Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 7

And now, Ghalib starts to think maybe he can handle this, after all…

“Now,” Nadir said, picking up a basket on the neighboring lounger and handing it to Teman. He pulled a piece of gold out and held it up. “Your collar. You will wear this at all times except during baths, which you will have often.” He placed the collar around Ghalib’s neck and Ghalib’s heart quickened when it was snapped closed. “Are you okay?” Nadir asked.

Ghalib nodded. “Yes, I… it’s… just… different.”

Teman smiled. “It is, at that. Is it uncomfortable?”

Ghalib considered the question then shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Nadir grinned then lifted a small gold lock and showed it to Ghalib. “This is as much symbolic as anything. If you need that off, we will take it off—that goes even for the other slaves,” he added when Ghalib opened his mouth. “We have seen a few truly react poorly to them. If you do, there are alternatives. Worry not, you will still wear a symbol of some kind of the slavery.”

Ghalib nodded.

“Good.” Nadir fitted the lock in place and clicked it shut. Ghalib pondered the feel, the slight weight and decided he liked it.

Teman held out two smaller pieces that were a similar shape to the collar. When Nadir put the first one around Ghalib’s wrist, he noticed it had soft edges and a velvet lining. “These do not lock. They are for both decoration and utility. If a master chooses to tie you down, they often use these to do so. They are much better for your skin than rope or plain leather is.”

“They didn’t use to be lined. Bathasar noticed at dinner one night that Bahi had sores on his wrists. When he asked Salehi about it, Salehi had told him it was a common occurrence when the masters tied the slaves tightly. Needless to say, Bathasar was not happy.”

Ghalib nodded. “I… can believe that of him.”

“The last piece you must wear will be the most difficult. Stand up, please.”

Ghalib had been expecting this. He couldn’t seem to look away as Nadir wrapped the thick hinged silver ring around his sac. It closed around both sac and cock, coming together on top of his cock at the base, forming a much smaller ring. Next Nadir lifted the cage—shaped like a flaccid penis, it was made of many thick, vertical bars that reached from the base and curved to a rounded point. Nadir spread thick oil on the inside then slid it over Ghalib’s cock. He threaded a lock through the smaller ring the cage slid over and clicked it closed.

Ghalib stared at it for a long moment. It felt heavy, pulling on his cock and balls and making him much more aware of them than he’d ever been before.

“Yes, it will be uncomfortable for a while. Eventually, you will get to where you don’t necessarily notice it. It takes about two weeks for your body to become accustomed to it. You will wake at night for a while as your body tries to force an erection. It will be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. When your cock tries to fill, it will pull on the cage, thereby pulling on your balls.”

Ghalib looked up, eyes wide. He hadn’t considered that aspect of it. He’d known about the cages; he’d certainly removed them from Teman many times. “Two… weeks?”

Nadir nodded. “Yes. But like I said, it should not hurt. If it does, you must tell us, because it means we have probably put the wrong size cage on you. This might seem… opposite, but if the cage is too big, it gives your cock too much room. If it’s small enough, your body will learn its limits sooner.”

Ghalib nodded slowly. “That… actually makes a sort of sense.”

“Here, look at yourself,” Teman said in his ear, taking his hand. Teman tugged and Ghalib followed him to a mirror between two of the cabinets Ghalib hadn’t seen earlier. “You are beautiful,” Teman whispered.

Ghalib stared at himself. The gold of his collar and cuffs warmed his skin. His long black hair shone in the candlelight. He thought, somewhere in there, he might even see a hint of the grace he’d always admired in the other pleasure slaves. That’s when it hit.

He was now one of them.

And he knew, in that moment, he’d made the right decision.

* * *

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