was likely the man was still close.

He didn’t know if that comforted him or not.

His cock had long since gone soft and the arousal he’d had when he woke had faded by the time Nadir had called him in. He greeted Nadir with a smile and light hug, then settled in on his cushion. Once the incense was lit and anklet on him, Nadir pulled out the key and unlocked his cage.

And, much to Ghalib relief, as soon as it came off, his cock hardened.

“Well, well, it seems you are ready to move on.” Nadir grinned up at him. “Are you ready to give your orgasms over to your master?”

Ghalib swallowed and wanted to think it through. But the mere thought of it had his cock twitching and leaking precum. He wanted it, he’d known it was coming. He was ready. “Yes, I am.”

The smile on Nadir’s face widened. Cyrus came in then and walked up to them. “Is he ready?”

“Indeed,” Nadir said, nodding. “He can move on to the command conditioning this morning. We will need you here.”

Cyrus nodded. “I thought so.” He smiled at Ghalib, who saw the approval in Cyrus’s gaze and he flushed with it. In the days since he’d started his conditioning, he still hadn’t figured that out, understood the want to please the man. He guessed, from the things Nadir had told him, it had to do with his need to serve.

The command conditioning… was a lot like his arousal conditioning, in the end. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but in a lot of ways, it was simply more of the same. Only this time, Cyrus spoke to him the whole time, explaining how his orgasms no longer belonged to him, they were the sole property of his master. He was not to let himself release until he was given permission.

“Do you understand, Ghalib?” Cyrus asked.

Ghalib nodded. “Yes,” he managed as his cock hardened even more under Nadir’s attentions.

“Good. Let yourself get close, let yourself feel the pleasure, let it fill you. But hold it back. Don’t allow yourself to go over,” Cyrus commanded.

Ghalib did his best. He fought the orgasm, listening to Cyrus remind him not to allow himself to release. “Not yet, Ghalib,” he said and Ghalib shuddered with the effort to hold back. “Closer,” Cyrus murmured in his ear and Ghalib whimpered. Nadir stroked his cock and teased his balls as he fought to do as Cyrus ordered him to. “Not yet, Ghalib. I haven’t given you permission yet.”

He was going to lose it and he knew it. He struggled, fought, listening to Cyrus’s command to hold back. He’d had some practice over the last several days, but then he’d always known they’d stop in time. He wasn’t sure, now, if they would. He was afraid they’d depend on him to stop them at the right time, but when he said as much, begged to be allowed to come, Cyrus’s only response was, “No, you may not. I haven’t given you permission.”

Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, all stimulation stopped. He nearly cried as the threat of orgasm faded, the pleasure he’d been so close to denied him again. He held it in, taking deep, shuddering breaths which got easier when Cyrus murmured, “Beautiful. You’ve pleased me well, Ghalib.”

They only gave him a short time before Nadir’s hand moved again and Cyrus’s voice filled his ears once more. Yet again, they built it up, pushing him closer, teaching his body to hold back orgasm. His mind battled his body’s need, but in the end, his body didn’t want to listen. He was so close, needed to climax so badly, he begged again. Cyrus paused what felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few heartbeats before giving the command.

Ghalib’s body obeyed before he could consciously tell it to. He crashed over the edge into orgasm so hard, his vision nearly when white. And as the climax took him and he coated his stomach once more in cum, he heard the bells and was encouraged to breathe the scent in, which he managed to do.

When he came down from it, Nadir unhooked his arms and Cyrus cleaned him with a cloth. “Beautiful,” Cyrus praised him again. “You’ve done very well. Rest a short time and we will begin again.”

Ghalib blinked at him, then glanced down at his now-flaccid cock. “Uh…”

Nadir grinned. “That is the other part of this section of your conditioning. Your body learns to recover faster.”

“Oh.” Ghalib swallowed. He closed his eyes, rested his head against the wall and took another deep breath, letting that sink in.

* * *

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