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Morning, everyone! I hope you’re having a great day. Thank you, Grace, for letting me visit today to talk about my States of Love novella, Dating in Retrospect, set in Iowa. For starters, Arron’s and Clay’s story is one of second chances. They were a couple during college, but their long-distance relationship died slowly after graduation.

One of the reasons Aaron didn’t move with Clay to Los Angeles was his father’s poor health. Before their plans for a future together were set, Drew had a stroke. Aaron then became the Grant Lanes—their family farm—full-time manager. He had hoped to join Clay later, but in the end, he stayed behind.

Other than Clay & Aaron, Drew is one of my favorite characters. He’s a widower with a great sense of humor and an open-mind. He didn’t blink an eye when Aaron introduced Clay as his boyfriend. He simply treated him like another son. Since his wife death, Drew and Aaron grew closer and Aaron felt comfortable enough to confide on his father.

He’s a country guy through and through and still wants to have many grandkids. Something he let his son and anyone around know. Also, Drew is compassionate and would do anything for his son even if it means kicking Aaron into the right path. Just to give you an idea, here are some snippets including Drew.


 “Is hell freezing or something?” Drew asked as Clay approached him.

Two girls who had been talking close by turned. He felt them looking him over. He straightened his shoulders and added some swagger to his walk. Why not show off a little. Drew smirked at him and stood when Clay got to him.

“I see you’re still playing the field, son.”

The smile on Drew’s face was as bright as Aaron’s. Clay didn’t shake the offered hand. He simply moved forward and hugged the older man. Kind of hard to believe Drew was still there after the two strokes he’d suffered when they were in college. Clay could feel the man wasn’t as strong as he had been once, but the determination in his eyes was present.

“Nope, you know I only have eyes for your son.”

He heard the girls giggle and the hushed conversation that followed, but he didn’t care either way. Hopefully, Aaron didn’t mind his students knowing about his private life. Well, if they were on his land, it should be all right.

“Are you making an honest man out of him this time around?”


“I know, but I can’t lose him again—”

“Then where is he? Not here, I suppose?”

“Damn, Dad. I love the dumbass no matter what. I don’t care if he dies on me tomorrow. I’m glad I get to have him back one more time—”

“Then stop being the dumbass! Take your head out of your ass and beg him for forgiveness. It’s him you need to be talking to, not me. And stop moping. I didn’t raise a coward. Call him. Heck, jump on a plane tomorrow and get him back.

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Giving the commencement speech at his alma mater doesn’t fit Clay Keller’s meticulous schedule. As Chief Executive Officer of Travel Mogul—the largest travel connoisseur company on the West Coast—he has no time to get back in touch with his country roots. He left fifteen years ago without a second look, but a medical scare makes him change his mind about the speech and brings him face-to-face with his only regret.

Time always moves slower in Southeastern Iowa, and Aaron Grant loves it. He’s added solar farms to the Grant Lanes portfolio and has been teaching at the local university for a decade. The last thing he needs is to have his tenure application compromised by the return of his ex-boyfriend. If he had known who the commencement speaker would be, he would never have volunteered to be the administration liaison.

A proposal—to date for a year—will help them discover that time changes a person, even when everything else stays the same.

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Lila Leigh Hunter is the pen name of a Puerto Rican author with a hyphenated surname. Born and raised on the island, Lila grew up making up stories her siblings pretended to like. But no matter what they say, as the youngest of six, she’s still their mom’s favorite. According to the dusty diplomas on her wall, she’s an architectural designer living in Southern Texas with her husband and four military brats.

She spends most of her free time writing homoerotic romances about middle-aged men finding happiness and the rest hiding from pesky house chores. When outside of her cave, she likes to observe people and try to guess their stories. Sometimes she wishes the voices in her head were real; going out with the boys in her books sounds like a plan made in heaven.

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