Hello and welcome back to Free Fiction Friday! We’re back to the prequels to Turning His Life Around! There are seven parts to this one, called Jealousy, and five more short stories after this one. Yay! 🙂

Please remember that the guys are technically underage in these. Any sex is fairly tame (described, yes, but tame) until much later in the series.

If you haven’t read Turning yet, you might consider checking it out. These stories make a lot more sense if you’ve read it first. These should also be read in order:

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think. I always love to hear from my readers. 😀

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He worked the cock over, licking, sucking, doing anything he could think of. He and Ian had done this a few times, but he was still new to it.  He listened to the sounds Kenji made; paid attention to when he did something right and did his best to replicate it.  “Fuck, Kane…” Kenji groaned, “Goddamn…”  He pumped into Kane’s mouth, Kane working his tongue along the length then sucking on the tip.  Kane relaxed his throat the way he’d learned to with Ian and swallowed Kenji on the next thrust. “Oh fuck,” Kenji nearly shouted.

Kenji pulled back then and paused, panting hard.  When he could breathe again, he scooped the condom and lube back up and sat back.  He ripped at the package, tossing the wrapper aside in his haste.  The second the latex was on, he was back on Kane, with another of those hard kisses as he grabbed the bottle.

“Flip over,” he muttered, sitting back enough to give Kane room to move.

Kane turned around, pulling his knees up under him and looking back over his shoulder.  Kenji fought with the bottle; then, when the first finger moved into him, his eyes slid closed.  Kane moved against the finger, tilting his hips, hoping that Kenji would hit the spot Ian did.

It wasn’t until the second finger had been added that Kenji found it. “Oh fuck, yeah, there…” Kane moaned and Kenji brushed his fingers over it again.  Kane loosed more grunts as Kenji stretched and readied him.  But after only a few moments, Kane was getting frustrated. “Enough, fuck. Give me that cock, already!” he demanded.

“Impatient, aren’t you?”  Kenji asked with a chuckle, moving into place.

“Fuck yeah,” Kane replied.

Kenji didn’t respond beyond that, apparently too focused on what he was doing.  “Fuck that’s tight. Oh damn, Kane…” The moan was low, Kenji’s breathing short.  He paused for a second, breathing fast, and Kane guessed Kenji was fighting with sanity just like he was.  “God, yeah,” Kenji whispered, pulling out slightly then pushing back in, further this time.

“Goddamn you’re slow…” Kane moaned.

“I thought you’d only done this once before,” Kenji griped.

Kane chuckled. “And?” He glanced over his shoulder again with a raised eyebrow. “I want your cock in me, is there something wrong with that?”

Kenji grinned. “Hell no,” he said and pushed the rest of the way in.

“Oh Fuck!” Kane shouted.  His head dropped and he panted hard as he worked to get a hold of himself and get used to being filled again.  Kenji stayed there just a moment then it was Kane himself who started moving.  “Fuck me, Kenji,” Kane demanded, rocking back against his boyfriend.

Kenji needed no further encouragement and he started moving, thrusting hard, pumping fast into Kane’s body.  He reached up and grasped a handful of Kane’s spikes and pulled, earning him a loud groan. “God, yeah!” Kane shouted as he moved, meeting Kenji’s thrusts.

Kane got lost in the grunts and moans, the slap of skin on skin, the feel of Kenji’s body.  It was unapologetically hard and it was fast and that was how he wanted it, how Kenji wanted it too, if the sounds he was making were any indication. Kane braced himself on one arm and wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking himself in time with the fast pace of Kenji’s thrusts.

“Fuck, Kane…,” Kenji moaned. “Going to come… fuck… soon…” He gave a hard thrust, pegging Kane’s prostate and puling another groan.  “Oh god… now, oh fuck now! Kane!Kenji shouted and slammed into Kane hard, cock twitching hard in Kane’s ass.

Kane was so focused on his own body and the pleasure crashing through him that he barely heard Kenji’s loud voice. He’d snatched up his shirt just in time to avoid messing up the couch.  “Kenji, fuck, Kenji… coming…” he groaned loudly through harsh pants then shouted when Kenji slammed into his prostate. Kenji’s hands tightened in Kane’s hair, sharpening his orgasm and he nearly screamed with it.

They fell forward together onto the couch, Kane trying to remember how to simply breathe.  “Damn, Kane,” Kenji managed between gasps.

Kane chuckled. “Something… wrong?” He swallowed around his dry throat when his voice came out in a croak.

“Hell, no. God.” Kenji sat back, and Kane hissed when he pulled out. “Sorry, you okay?”

“Yeah, fine.” He didn’t move, couldn’t really.  “How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on homework after that?” Kane asked, not really expecting an answer.

He didn’t get one; Kenji laughed instead.  “You’re too much, babe.” He leaned forward and dropped a kiss on Kane’s shoulder. Kane twisted around and returned it, their lips meeting again.  When they broke apart, there were twin grins on their faces.

“Too much for you?” Kane asked, continuing the thought.

Kenji swatted Kane’s butt as they stood up to find clothes. “Nope.  Good thing for you, too.”

“Oh, really?” Kane asked, grimacing at his shirt. “Damn, and I am not going into the bedroom.” He balled his shirt up and tossed it aside, pulling his jeans on.

Kenji chuckled. “You couldn’t pay me to go in there right now.”  He pulled Kane against him. “Yeah, it’s a good thing for you.  If you were too much, you wouldn’t get my thick cock in your ass as much as you want.”

“As much as I want? Are you sure you wanna offer that?” Kane asked, wrapping an arm around Kenji and squeezing his ass.

Kenji just grinned. “I can handle you.”

“Really? We’ll see about that…” Kane whispered nipping at Kenji’s neck.  The reply was a quiet chuckle and an answering nip.



A short while later, Ian and Hayden emerged from the bedroom.  Ian wrinkled his nose. “Better open a window, Kane.”  He sighed. “And we should probably actually get some homework done. Mom may suspect something, but…”

Kane made a face, pulling himself from the couch and cracking the front window.  “Yeah, we had that discussion already,” Kane said and groaned as he grabbed his bag.  They shuffled to the kitchen and set up at the table.  Kane and Kenji watched in amusement as Hayden pulled Ian’s chair around so that they were practically sitting in each other’s laps, anyway.

Kane shook his head then looked up in surprise when Kenji did the same to him.  Kenji wouldn’t look at him, though.  Instead, he put an arm around Kane and went back to his homework.  Kane puzzled over it a moment, then let it go when he couldn’t figure it out and put his hand on Kenji’s knee.



That’s how Mrs. Kelley found them when she came home later that evening.  She paused outside the kitchen door, watching as the two couples took their hands off each other long enough to turn a page or scratch or pick up a cup then went right back to touching.

She chuckled to herself. She’d recognized the smells. Her husband may have been gone for a long time, but she hadn’t forgotten it.  A smile split her face when Hayden leaned over and kissed her son.  Ian paused when he pulled back, his eyes closed for a few seconds, then Hayden lifted his hand and brushed at the bangs again.

She turned her attention to the other two.  She frowned a little at Kane and his boyfriend.  She could tell things weren’t the same between Kane and Kenji.  He seemed happy enough, though and God knew that poor boy had little enough to be happy about for the first twelve years of his life.  She hoped things would work out for them.

She backed away and turned toward her room.  She’d let them have a few more minutes alone.  As she stepped through her door, her eyes fell on the framed picture on her bedside table.  Sean’s face grinned up at her, a tiny Ian in his arms.  She swallowed around the lump that always seemed to form when she looked at it and turned to change clothes.

As she took her sweats out of her dresser, her thoughts floated back to the kitchen and she hoped that her two sons out there, the one of her body and the one of her heart, would someday be as happy as she’d had the chance to be.

She just hoped that it was sooner, rather than later, that they figured out they’d be happiest with each other.


* * *

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