Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military.
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Kenji dropped another kiss on Kane’s lips before diving for the bedside table. He pulled on the knob a little too hard, snatching the bottle out and catching the drawer just before it fell out completely.  Then he was back, more kisses, more touches before he sat up and opened the bottle. Kane sat up as well and started to turn over, but Kenji shook his head. “Wanna see you,” he whispered instead and Kane raised his eyebrows, but laid back and watched as Kenji coated his fingers, then set the bottle aside.  “Ian said it’s been a while,” he whispered, leaning down to take another taste of Kane’s lips.

Kane reached up to cup Kenji’s face and return the kiss, moaning softly when the fingers teased his entrance.  “Yeah, it has,” Kane confirmed and sucked in a breath when Kenji’s fingers found his prostate. “Fuck… good as ever with those fingers,” Kane murmured and Kenji smiled.

Kenji wanted to take his time, tease Kane more, but they were both going just a little too crazy for it.  So, with gentle prodding and a slick cock, Kenji settled into place.  It took all his control not to thrust home in one move as he started to push through the ring of muscle.  He wanted to, Kane felt so good, looked so good, with those dark eyes fixed on him, heat filling them and sounds of raw need, spurring him on.  He bit his lip, focusing on the slight pain in the hopes that it would keep him grounded enough.

It did, was just enough and he was able to take his time until finally he was buried completely.  Kane’s hands came up to grip his shoulders and he paused a moment to memorize the feel, this instance with Kane.  He fought it, fought the need to say what was on the tip of his tongue and instead leaned down and caught Kane’s lips in a long kiss to hold the words back.  I love you.

Kane’s hands slid down his back and he took the hint and started moving, slowly at first, trying to stretch it out.  When they broke apart, he leaned up and moaned as Kane shifted, legs tightening just a bit around Kenji’s waste. “Fuck, you feel good,” he murmured, giving in to his body’s need and pulling back to thrust hard.

“So… oh fuck… do… you, Kenji,” Kane managed between grunts. His hands tightened on Kenji’s arms, nails biting into the skin and he moaned louder when Kenji hit his prostate again. “Fuck, there, harder, oh God, Kenji… so fucking good.”  He let go of one shoulder and his hand dove for his cock to stroke. Kenji, unable to resist the needy pleas, gave in and started moving faster, thrusting harder.

The pleasure sharpened then, shifting it to raw need and he pushed his jumbled thoughts back to focus on the physical, the feel of this incredible body.  He sat up a little, lifting Kane’s legs and bracing them on his shoulders, going deeper.  Kane’s moans turned to near shouts and his hand started moving faster. “Oh God, getting… fuck… getting close…”

“Me, too,” Kenji managed, his eyes sliding closed as the edge flew nearer.  “Gonna fill you with my cum, babe.”

Kane groaned and lifted his hand to brace himself against the headboard.  “Fuck yeah, Kenji…” His hand moved faster, his hips tilted and a moment later, the groan turned to a shout.  Kenji’s eyes flew open in time to see Kane’s face twist and hand speed up a little more. “Coming, oh God, Kenji, coming!…” He shouted then the thick white cum shot out, covering his chest.

The visual was all he needed. Kenji surged hard into Kane’s tight body and lost it, his orgasm strong, the pleasure flying through him, pulling the shout of Kane’s name from him as he filled his friend.  He thrust a few more times, riding out the orgasm before he went limp and collapsed onto Kane.  He lay there for a long moment, trying to find his sanity, his face buried in Kane’s neck, inhaling the scent of his friend.

The words wanted desperately to come out again. Kane wouldn’t welcome them, though, so Kenji clamped down hard on it and dropped a kiss on Kane’s neck before leaning up.  Kane grinned at him and he matched it as he eased out and flopped over onto the bed. “Six months? You certainly didn’t forget anything in that time,” Kane said with a chuckle and rolled to face him.

Kenji laughed. “I guess it’s like riding a bicycle or something,” he said and pushed back a few damp strands of black hair.

“Guess so,” Kane said, shaking his head.  He leaned in and their lips met in a soft, slow kiss and Kenji’s eyes closed.  He knew Kane didn’t love him, but damn that kiss sure felt like it.  The kiss broke, their eyes met and for a long moment, neither spoke, dark eyes locked to hazel.  There was something there, they could see more than Kenji would have liked and he dropped his gaze, leaning in to kiss Kane again, but this time, Kane pulled back. “Kenji?”

Kenji forced a smile. “Yeah?” he asked, hoping to dodge the question.

“What’s up?” Kane asked, and Kenji should have known Kane wouldn’t let it go.

“Nothing, probably just tired. Been a long day,” he muttered, but the snort Kane gave told him that his friend knew it for the lie it was.  He met the dark eyes again and shook his head. “Really, it’s nothing, okay?”

Kane considered him for a long moment. “Do you ever regret saying we weren’t boyfriend’s anymore?”

Kenji blinked at Kane, momentarily stunned at the way he’d zeroed in on it, then sighed. “Yeah, sometimes.” He wasn’t going to lie, though he wasn’t about to tell the whole truth, either.

“Does it bother you that we aren’t?” Kane asked and Kenji swallowed.