… or are disappointed in NOT getting a Kindle and need some comforting?

Dreamspinner Press, as well as Harmonk Ink and DSP Publications, are having a sale right now!  Through December 28 all books in the store are 35% off!  Additionally, certain holiday themed books are $0.99.

So, being that you might want to top off that Kindle (or passive-aggressively buy ebooks and talk about how you bought them anyway and REALLY WISH YOU HAD A READER TO STORE THEM ON), this is a great time to do it.

And if you’d like some books with holiday themes, check out Forgiveness (Forbes Mates 4), Celebrating You, No Sacrifice, and one of Grace’s best sellers, Beautiful boy.

ALSO, while you’re there, go take a look at fellow authors like Jamie Fessenden, Amy Lane, Elizabeth Noble, Lou Sylvre…  Yeah, so, my list is pretty ridiculous and long (that’s what she said), but they’re really good!