Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the first glimpse of Kyle and Mal. Here’s part 2 of my side story from Beautiful boy.

Please remember, this is much harder BDSM than I usually write. This goes past SSC and into RACK territory. If that’s not your cuppa, that’s cool. Please keep it in mind, though, as you read.

Part 1

I was right. It took him four to arrange things the way he wanted it. By the time I was approaching the evening we were to do this, my balls were so full, I wanted to scream. I was pretty sure they really were swollen—whether that was physiologically possible or not, I didn’t care.

He’d edged me over and over again nightly, fucked me often, and had tasks for me during the day at work that kept me perpetually horny. Usually I thought about him some during the day, had tasks to do now and again at work, yes. But not nearly like this. He did everything he could think of to make sure I was miserably aroused all the time. My mind was always on sex. My cage was perpetually tight, my cock almost always trying to harden. It’d completely forgotten how to behave while locked up, had lost what it’d gotten used to when I first started wearing a cage. Now, it filled over and over, pushing its limits until I was aroused and in pain almost constantly.

The scene he’d planned was to take place on Saturday night. I was spending all of Friday evening and Saturday leading up to it in as deep a submission as I could get. I was naked, wearing a new cage—this one heavier and tighter than the regular one I use. It had a urethral plug with a ball that screwed in, keeping me from doing anything without permission. It even had a tiny lock that threaded through small holes, so I couldn’t unscrew it myself if I wanted to. I had to ask to go to the bathroom. If he let me—and sometimes he made me wait—he went with me and I had to pee in front of him. It was humiliating… and pushed me even deeper.

He used one of the heavy metal egg-shaped plugs we had, linked to and locked with the cage. Not to stretch me; he said wanted me as tight as he could get me for this experience. I was going to feel this for days. Instead, it was meant to rest on my prostate and tease me. It succeeded.

I spent the day on my knees by him, focused only on him. He touched me almost constantly, petting my hair or teasing me. I spent a good deal of time with his cock in my mouth, though he refused to fuck me that day. He even fed me my meals while I was on my knees.

At six, he took me into the bathroom, removed everything but my collar—which never came off—and put me in the shower. I was shaved from the neck down, scrubbed thoroughly, and cleaned out twice. Once dry, he made me pee—again in front of him—then took me back into the bedroom and lay me on the bed.

He put the cage back first. Only it wasn’t the same as before. This one was also stainless steel, but on the inside, it had dull spikes. It also included a urethral tube, capped at the end, and a spot for the PA piercing to stick through the end. Even if I’d been given permission, I would not be able to come. I’d get no orgasm from tonight. It was as I’d wanted: I would be used but take no pleasure.

My cock wanted to harden immediately at the thought. As soon as it tried, the spikes dug in, sending pain straight through me. I gasped and struggled to calm down.

Once the ring and cage were in place, he picked up another steel piece. It was one of our favorites: a thick, wide cuff for my balls. It had two small loops on either side Master could hang weights on and two spots to allow it to be locked in place. My stretched balls would tighten as I got fucked and they’d hurt like hell by the time we were done.

He added a series of padlocks to the entire thing. One along the top of the cage, holding the cage to the ring, two more, locking the ball cuff on, one through the PA and another through the tip, holding the cap in.

The entirety of my cock and balls was covered in steel, enough so that I wouldn’t feel a thing on them. For some reason, that excited me even more, that I would not be feeling pleasure from this; I was solely to be used.

When I was on my feet, the cage pulled hard on my genitals. The locks clicked against the metal, giving an audible addition to the feel of my contained nuts. As he led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs, walking was exceedingly difficult. I could only imagine, even tied down, how much it was going to swing, shake… stimulate me. Yet again, without giving me pleasure.

He led me back into the big, open room that was our combination living/dining room. I had no idea who did it or how, but our spanking bench had been brought down from the playroom and set in the middle of the space. Master led me to it, where I settled into my presentation position, legs braced apart, hands behind my back, eyes lowered.

I stood in front of it, ever aware of my Master moving around behind me.

* * *

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