They say if you make one thousand origami cranes, your wish will come true…

The feelings Kei has for Trevor are more than a little complicated. He’s been in love with Trevor ever since they were teenagers. But fear has kept Kei silent. And before Kei knows it, their lives divert into entirely different directions.

Years later, Kei is the CEO of one of the world’s most famous clothing line for men. Wanting to evolve his business, he decides to branch out. When that brings Trevor back into his life, Kei knows he’s in trouble. Trevor has spent the last few years jetting around the globe building his brand. He is finally a sought-after photographer, and life is good. Then his brother asks him for a favor and Trevor finds himself in Japan. The last thing he expects is love.

But is it true love? And can he and Kei get out of their own way long enough to save it?


How about that cover, huh?! Even better, here’s an excerpt 😉


It was a chilly, misty morning when I climbed from the backseat of the chauffeured car at Kei’s place. The home was just outside Tokyo and seemed far removed from the chaos around it. Outside the gates was loud, traffic—madness. Inside, was a sea of calm with only memories of the outside world. I wasn’t sure how that was possible, but I wouldn’t question it. I held on to that peach as I clutch my camera and the important pieces in a bag at my side.

Even as I forced my feet to move, I didn’t think of Kei. That would be the first time since I’d had dinner with him. There was something familiar in the way his gaze drifted over my skin. I couldn’t place it. I think I would have remembered if we’d met before. I slept with his face imprinted into my subconscious and when I dreamt, he was there.

The first few dreams were strange. Kei stood in the distance, holding something in his right hand. He never once came to me, but his eyes haunted my soul.



I hurried to catch up to the driver.

I was told ahead of time Kei wouldn’t be there and I was welcomed to make myself at home. I glanced toward the black gates that closed behind the car as we entered, and my heart did a strange little flip.

I followed the driver along a flower lined path toward the back of the main house. Off to the right, across a coy pond with a red bridge, a beautiful black pagoda and a torii, we arrived where I would be staying. It wasn’t as grand as the main house but no less gorgeous.

Actually, I prefer the coziness of it. The structure itself reminded me of my grandmother’s cabin. My parents had sold it the moment she passed away—I was still not impressed with that decision.

I paused, taking in the greenery around us, the music of the wind through the trees and the fragrant perfume on the wind. I wanted to stay there, head lifted, heart open and ready. But the driver didn’t have all day and I didn’t want to make a bad impression.

Without waiting further, I jogged to catch up with the driver who had been explaining the ropes. Though I missed some of what he’d said, I accepted the keys, thanked him and entered the house.

He left me alone and I closed the door and roamed the home. My only issue was the bed was low. I wasn’t sure how well that would do for my body. I took a chance and tested it out. An involuntary moan escaped my throat and I laughed softly.

Ugh, now I don’t wanna get up.

I climbed off the bed, leaving my camera sitting in the center of it. The windows were large with beautiful white curtains hanging from them.

When I shoved them aside, no sunlight greeted me.

Instead, the sky wept.

I sighed and hurried over to where they’d placed my bags. I began going through, unpacking. I hadn’t brought tons. I supposed if I needed anything other than what I’d packed, I could always head into the city and pick up a few things. For the most part, I had what I need.

The day for me was spent indoors. I paced like a caged cat, called my brother—who didn’t pick up—and went through some pictures I had taken around the city back home. They weren’t for sale or for a particular project—I had wandered around, taking snaps of things that moved me.

A soft knock echoed through the house and I arched a brow before jogging to the door. Kei smiled and gave me a slight bow when I opened up.

“I figured you must be crazy being cooped up inside.” He told me.

“Yes. I usually go for walks in the rain when its warm, but I didn’t want to push my luck.” I stepped aside so he could enter. He closed the umbrella and set it in the holder behind the door. Next were his shoes. I accepted the bag he offered and carried it into the kitchen. I looked in, taking out one container after another. The food smelled delicious and I couldn’t stop my mouth from watering.

“I never liked the rain.” Kei confided as he entered the room.

“No?” I pulled plates from the cupboard and set them beside our food. “How comes?”

“I don’t know.” He dished up the food and slid a plate in front of me. “Ever since I was a teenager. There has always been something about it…what does it feel like to walk in it?”
“When it’s warm.” I reached for chopsticks. “Almost like a lover’s touch.”

Kei nodded and shoved a dumpling into his mouth. He remained silent and as he ate, I watched him. Kei Eiko was handsome—sexy even.


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