Despite being human, is the Chad the mate Jamie is hoping for? Or did the gods give Jamie someone he couldn’t keep?

Paranormal/Shifter Romance
230 pages – 77,000 words
Cover art: Jess Small
First edition – March 7, 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
Second Edition – November 30, 2019

Second Edition contains previously published content

German Release date: October 15, 2016



Jamie Ryan was almost ready to accept he’d never find his destined mate. They’re uncommon to begin with and same-sex versions downright rare. Since his gay best friend found a destined mate, Jamie figured he was out of luck. Until end of semester stress forces him to go through the full-moon shift early. Stuck in wolf form, he runs into none other than his destined mate. Who’s human.

Chad Sutton has always had good instincts. They served him well as a detective and continued on when he went private. Those instincts tell him there’s something about the dog that comes up to him while running away from animal control that isn’t quite right. He works to put the pieces together, but is unsuccessful until his dog turns into a human before his eyes.

Jamie has no idea what the mate bite of a shifter will do to a human. He’s terrified to try—and possibly kill his mate. They hunt for answers while working together on one of Chad’s cases. It’s easy to see they belong together, but Jamie fears the gods gave him someone he can’t keep.


“Overall, this is a really fun book. I loved the characters and getting to see the characters from book one again was great. Ms. Duncan has written a great second book in her Forbes Mates series.. and I cannot wait to read book three!!

4 Wolfy Stars!!”

-Alpha Book Club





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