Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military.
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Hell yeah, it does.  “I dunno, sometimes,” he said and shrugged, trying to play it off. “Be kinda nice to know I’ve got someone at home that’s mine.”  He refused to look at Kane when he said it, since it was only a partial truth and the smallest part, at that.

Kane didn’t speak for a long time and finally Kenji looked up at him. “I… I’m not sure I could turn Ian down if he wanted… stuff,” Kane said, roughly.

Kenji blinked at him.  What was he saying…?  “I wouldn’t expect you to, but… Kane, I know you don’t feel for me. There’s no need to say something like that if you don’t want it, just to make me feel good.”

Kane raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t. What I feel or don’t isn’t the issue here.  I told you before I don’t know if I can love, but I care about you, so does Ian.” He chuckled. “Maybe he’s the one you ought to call boyfriend. He’s more boyfriend material than I am, anyway.”

“I care about him, too, but first off… you were my boyfriend first—”  Kenji shook his head.

With a snort, Kane rolled his eyes. “Please, this isn’t some sort of ‘I saw him first!’ contest—”

“But,” Kenji interrupted.  “I don’t think he’s ready, anyway.  And me? Kane… I know I’m a computer geek, I know I’m just an equipment guy, but I am in the military.  You know as well as I do that if some nut decides to bomb the post or base I’m on…” He trailed off, but Kane obviously got it, based on his expression.

“Yeah. That’d pretty much kill him,” he finished for Kenji then sighed.  “I still think you should say something to him first. You might be surprised what he’d say.”

Kenji chewed on his lip and let his eyes drop back to Kane’s chest.  His fingers ghosted over Kane’s shoulder then slid down the arm until he could grasp a hand.  “I’ll talk to him,” he finally agreed.

“Good.  In fact,” he said, yawning. “We should probably go tell him it’s safe to come in.”  He flopped onto his back and stretched, yawning again.

“I’ll get him,” Kenji volunteered, dropping another kiss on Kane’s lips that Kane returned then Kenji rolled out of bed.  He snatched up his sweats and pulled them on then started for the door.  When Kenji glanced back, Kane’s eyes were closed, one arm was thrown over his head and he was already starting to breathe slowly.  Kenji grinned and shook his head, then slipped out.


He found Ian in the basement, folding clothes.  He slipped up behind his friend and wrapped his arms around Ian’s waist. “Hey babe,” he whispered.

Ian grinned. “Hello, yourself. Did you enjoy your time with Kane?” he asked, turning around in Kenji’s arms.

Kenji grinned. “Does anyone not enjoy their time with him?”

Ian laughed. “There are times…,” he said and Kenji laughed with him, nodding.

“Point. Well, I was sent to tell you it’s ‘safe,’” he said, rolling his eyes.

Ian chuckled. “Thanks.  I think I want a shower, though, before bed. I didn’t exactly get clean in the one I took with you earlier.”

Kenji grinned. “No, we were a little preoccupied. Would you like company? Maybe some help getting clean?”

Ian raised an eyebrow. “Would I actually get clean?”

“Well,” Kenji said, slowly, “I’m not sure I’m quite up for that so soon, so… probably.”

Ian laughed. “Probably,” he said, nodding. “Okay, let’s go.”  He put a hand on Kenji’s cheek. “Are you okay?” he asked, eyes sharpening.

Kenji forced himself to keep the smile on his face. “I’m fine. You and Kane, I swear, looking for something to be wrong,” he shook his head and stepped back, taking Ian’s hand.

Ian considered him for a long moment before he spoke. “Grab that basket for me,” he said, letting the subject drop and squeezed Kenji’s hand before grabbing the one next to him.

Kenji couldn’t hide the grateful look completely as he picked up the basket and followed Ian out of the basement.


They were, mostly, good in the shower.  Kenji managed to keep it to cleaning until he got to Ian’s cock and couldn’t resist touching a bit too much.  He found himself responding to the feel of Ian’s length filling and hardening and he decided not to fight it.  He dropped to his knees and took the cock into his mouth, thrilling in the feel of giving pleasure.

He soaked up the moans, the feel of Ian’s hands in his hair, the sound of his name once more falling from those lips.  And when he brought Ian to orgasm, the hands pulling on his brown locks, the shout loud over the pounding of the water, he filed them away to bring out later when he was alone.

Ian protested that he should help Kenji’s own arousal, but Kenji firmly refused, reminding him that there would be plenty of opportunity for more and that it was getting late.  He finished cleaning Ian up, scrubbed himself off quickly and climbed out.  He did take the time to dry Ian off himself, then a few minutes later, they climbed onto the bed.

Ian insisted Kenji sleep in the middle and Kenji wasn’t able to bring himself to protest too much.  When they settled in, Ian curled up with his back against Kenji’s front and Kenji wrapped around Ian, holding him tightly.  “Night, Ian,” he whispered, dropping a kiss on Ian’s shoulder.

“Night, Kenji. I’m glad you’re here,” Ian replied.

“I’m glad to be here. So happy to be with you.”  Another kiss and he closed his eyes.

“I’m happy you’re with us,” Ian whispered back, lifting one of Kenji’s hands and dropping a kiss on it.  He hesitated and Kenji thought that Ian was going to say something else, but then he seemed to settle in a little further and nothing else came out.

Kenji tightened his arms, closed his eyes, and reminded himself that he still had a lot, even if it wasn’t want he really wanted.  They were alive—he was alive—and he worked to remember that it was more than Hayden had.  With those thoughts floating through his mind, he fell asleep.