Hello folks! I haven’t forgotten about Ghalib and Adel, I just want to give them the best of my efforts. So, I’m still working through Dark Fantasy, from Beautiful boy.

Please remember, this is much harder BDSM than I usually write. This goes past SSC and into RACK territory. There’s CBT, barebacking (in a contemporary setting), and quite a bit more. If that’s not your cuppa, that’s cool. Please keep it in mind, though, as you read.

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The cock inside me twitched and I knew I was taking my first load of the night. I wondered how many I would take before it was over, but I didn’t have much time to think. I felt the lightest of something on my ass, then he was gone. Immediately following the first cock withdrawing, my ass was filled with another. Slightly thicker than the last, he fucked me much harder than the other man did. He also hit my prostate more and my cock tried to harden again, more, pulling more on my balls, my whole packing swinging almost violently.

He grunted more than the first one, but it didn’t take him as long to come. He left, that light touch to my ass came again, and still another dick replaced the last. By this time, their way was eased quite a bit by the spunk already filling my hole. Thicker even than the last, he pushed roughly into me, not giving me a chance to get used to him. He fucked me hard, pounding into my prostate and it took everything I had to keep quiet.

He moaned loudly as he unloaded into me and stayed buried for a long time. Finally, he pulled out and for the first time that night, I felt the cum drip out of my ass and run over my balls. Before I could do anything with the knowledge, the next dick thrust into me.

I lost track. It took a few more to realize they were making tally marks on my ass. A count of how many dicks I took or how many loads. I stopped thinking, though, only felt. This one thicker, that one longer. All of them leaving their spunk behind time and again.

At some point, they took the cotton out of my ear and I heard them discussing me, voices I didn’t recognize. “Look at that ass. So fucking loose and slutty. A whore’s tighter than that.”

“It can’t even hold the spunk in anymore. Look at it, dripping all over. Such a sloppy hole.” This wasn’t entirely true. Sure, the cocks pushed it out, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t hold it in. I was guessing, though, that wasn’t the point. “So stretched out, it’s almost useless.”

“Almost, but not quite. Still feels good, though. Got another load for it?”

“Fuck yeah, I’ll go again. A hole’s a hole, even a stretched-out loose one.”

I wondered how it was that my cheeks burned hearing it and yet my cock swelled even more in the cage. My balls, so sore and heavy, ached incredibly, my own load desperate to blow. I’d never been more humiliated in my life, and could only remember once being more turned on—that first desperate, needy night with Master.

Another cock entered me, started fucking me hard. This one hit my prostate a lot. My ass, so well trained to lead me to orgasm, wanted me to come. I wanted me to come. But there was a plug in my dick, and I didn’t have permission. Objects didn’t orgasm.

I floated again, somewhere outside myself, only vaguely aware of cocks and cum and hash marks. I never stopped feeling them fuck me. Despite their words about how loose, stretched, and useless my ass was, I felt every cock thrust into me, every one of them fucking me, twitching inside me as it unloaded more and more spunk into my already over-full ass. My balls, ass, and legs were covered in their cum. Someone had come on my face. I really was a sloppy, fucked mess.

Sometime later, I vaguely became aware that the noise in the room had died down. I heard two distinct voices now, Masters Mal and Logan. A moment later, I felt hands on me, untying my arms then my legs. They rubbed my shoulders and hips as feeling spiked into them, then I was lifted, shifted until I straddled someone while on carpet—not my Master, Master Logan? That didn’t make sense, I thought Master Logan was too stuck on his boy Shane, but I reminded myself it wasn’t for me to know and pushed the thought away. I felt one more unfamiliar cock fill my hole. The blindfold and gag were still on me, so I still couldn’t see or make a noise. I could smell though and the smell of sex and sweat was thick in the air.

They eased me forward until I was leaning over the man I straddled. I braced myself on either side of the man’s shoulders as another cock prodded my ass. Master’s, I’d know it anywhere. I bit hard at the gag to hold in the moan. He pushed in and I was surprised by how easily my ass accepted his with the other dick still in there.

He started fucking me. He wasn’t gentle or careful. He fucked hard and fast, almost punishing. Then the other man thrust too, opposite Master. They pistoned into me and my dick strained hard at the stimulation. My balls ached, so full and desperate to empty.

* * *

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