Hello folks! I haven’t forgotten about Ghalib and Adel, I just want to give them the best of my efforts. So, I’m still working through Dark Fantasy, from Beautiful boy.

Please remember, this is much harder BDSM than I usually write. This goes past SSC and into RACK territory. There’s CBT, barebacking (in a contemporary setting), and quite a bit more. If that’s not your cuppa, that’s cool. Please keep it in mind, though, as you read.

Part 2

He stepped up against my back. “I love you. While you will be gagged, you will still have the ball. If you wish to stop at any time, drop it and I will.”

I nodded.

“We do this as much for you as me. In the end, you are what matters to me. I am showing you off, my most prized possession, the thing that matters most to me. Though there will be many, those who will be here tonight are closest to us, to me, and I allow them here only because I am willing to allow them to touch the most important thing in my life.”

Again, I nodded and leaned back into him. I looked up over my shoulder and met his dark eyes. It took a moment, the emotion overwhelming me but finally, I gathered the ability to speak. “I love you too. I want to do this, Master. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

He caught my lips in a long, thorough kiss, then turned me around and pushed on my shoulder. I dropped to my knees as he pulled his already-hard cock out of his jeans. “Suck me, boy.”

I scrambled to obey, nearly throwing myself onto his dick. I’d gotten good at taking him, all of him, over the years. I’d learned every spot, every lick that made him moan and thrust and I used them now. In no time, he was grunting and he pulled out, slapping my face with his cock.

My own jumped in its steel prison.

He shoved it back in, all they way into my throat with no preamble. I gagged a little, but he ignored it, pulling out and thrusting back in immediately, giving me no time to recover. He didn’t play, fucking my mouth and throat with abandon, taking his pleasure and chasing his orgasm. Just before he came, he pulled out, stroking his cock fast, his other hand fisting in my hair. “Open boy,” he growled and I did so, holding it under his hand.

“Do not swallow,” he said and came with a grunt, coating my tongue and lips with his cum. When he finished, he smeared it over my lips, pushing the last bit into my mouth. “Hold it on your tongue for now. I want nothing but my taste in your mouth.”

I nodded, unable to reply verbally. He slapped my face lightly and went over to the coffee table. I kept my gaze on the floor where he’d been but I could see he picked up a few things and brought them back, setting them on the bench behind me. He took the first thing and held it in front of me: a cock gag. I opened my mouth without being told and he pushed it between my teeth. I smeared his cum over it, settling it against my tongue. Not thick enough to cause my jaw to strain, but enough to tease me. I’d feel a cock, taste my Master, but get nothing more from it.

“No sound tonight, boy. No groans, nothing. You don’t get to protest. You’re a hole to be used, and holes don’t make noise.”

I nodded silently in reply, my dick swelling into the spikes again.

Next, he picked up a long strip of black cloth. The blindfold had pads over the eyes so I would see nothing behind it. I looked up at him, taking in his expression—full Dom, his curly black hair and beard making him look just a little evil—and with my eyes fixed to his face, he put the cloth in place. The last image behind my eyes was of him.

Blinded and gagged, he helped me stand and guided me to the bench, helping get my legs in place. He’d added more padding to the supports and I wondered at it, but guessed it was partially because I’d be on there so long. Once secured, he settled my chest against the main part, my piercings digging in just a little as he ran a strap over my back, securing me there too.

Then he folded my arms behind me and bound those in place with rope. I couldn’t move very much at all. My ass stuck out, hole exposed and my steel-encased cock and balls hung below them, heavy and uncomfortable.

Master’s touch disappeared briefly, then I felt something almost ticklish on my ass. First on the left cheek, then on the right. I couldn’t quite follow what was going on, but he made sure I knew. “Now everyone will know you’re nothing but a slave, cock slut, and cum dump,” he murmured in my ear and I realized he’d written those things on my ass.

My cock jumped again. The whole thing was turning me on so much. I’d never have thought humiliation my thing, but the lower I felt, the harder I got.

He pushed the ball into one hand and I gripped it tightly. I doubted I’d want this to stop. I’d asked for this, wanted to be humiliated, used, and I didn’t want to be the one to back out. But I’d learned the hard way over the years that it was a good thing to use my safeword when necessary, that refusing only caused problems, so I took the ball and nodded my promise when he reminded me to use it if I needed to.

* * *

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