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Part 19

Xander was trying, a little desperately, to assimilate all Peter had said. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea that Peter thought, well, all that about him. He’d never thought about himself like that and he’d sat there, the whole time Peter was speaking, with no idea how to accept the things Peter was saying.

Entirely aside from his own opinion about himself, he couldn’t remember anyone else thinking anything like this before either. He took a sip of his drink to buy himself another moment. He wanted to go further with that discussion, see if there was a way to figure out if Peter meant what he said.

But if Xander let himself really look at Peter, he could see the earnest expression. He hadn’t yet caught Peter in a lie and he somehow thought that wasn’t likely to happen. So he could actually just accept at face value that, for reasons he couldn’t comprehend, Peter liked him and didn’t think he was a waste of space.

Maybe… maybe it was time to take a chance again. They were still holding hands and he forced himself to relax the tension that was still there and instead, curl his around Peter’s. “So… we’ve already got the cheerful and optimistic, which covers annoying. Please, at least, tell me you’re not exactly a morning person.”

Peter’s smirk spread into a grin. “One of us has to be or the coffee maker’s never going to get turned on.”

Xander dropped his head back and groaned. “Oh god, he’s a morning person too! That’s it, we’re doomed, this relationship will never work.”  He grinned at Peter, who laughed.

“If it’ll help, I do have a few mornings now and again that are, uh, well, difficult.”

Xander shook his head. “Nope. Not good enough. But at least I found your fault. You’re an alien.”

Peter laughed, clutching his stomach with his free hand as he struggled to control himself. “So, not being a morning person means—”

“That you’re an alien,” Xander finished for him, nodding. “Yes. I’ve never before trusted anyone who could wake up cheerful.”

“I promise, no alien DNA in my body. Look on the bright side, if I wake up with my wits intact, I could find pleasant ways to wake you up too.”

Xander wasn’t sure what the sound was that came from his throat. But his cock jumped at the images Peter’s comment conjured. He remembered, all too vividly, the feel of Peter’s mouth on his cock. God, the sex with the man was incredible and Xander could admit he wanted a repeat. Or several. Or… dear God, was he really thinking that? Where had it come from?

He wanted Peter for, well, a really long time.

He’d never let himself truly consider that, not after the last guy who decided he wasn’t worth actually dating. But Peter was certainly talking about more than that. The things he was hinting at sounded like a lot more just a few dates.

An image popped into Xander’s head that had him nearly swaying with the power of it. It wasn’t complicated, wasn’t even sexual. It was just the two of them sitting on the porch of Peter’s house. The sun was setting, they were holding hands, and just drinking something. He knew instinctively the image wasn’t after a date, he wasn’t visiting, they weren’t just hanging out. In that vision, they were together, partners—maybe even married. Could he have that?

“Did I say something wrong?” Peter asked, bringing Xander back to the conversation.

He blinked, trying to get his brain to work again. “Uh, no, no definitely not,” Xander managed. He tried to figure out how to play this. Even if Peter wanted to date, it didn’t mean they’d last. He wanted to accept what Peter had said—what it sounded like Peter might want, but he was not going to make assumptions. And he wasn’t quite ready to face his own revelations. He went for flirting. He seemed to be able to handle that okay. “I was just remembering what that felt like.”

Peter’s lips twisted into a smirk. “What… what felt like?”

Oh no he didn’t. Not here at the table. Xander looked around but they were quite alone in the corner Peter had picked and it just occurred to Xander that he’d probably done so deliberately. He decided to play along. “Well, I’d been thinking about your mouth…” He paused and leaned in, not quite able to bring himself to say this too loud. “But I certainly enjoyed your ass just as much.”

This drew a laugh from Peter, smirk turning once more into a grin. “Glad to know I didn’t disappoint.”

“Oh hell no,” Xander assured him. “That hot body of yours?”

Peter surprised Xander by actually blushing. “Thanks,” he mumbled, taking a sip of his pop.

Xander blinked. “You do realize how hot you are, right?”

Peter looked up at him and shrugged. “I’ll take your word for it.”

Xander opened his mouth to reply when Sheryl brought their plates out. “Here we go. I’ll be right back with steak sauce. Anything else?”