If you’re not familiar with the Forbes Mates guys head on over to their page here and read up on them. This little short brings back Miles and Quincy from Acceptance.


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Miles turned to Quincy, raising his eyebrows. “Oh?”

Quincy nodded, frowning at his cup. “I’m… it’s still weird from him.”

“I can imagine that.” Miles took Quincy’s free hand. “Is it bad, though? We saw him a couple of months ago, and that seemed to go well.”

“Yes, it did.” Quincy shook his head. “I still don’t understand it very well. He’s changed so much. I get what he said on the plane back from Vegas about almost losing me, but can that really be all of it? The idea that something might have happened to me?”

Miles considered his words, trying to find the right ones. “We’ve talked about, someday, having kids of our own. Cubs or pups or some combination of the two. Try to imagine for a moment a little black cub.” He smiled. “Maybe an Aubrey.” Quincy chuckled. “Then imagine having lost Aubrey, even for a little while. I’m sure you can. Isn’t there an anime or five about losing a kid?”

Quincy chuckled again, but nodded. “Yeah, probably. He told me back on that flight home that he’d been terrified. Not worried, Miles. Not even scared, but terrified. That’s… I’d never have imagined in a million years him admitting something like that. I don’t…” He shook his head again.

“You know what I think part of this is?” Miles got another cat-like head tilt, making him smile. “You’re feeling guilty.” Quincy raised an eyebrow and Miles nodded. “You were so angry with him for so long. You pulled away from him too. And all those accusations—” Miles held up a hand when Quincy opened his mouth. “—were absolutely, one hundred percent justified, but you still feel guilty having made them. He had his own share of fuck-ups for all that, but that doesn’t change you feeling guilty about them.”

Quincy blew out a breath. “When did you go to psychiatry school?”

Miles snorted. “Hardly. I know you, Quince, and as your mate and fiancé, I should.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He took a drink of his eggnog. “Okay, um, I guess I’ll call him. I don’t know how long I can put up with him.”

“Right. Well, you’re still cats. I can’t imagine you can do too much, just, um…”

Quincy turned to him again, raising his eyebrows.

“Just keep working on it with him. It sucks to not have family.”

Quincy winced. “Shit, Miles, I—”

Miles held up a hand. “Don’t. It’s okay. Just… promise me you will? Hell, make it my Christmas gift, if you want to.”

That got a laugh, which he was going for. “I have better ideas for that.” He turned serious briefly. “I will work with him. I’m sorry we’re all you have.”

Miles shook his head. “You’re all I want. Your father is a bonus. We have an extended family in Tanner, Finley, Jamie, Chad, Eric, and Ben. I miss my parents. I’m not going to lie.” He tilted his head toward the tree. “That was a huge family tradition growing up and I will probably think of them every year when we put the tree up. But in the end, what happened had to. I’d never have met you if I’d stayed in Washington. And though I will miss them, I will thank Diana every time I think about them for guiding me to you.”

Quincy leaned in then, and kissed Miles softly. “I’m glad she did too.” He sat back. “And that’s enough of that for one day. How about some anime?”

With a grin, Miles kissed Quincy’s nose, then stood. “I’ll get the popcorn. How about something Christmas-y?” He frowned. “Do they even have Christmas over there?”

“Japan actually celebrates it, though like for the shifter population, it’s not a religious holiday. There’s an entire Sailor Moon movie set in a winter theme. I’m pretty sure I’ve got it on DVD. How about that?”

Miles glanced out the window at the new inches of snow, then back. “Let me get a fire going first. That might be a bit too much cold, even for us.”

“You know…” Quincy said, standing as well. “We could skip the anime and maybe see how warm we can make the bedroom instead.”

Miles grinned, pulling Quincy in. “What anime? I don’t remember talking about any anime…”

* * *

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