Welcome back to Fangirl Friday! This week’s post should be quite a bit shorter. 🙂 I had to give my dear Pablo more time, didn’t I? This week, however, I want to talk about Nir Lavi.

I have made no secret that Choices started out in my head as an alternate universe fanfiction. That, of course, did not last long. Challenged by a friend to break away into original fiction, both Teman and Bathasar very quickly went from anime characters to their own personalities. But, like Teman, Bathasar started out with a very specific image in my head and it took me a while to break away from that.

I had a, well, a very unusual pairing within my fandom. I was heavily into the Naruto fandom at the time and had done a bit of roleplaying. Well, the character my boy ended up playing opposite was Uchiha Itachi. He is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the most tragic of the series. (Oh the hell that poor man goes through…) Definitely an odd match, but one I had fun with (outside of canon, that is. There is just NO way in canon to get those two together).

The most tragic character in all of Naruto.

The most tragic character in all of Naruto. Uchiha Itachi

But like I said with Teman, as much as I loved Itachi, Bathasar became his own person very quickly. Even so, Itachi’s face (with grey eyes instead of the Sharingan red), stayed with me for a long time. It wasn’t until someone prodded me about my dream cast for the boys in Choices that I even began to wonder who I could point to and say, “that’s him.”

tumblr_mcim6oEgXi1qg22hlo1_1280And, in fact, I didn’t find anyone I was happy with for a very long time. Until one night, I was scrolling through tumblr (shock there, I know) when this picture caught my eye:

Well, the eyes just grabbed me. Wouldn’t they grab you?


Nir Lavi 2

The second pic I found of him. Again, those eyes…

Well, the original post didn’t actually list who he was. Just had this pretty picture with those eyes and it took me a bit to finally figure out who he was.

This, of course, led to a quest for more pictures of this pretty man. I have, unfortunately, been unable to find anything of a website/public page that I can be sure is him. (I have been burned a few times over fake profiles and pages but that’s another post for a different time.) He’s Israeli, done work for Perry Ellis, among others and there are plenty of pictures to be found via Google, but unlike Pablo, I can’t find reliable credit on any of them.

After some more serious hunting, I even found one with a bit more hair…tumblr_milg9jKCTg1rrhgj5o1_4001139634747_ae0270f7f4f539d6c9aad6e99d7f5781_2001_2_26_10_2004_10_49_17

…and even a tunic-like shirt.  *pets*

Isn’t he pretty? One thing that was a real struggle, though, was finding him clean shaven, which Bathasar is. Mr. Lavi is almost impossible to see without scruff. So I gave up and, instead, I’ll just leave this sexy bit here for you to take into your weekend and enjoy.tumblr_l52lzpf5jb1qbrp18o1_500