So, right now, somewhere in the bowels of the Interwebs, is a post.  It’s a sequel and, well, it wanted to be it’s own person.  Stand against the monotony of being just another part in a greater tale.

That’s what we get for letting it read about existentialism.

That said, we’re still on the hunt.  If you see this post *holds up wanted poster*, kindly contact either me or Grace in the comments below.  Hopefully we will find it and discuss its importance in the grand scheme (and opportunity to have a space, forever, in an excellent story that will be read by many awesome fans) of the current Free Fiction Friday story.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Mr. Grace

p.s. We’re totally sorry about not getting FFF posted this last Friday.  We love Grace’s fans and appreciate all of you and your support.

p.p.s.  No really, we totally do.  That wasn’t one of those canned feel-good responses that are put in press releases or email replies from Customer Service to surround a total non-answer that is buried in complicated CS-speak that is meant to obfuscate the real message, which is normally something akin to “did you turn it off and back on again, because that fixes 99.44% of all problems, even human bodies.  Sometimes”.

p.p.p.s.  I should know, I worked Customer Service – I KNOW YOUR GAMES, PHONE REPS!!!

p.p.p.p.s.  My sincere apologies to those among you who are the good CSRs.  We value you more than the fellow next to you crocheting while giving their customer the runaround.

p.p.p.p.p.s. Or doing their homework for Physics.  Seen that too.