What is freedom to you? How would you define it?

I am so excited to announce I am finally rereleasing Choices! I’ve struggled hard with anything creative, over the last two years. But we’ve finally recovered it, and now it’s out again! I really wanted to do a second edition, but I just couldn’t manage it yet. Eventually, I do want to do one, so please know this is my original version, with only minor tweaks.

So now you can either rediscover Choices or finally read it for the first time. I really hope you enjoy Teman and Bathasar’s journey!

You can purchase Choices here.  It is also on Kindle Unlimited.

Lastly, we have a giveaway going! Go here . Make sure to visit Facebook groups helping with the release blitz. You may enter once for each group you visit.  Good luck!

About Choices:

As a hayim—a wanderer—Teman values freedom over everything. He and his best friend, Jasim, are thieves for hire—until they’re caught. Given the choice between an inescapable lifetime dungeon sentence or palace pleasure slavery, they become slaves, but Teman vows to escape someday.

Crown Amir Bathasar doesn’t want the throne. When Teman saves his life, Bathasar requests the intriguing slave—a first, given his disdain for slavery. He quickly falls for Teman who returns the feelings, but their fledgling relationship is strained when Bathasar’s sadistic father Mukesh demands Teman. Bathasar cannot refuse and must sit and watch as Mukesh brutalizes Teman before the court. When the empress of a neighboring nation is outraged at Teman’s treatment, Mukesh gifts her Jasim and Teman’s hopes of escaping with his best friend vanish. With Jasim gone, Teman chooses to stay with Bathasar, despite the abuse he may suffer.

When they discover Mukesh’s plans to invade Jasim’s new country, it’s up to Bathasar to find a way to stop the destruction. If he succeeds—and ascends to the throne—he’ll have the power to let Teman go. And Teman will accept—his free spirit demands it. But perhaps love is a little stronger and Teman will find the wisdom to make the right choice.

 Historical BDSM

380 pages – 167,000 words

Cover Artist: Grace Duncan

Editor: Tricia Kristufek