Confusion is another relatively short prequel to Turning His Life Around that features Kenji (YAY!  Kenji is my favorite! -Mr. Grace) and Ian primarily and helps establish more of their prior relationship after Kenji left to join the military.

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Kenji worked his fingers around, sliding them very slowly in and just as slowly back out, teasing Ian again. He earned himself more of those beautiful sounds and he continued simply tormenting Ian for a moment, stretching Ian slowly. He added his other hand to the mix, stroking as well.

“God, don’t… oh fuck, don’t play…” Ian groaned, dragging Kenji in for another tangle of lips and tongues.

Kenji ignored the pleading, enjoying the reactions too much to speed it up. “You just feel too damn good, Ian,” he muttered before diving in for more of that incredible taste. They got lost then in relearning each other, memorizing again the feel of the other person. Kenji traced dips, lines, and textures with his fingertips, dragged his lips over Ian’s, savoring the taste. And reminded himself of the flavor of Ian’s salty skin as he ran his tongue along one side of Ian’s neck. “Missed… you… so… much…” Kenji managed between kisses.

Ian pulled back. “God, missed you too, Kenji.” He bent and nibbled on Kenji’s neck, sucking a bit of the skin in to leave a mark and getting a very loud moan for his efforts.

Kenji finally hit his limit on patience and pulled back, covering his cock with the conditioner. “Turn around, babe,” Kenji whispered then didn’t let Ian move right away, instead pausing to capture his lips once more in another thorough kiss. When they broke apart again, Ian didn’t hesitate and turned, bracing himself against the wall of the shower.

A moment later, Kenji was pushing into Ian’s tight heat and he groaned at the feel. “Oh fuck, you feel good. Way too fucking long,” Kenji muttered when he paused just half way in, trying to slow down and simply enjoy it. Ian shifted, clearly more impatient than Kenji in that moment, pushing back and then Kenji was buried completely. “Oh, fuck… oh, yes…” Kenji moaned, his control breaking and he started moving, pumping into Ian, thrusting hard, lost to the amazing heat that surrounded him. “Oh God, Ian… oh fuck…”

It wouldn’t last long. Kenji guessed Ian knew that and he fisted his cock, his hand moving in fast strokes timed to the dick thrusting hard into him. “Kenji… nngh, God, you feel… unf… good…” He moved his hips, Kenji’s hands tightening on them almost enough to bruise.

Kenji let out a few more “fucks” and another “oh God” or two, lost to the pleasure of Ian’s body. His thrusts sped up, became erratic and he nearly pounded into Ian. “Going to… come soon.” He bent forward, sucking a bit of skin on Ian’s back into his mouth and forcing himself to slow. Dragging his lips along Ian’s shoulder and neck, he savored the taste, giving himself something else to focus on.

He ran one hand around and moved Ian’s aside, wrapping his around Ian’s cock. Taking over and stroking it for him, allowed Kenji concentrate and to hold on a little better.

Ian looked over his shoulder then and their mouths met again in a sloppy kiss. “Mmm, please, Kenji… I’m…. ungh… getting close. Come for me.”

Kenji started moving faster again, letting himself go, unable to argue with a command like that. His eyes slid closed, and the pleasure shoved him forcibly toward the edge quickly. He wanted to wait, tried to hold on.

But it was just too much, had been too long. Kenji kissed Ian’s shoulder once more before straightening. He moved his hips faster, pumped harder into Ian and a few seconds later, he lost it. “Oh fuck, oh fuck… now… Ian!” He shouted the last as his climax slammed into him. His vision went white and the orgasm ripped through him, stealing breath, rendering him deaf and speechless. He continued to pump hard, unable to stop or slow, as the nerves ignited and he filled Ian with his cum.


Ian rode it out, his own climax hitting right as Kenji’s did. He managed a grunted, “Kenji” before he shuddered hard, the pleasure screaming through him. His balls tightened, the sensations flooded him and he emptied himself all over the wall in front of him with a wordless shout.

Ian’s head dropped and he panted, desperately trying to find the oxygen his lungs were demanding. Kenji curled over him, arms coming around him and holding him tight. One of Ian’s arms went around the two holding him and he laid his head back against Kenji’s shoulder. He turned his head, dropping light kisses on the cheek next to his.

They stayed like that a moment, leaving those light kisses where they could reach, arms wrapped as much as possible. Ian was grateful for it, his mind a mess. He didn’t quite know what to do with what had just happened because it’d felt beyond good. There’d been… more there, something beyond the friendly fucking they’d done before Kenji had left for basic training.  But eventually they had to move when the water started to cool and Ian shoved the tangle of thoughts to the back of his mind for later consideration. “Mmm. Need to finish cleaning you up,” Ian said with a sigh.

“Mmhhmm…” Kenji managed, giving a short nod, but he didn’t actually do anything. “Don’t wanna move,” he said instead, nuzzling into Ian’s cheek.

Ian chuckled, his eyes closing, savoring the feel of Kenji wrapped around and still buried inside him. He sighed, then. “You will when the water turns icy.” He dropped another kiss on Kenji’s cheek.

Kenji sighed. “I guess,” he muttered, but still didn’t move.

A moment later, there was a pounding on the door. “If you two are finished fucking, pizza’s going to be here soon.” Kane called through the door.

They both laughed. “Okay!” Ian called back, and he smacked at Kenji’s hip. Kenji paused to nip at Ian’s neck again before finally standing up and easing out of Ian, who turned around and busied himself with the washcloth and soap. He cleaned Kenji in silence, his friend watching his movements, Kenji’s hands brushing at his hair, running down his face or simply touching seemingly everywhere.

Just as he finished up and Kenji rinsed, they leaned in for one more of the soft, slow kisses that Kenji was so good at. Ian moaned into it, fingers threading into the hair again. They broke apart and Kenji rested his forehead on Ian’s. “So glad to be home,” he whispered.

Ian considered trying to make light of it, but he didn’t think Kenji would have wanted that right then. “I’m glad that you are, too,” he said, instead, tilting his head for one more taste. He considered his friend, though, as the water was shut off and they dried each other. There was something else here and Ian was a little afraid he knew what it was.

He was afraid because he didn’t know how he felt about it.