Comfort is another prequel to Turning His Life Around and happens within a year of Jealousy.

Major (capital “M”) angst and have tissues at the ready for this story.

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* * *

Finally, Ian pushed Kenji back, straddled one leg and paused to whisper, “Remember when I told you I wanted to know what it was like to taste your cock? Feel it slide between my lips?” A whimper and a nod were the only answer and Ian continued. “That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take this—” he ground his dick against Kenji’s, “—thick cock and slide it into my mouth and suck on it. You’re going to want to come so badly…” He paused to lick at the ear next to him. “But not yet. I won’t let you just yet. I want you inside me. I want to feel you fuck me.” He drew out the “f” word and was rewarded with another whimper and Kenji bucking up against him again, their arousals rubbing. They took a minute, grinding against each other, and Ian savored the feel of the slide of skin against skin.

Finally, he moved down Kenji’s body and Kane touching Ian’s ass as he did so. When he bent to taste Kenji’s cock, Kane spread his cheeks a little and… his tongue touching Ian’s ass. “Oh fuck, Kane!” He started to rock his hips against the tongue; his head dropping but Kane held him still and smacked his ass once.

“Don’t forget Kenji,” Kane said then went back to what he was doing.

Ian had to force his attention back to Kenji, but the tongue on his hole was distracting. It felt so good. Kane was running his tongue slowly in circles, teasing the muscle then pushing gently on it. Ian concentrated on taking Kenji’s cock into his mouth, licking on it like he’d said he would, then swallowing it slowly inch by inch. Kenji dropped his hands to Ian’s hair and then the tongue at his ass pushed again and he moaned around the flesh in his mouth.

“Oh fuck, Ian. Yes….” Kenji hissed, his hands tightening.

He moved slowly off Kenji’s dick, then back down again, taking his time and giving his friend just a tiny example of the torment they’d put him through earlier. His own cock was still rock hard and leaking pre-cum in a steady stream. He wanted desperately to be inside one of them, but he could be patient. He wanted to—had to—because he had no idea if they’d ever get a chance like this again.

The words he’d given Kenji came back to him and he worked at his friend’s dick, sucking slowly until he swallowed the length completely. Kenji gave a loud grunt and pulled Ian’s hair gently again. “God, Ian, yes,” Kenji’s voice floated down to him and he started moving his mouth faster, taking all of Kenji in then pulling almost all the way off and back again, full long strokes with his lips and tongue. “Oh God, please… Ian, please…” Kenji nearly begged and Ian glanced up to see the hazel eyes looking almost desperate. He sucked harder then and caught out of the corner of his eye when Kenji grabbed the pillow and nearly screamed into it. The cock in his mouth jumped and Ian pulled back, watching Kenji buck into the air for more.

He waited and when his friend calmed down, whimpers loud, he took Kenji’s dick back in, working it again with his tongue and lips to drive Kenji even crazier. “Ian… I’m… fuck Ian going to…,” he said, his hand holding at Ian’s head, trying to encourage him to go a little faster, a little deeper, a little anything to push him over the edge.

But a moment later, Kane’s tongue pushed further in than it had before and Ian moaned again around Kenji’s hard length. Kenji bucked up into his mouth and started pumping. Ian pulled off and looked over his shoulder at Kane. “Stop, dear God, that feels too good.”

Kane backed off and nipped at Ian’s ass cheeks a couple of times. Ian sat up and looked around the tent. At the same time, Kenji rolled and grabbed his backpack, opening it to retrieve a bottle. “Need this?” he asked, leaning in for another kiss and not letting Ian respond.

Ian took the bottle and opened it, but instead of covering his own cock, he coated Kenji’s instead. Kane slid against Ian’s hip, mouth back on Ian’s neck as he worked, hands stroking Ian’s erection and Ian moaned into Kenji’s mouth. He pulled back from Kenji, turned to Kane and gave him in a brief, hard kiss then shifted so that he was bent over in front of Kenji.

He pushed Kane back, looking up into the dark eyes once before swallowing his friends cock at the same time he felt Kenji pushing very slowly into him. He pulled back a moment to let out a loud “Oh fuck,” when he was finally filled. Kane let out a moan and seemingly in response, Kenji’s hands flexed on his hips.

“God, Ian, you feel good,” Kenji groaned before he slowly pulled out. When he pushed in again, he brushed against Ian’s prostate, dragging another loud groan from him, this one around Kane’s cock, causing Kane to add even louder moans to the sound in the tent.

The sounds devolved into loud wordless grunts and moans, pleas and groans as Kenji thrust into Ian and Ian sucked on Kane. Ian had to try hard to concentrate, Kenji was unerringly hitting his prostate over and over and he was nearly insane from it. He forced his attention to Kane’s cock, working to give everything he could to Kane while Kenji filled his ass over and over. When he sucked hard at Kane’s cock, Kane held Ian’s head and he started pumping up into the hot mouth surrounding him.

“Oh God… Going to… not yet…” Kane warned and Ian pulled back. He reached behind him and put a hand on Kenji’s hip and the other man pushed once more into Ian, holding there as they worked to get their breath and calm down a little. He eased back out of Ian and Ian reached again for the bottle. He coated Kenji’s cock again, and then reached down to Kane’s ass, pushing two fingers into him in cursory preparation.

With a look from Ian, Kenji lay down and Kane straddled him, easing himself down onto Kenji’s cock. “Oh fuck that’s good, God, Kane…,” Kenji moaned. Kane was too busy to form words. His eyes were closed, head thrown back as he pushed himself all the way down. He braced himself on Kenji’s thighs and started riding him.

Ian turned next and positioned himself over Kenji’s mouth. Kenji pulled him down so that he swallowed Ian’s cock and it dragged another loud curse from Ian. He started pumping into Kenji’s mouth, nearly lost to the wet heat and leaned forward capturing Kane’s lips in a hard kiss. Kenji’s fingers slid over his taint to his hole and a few seconds later the rough pad of a fingertip was brushing his prostate again, yanking a loud groan from him.

Kane had wrapped his hand around his cock, but Ian had just enough brain power to move it aside and take it in his own, wanting, needing to give pleasure too. He stroked Kane, their tongues battling, Kane riding Kenji, Kenji sucking and fingering Ian. None of them could resist that kind of sensory overload.

Ian went first, his shout of their names, liberally laced with “fucks” and “goddamns” caught by Kane’s mouth. His hand tightened on Kane’s cock and stroked a little harder and it sent Kane over the edge, pouring a matching shout into Ian’s kiss. When the warm cum splashed his hand and chest, it spawned an aftershock in his own body. A few seconds later, Kenji turned his face and bit down on Ian’s inner thigh to muffle his own sounds as his orgasm hit. He surged up into Kane lifting him nearly off of the sleeping bags.

Ian and Kane’s heads fell forward and they rested their foreheads on each other’s shoulders. Kenji had taken a hand of each of them and they stayed that way a moment. Ian was just trying to calm down, trying to remember how to simply breathe. He dropped kisses along Kane’s neck then lifted Kenji’s hand and added a few there too. Kenji squeezed his hand and brought it up to kiss Ian’s in return.

Finally, they separated themselves enough to stretch out and Ian found himself once more between the other two. Kane dug his boxers up from the bottom of the tent and they cleaned themselves up. Without a word, the sleeping bags were rearranged so that they all simply curled up together. They said nothing; nothing was needed. They settled in, Kane tight up against Ian’s back and Kenji curled into Ian’s front, their legs all tangled together. It took very little time for them all to fall asleep.