Hello folks! I haven’t forgotten about Ghalib and Adel, I just want to give them the best of my efforts. So, I’m still working through Dark Fantasy, from Beautiful boy.

Please remember, this is much harder BDSM than I usually write. This goes past SSC and into RACK territory. There’s CBT, barebacking (in a contemporary setting), and quite a bit more. If that’s not your cuppa, that’s cool. Please keep it in mind, though, as you read.

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A moment later, the thrusting slowed, they pulled me back, and I felt tugs at my cage. The plug eased loose from my dick and precum flowed copiously.

I was in trouble. There was no way I’d manage to hold back my orgasm at this point, when they released me from the cage. I was going to come without permission and I was quickly on the edge of panic.

Master must have seen it, because he murmured into my ear. “Shhh. It’s all right. When you’re ready, boy. I’m not letting you out of the cage. But if you can come still locked up in it, then do so.”

I’d never come while still in the cage before. But they weren’t taking me out, instead, someone grabbed my full, aching balls and squeezed hard as Master went back to fucking my ass. Someone pulled my hair, then twisted one of my nipple rings.

And it was over. I screamed, the gag only barely muffling it. I couldn’t have held it back to save my life. Even without my cock fully erect, still in the cage, I came. My orgasm hit brutally, yanking the cum from my balls almost painfully. It kept going, pumping stream after stream after stream through the metal of my cage, white fire searing through my veins. My ass muscles clenched over the incredible fullness and I heard twin shouts and knew I was taking the last two loads in my ass. The knowledge sent an aftershock through my system and I came again, or perhaps it was still, I didn’t know. I spurted more, my balls hurting even more as they forced the cum from me.

I must have lost consciousness. The next time I became aware of myself was when Master carried me into the bathroom. My eyes were uncovered, my cock and balls were free, the gag was gone. I blinked in the half-light and looked up at him.

He smiled at me, the one I’d come to know when I’d been floating from intense play. “Hi, baby.”

“Hi,” I whispered, returning the smile and burrowing into his arms.

“How are you feeling?”

I gave it real thought, knowing it wasn’t an idle question. I catalogued the different parts, trying to decide what was important. My ass felt like I’d been fisted. Maybe even more than that. I was stretched so wide, I couldn’t believe it.

“Stretched, but not sore, not there. My cock and balls hurt. My nipple is a little sore.” I wiggled my jaw. “And my jaw is a bit sore. I don’t know about emotion yet.”

He nodded. “All things we can take care of.” He kissed me on the forehead, then turned me around, pointing my ass at the mirror on the door.

I stared at my reflection. The slave, cum dump, and cock slut words were still there, though smudged, written around my asshole. It looked like he’d used black lipstick or something to put them on me.

On either side of those words were groups of the hash marks. “Is that…” My eyes widened.

“Loads, boy,” Master said, chuckling. “You won’t know how many cocks you took or who they belonged to, but that’s the number of loads that got dumped in your slutty ass.”

I blinked at the hash marks and my mouth dropped. Either I took a lot more cocks than I realized or they all left at least two loads in my ass and probably more. I counted… “thirty?”

Master’s smile was altogether evil. “Yes. Thirty loads, boy, not counting the two at the end. You were tied down for hours. They couldn’t get enough of your loose, sloppy boy cunt. Kept coming back for more.”

I twisted a little more and spread my ass cheeks, not surprised when it looked like I was still stretched open. Master pushed two fingers into my ass and cum spilled out, running down my legs. “You’re still so full of their spunk.” I couldn’t quite understand the tone of voice, but Master didn’t sound angry or disgusted. He fingered me more, pushing more of it out to run down me. He spread some of it over my ass, some over my balls, making an even bigger mess on me than had been there before. He gripped my cheeks and spread them. “Push it out,” he whispered, eyes glued to my asshole in the mirror. I did as he bid, working my muscles to expel more of the cum and making it drip.

* * *

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