Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military.

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Kenji raised an eyebrow and looked from Ian to Kane, but when nothing more was said, he followed his friend into the bedroom. “What was that all about?” Kenji asked, knowing full well that he didn’t need help to unpack his little bit of stuff.

“He’s giving us a chance to be alone,” Kane replied and, as soon as the door was closed, pulled Kenji against him.

“Ohhh,” Kenji breathed before catching Kane’s lips in a kiss.  He pinned Kane against the door and lost himself in the feel of their bodies against each other, the kiss deepening.

“Fuck, missed you,” Kane whispered when they broke apart.  He slid his hands down Kenji’s back to cup the tight ass cheeks and pull Kenji a little closer.

“Mmm. Missed you, Kane, so much,” he whispered before diving in for more of that incredible taste.  One hand went into Kane’s spikes, the other slid under Kane’s ass, squeezing.  “Fuck, you feel good,” he murmured, then pulled back.

Kane pushed off the door and pulled Kenji toward the bed.  Kenji had been too preoccupied with Ian earlier to pay much attention, but the bunk beds were gone and in their place was a double or queen, he couldn’t quite tell. It looked a little big to be a double, but he’d spent so much time on bunks the last six months, that he wasn’t sure.  He blinked at it a moment, shaking his head again at the fact that their mom didn’t seem to care if they shared a bed.

He tried not to let the thought bother him—of what the two of them did together when he wasn’t there, but it still did. He wanted to be with them, not God-knows where, in a camouflage uniform, supporting computers.  He pushed the thoughts off and turned his attention where he was right then, back in Kane’s arms.

Kane kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head, not bothering with the pretense of unpacking.  Kenji followed suit, tossing his sweats off to the side to join Kane’s jeans and boxers, then pushing his friend back onto the bed.  “Still taking lessons at the dojo, huh?” he asked, admiring the way Kane had filled in a little over the six months he’d been gone.

“Yeah and your training didn’t hurt you any,” Kane said with a grin, hand running over Kenji’s chest and stomach.  “Let me taste it,” he whispered pushing Kenji back and catching his lips in another sanity-stealing kiss.

Kenji moaned into it, his hands once more going to the spikes to play and pull.  He loved listening to Kane respond, so he did everything he could to draw those sounds out, tugging at the black hair, bucking up to rub his cock against Kane’s and deepening the kiss.  Kane responded beautifully, groans and grunts falling from those talented lips as he pulled back and started to work his way down Kenji’s body.

Kenji hissed out a breath when Kane played with a nipple, sucking on it until it hardened.  With a devious grin, he gave to the other the same attention then continued down over Kenji’s tight stomach, pausing to run his tongue around the navel then further, until he’d made it to his goal.  Kenji’s cock jumped and a long, low groan erupted when his cock was swallowed in one move.

“Fuck, Kane,” he grunted when Kane sucked once before pulling off to give attention to Kenji’s balls.  His eyes slammed shut when Kane pulled one into his mouth and tongued and Kenji grabbed a fistful of comforter to try to keep himself grounded.  Kane worked him over, driving him damned near insane, teasing every bit of skin on his cock and sac.  “Kane, fuck, please,” he nearly begged, tugging at the Kane’s hair.

Kane moaned at the slight pain, but gave in and sat up.  Kenji watched his friend’s cock jump in need and he sat up, too, catching Kane’s lips in a thorough kiss and guiding Kane back onto the spot Kenji had just occupied. “My turn, babe,” Kenji murmured, pinning Kane’s hands down and giving another of those insane kisses.  Kane moaned into it and rocked his hips, bucking into Kenji, but Kenji pulled back, determined to keep from going as fast as he had earlier with Ian.

When he released Kane’s hands, they went straight into Kenji’s hair.  “Damn, miss the long hair,” Kane grumbled.

“Me, too. I’ll grow it back as soon as I can, I promise,” he said, glancing up, and Kane grinned.

“Damn well better,” he said, and Kenji grinned back then turned his attention back to his friend’s body.  He kissed every spot he could find, relearning all the things that made Kane gasp and move. He worked them mercilessly, pushing Kane as far as he could, doing everything he could think of to give this man pleasure.

He avoided Kane’s dick for as long as he could, teasing everything else, but when Kane bucked again and nearly begged him to, “… suck me already, please.” He couldn’t resist the need in that sexy voice and swallowed Kane’s dick, pulling a near-shout of his name out of Kane.  He paused briefly, his eyes closing to savor the sound then turned his attention to pleasuring Kane, working the cock over, licking, sucking, tracing veins and playing with the slit.  He thrilled in the sounds coming from Kane, the way the body under him writhed in need and before long, his need to be inside Kane got to be too much.

He pulled back and managed to gather his wits just a little bit.  His cock was so hard, leaking pre-cum and it jumped at the vision in front of him of Kane laid open before him, eyes locked to him, full of need and want for him.  He moved up and caught Kane’s lips in another long kiss, letting some of his need for this man out.  Kane’s hands slid down Kenji’s back and pulled until Kenji was laying on him, their cocks sliding along each other, bodies rocking. “Want you so much, Kane,” Kenji managed between kisses and Kane moaned in response, hands tightening on Kenji’s ass.

“Not as much as I want you inside me, Kenji…” Kane murmured then nipped at Kenji’s lips again. “Lube in the drawer.”