Well, Adel certainly has plenty to think about now, doesn’t he? Oh the pleasant (erotic) dreams he’s going to have for a while…

Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 43



Teman shouted, rocking his hips, riding the cock and thrusting into the hand. Bathasar held him tighter, keeping him still and the tears that had started when Teman had relieved Adel flowed again, even more so. The sounds Teman let out were almost pathetic, incoherent though they were, as he begged for his release.

Bathasar didn’t make him wait long. He plucked at the nipple, pulled it hard, his other hand moving almost furiously over Teman’s cock. He leaned in and, eyes locked to Adel, murmured what was obviously the command.

Because Teman exploded. The sound he made could only be called a scream. He shook hard, his head rolling back and forth, writhing as he twisted against Bathasar’s fingers on his nipple, thrusting into the hand around his cock. He sprayed cum everywhere, all over the cushions, the floor and even on Adel’s pants.

He didn’t care. It was the most erotic image he’d ever seen. Partially because in his mind, he’d replaced Teman with Ghalib and could all too readily imagine what Ghalib’s face would look like in Teman’s place. It was enough to make him hard again.

He started to get up, but Bathasar shook his head and held out a finger. Adel nodded in response and watched as Bathasar carefully removed the rest of the jewelry and chains on Teman, then laid him down onto the cushions. He grabbed a blanket from off to the side, and spread it out over Teman.

Bathasar held up his hand and made a “come here” gesture then waved at the spot on the other side of Teman. Adel was confused, but trusted Bathasar knew what he was doing and slid onto the floor, settling in the indicated place. “Brush his hair back. Pet him lightly. Whisper to him. It doesn’t matter what you say, he just needs to know you’re there.”

Adel felt like he was intruding on a moment he shouldn’t be. But he stayed because Bathasar had asked. He ran his hand over Teman’s head, doing as Bathasar had instructed. He leaned in on instinct, kissing Teman’s temple then pulled back, realizing he might have crossed an unknown-to-him boundary.

But Bathasar just smiled and nodded encouragement. So, Adel shifted, leaning on his elbow and kissing Teman softly on the top of the head, temple and cheek, running his other hand over Teman’s shoulder and arm.

He listened to the words Bathasar crooned into Teman’s ear: things like, “So pleased,” and “so happy,” and “Beautiful.” He echoed them, keeping it a whisper, but continuously speaking while still brushing Teman’s hair out of his face and kissing temples, cheeks, and forehead softly.

He didn’t know how long it went on, but Teman took a deep breath and smiled up at Bathasar, then rolled to look up at Adel. “Hi,” he said, blushing a little.

Adel returned the smile. “Hello.”

“Welcome back,” Bathasar said, kissing Teman softly.

“Thank you,” Teman replied, voice cracking. Bathasar picked up a goblet of water from next to them and held it out for Teman to sip. A moment later, he cleared his throat, turning back to Adel. “Did you enjoy that?”

Adel nodded, still smiling. “Very much. Thank you for allowing me to participate.”

Teman’s smile widened. “I was happy to.”

Adel glanced at Bathasar, who nodded. “I was… very pleased. You were beautiful,” he whispered. The look on Teman’s face truly brought home to him what that kind of praise meant. Teman blushed, but smiled beautifully.

“I’m glad I could please you,” he murmured. He surprised Adel by leaning up and leaving a soft kiss on one cheek. With a glance at Bathasar, he returned it, then left one on Teman’s forehead.

“You did. Thank you.”

“You’ve pleased us both, love. Stay here while I show Adel out. I think he needs some time to absorb what he’s seen.”

Teman nodded, kissing Bathasar before settling under the blanket again. Bathasar stood and Adel followed him to the door, tucking himself away and adjusting his pants when they stopped. “Thank you,” Adel said again.

“Do you understand why I had you stay at the end?”

Adel hesitated but nodded slowly. “I believe so. There is… care after something like that? I saw he was… I saw that look you told me about. It’s to bring him back from that?”

Bathasar smiled. “Indeed. See? I knew you would be good at this.”

Adel knew he was blushing. “I don’t know about that. I’m not sure I would have thought of any of that.” He waved a hand toward the cushions.

“That is something easily learned.”

“I hope so. I… I would like to give that to Ghalib,” he admitted.

Bathasar’s smile widened. “Of course you would.” Adel didn’t bother to scowl. “And you will. We’ll arrange a time for the next one, yes?”

Adel nodded. “Thank you. Again, for all of it.”

“You’re welcome. But hold the thank you until after the last one.” With a wink at Adel’s confused look, he pulled open the door.

Adel raised an eyebrow, but Bathasar said no more. With a “good night,” he left, his mind full.

* * *

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