Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 6

Where Ghalib starts to feel a little in over his head…

Ghalib did, a little nervously. He felt hands on his ass then, parting the cheeks and the cloth running along his crack. Right after that, slicked fingers prodded his anus, one pushing through the ring of muscle. Despite himself, Ghalib moaned, surprised at how good that felt. Odd, different, but good.

“Yes, I know,” Nadir murmured. “You’ll feel even better things as time goes on. Like before, simply learn to accept it. Allow it in, feel it, embrace it and it will go even better for you.”

Ghalib didn’t understand everything Nadir said, but he simply let the words absorb and made a conscious effort to not fight it. That first finger pushed into him farther, twisted then pulled out again. Nadir repeated this a couple more times and before it disappeared completely, Ghalib’s cock had hardened completely and he was having trouble breathing.

“Well done, Ghalib.” Nadir praised him and Ghalib struggled to catch his breath. “That part is done. You did wonderfully. Turn around.”

Ghalib’s face heated. He couldn’t look at either of them as he did. The water in the tub only came to the lower part of his hips so when he turned, his cock stood out from him, tip above the water, obviously full and red.

“Oooo,” Teman whispered and despite himself, Ghalib looked up. He was looking right at Ghalib’s cock and Ghalib’s face burned hotter. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, Ghalib,” Teman hurried to assure him. “It’s beautiful. You’ll make your masters very happy.”

“Quite,” Nadir agreed, smiling. “Sit on the side, please.”

The heat faded just a little but he still couldn’t look at the others as he settled onto the edge of the tub. He kept his eyes focused on Nadir’s hands as the washcloth was lathered once again. He gripped the tile hard when Nadir ran the washcloth over his swollen length. It felt way too good and he was afraid he’d embarrass himself even further.

“It’s thick, too,” Nadir commented, making Ghalib blush even brighter. “You must learn to accept these kind of things, Ghalib. A master isn’t going to worry about embarrassing you when they appraise you. They will be looking at your cock, feel your ass, weigh your balls and not even think about how you will react.”

Ghalib looked up at Nadir, who nodded.

“Yes. They will be very matter-of-fact about it. Most of your life is sensual. Most of it is about pleasure. His Highness has tried to promote that ideal—that the slaves are for pleasure, individuals that are to be enjoyed, not treated like a camel at market. But he cannot force the nobility to behave in a particular way, except, of course, if they actually mistreat you.”

Ghalib looked down, watching as Nadir cleaned him with quick, efficient movements. “Most of the time, when you are bathed, it is more like that. The other slaves understand very well how aroused you will be when uncaged and being touched. They do not like to make you miserable. Not that I do. I am trying to teach you the sensual side of our world.”

Ghalib swallowed and nodded. “I believe I understand. We… should be sensual. We should be about pleasure, though not everyone will treat us that way or… behave that way.”

Nadir smiled brightly. “Exactly. He is intelligent.”

Teman grinned. “I told you. Are you ready?”

Nadir nodded. “Yes. Let me lather the soap again.”

When Ghalib realized what Teman was holding, his eyes went wide and he gulped. Teman smiled and laid his free hand on Ghalib’s arm. “Relax. They won’t hurt you. I… panicked quite a bit the first time it was done to me. But Cyrus and Nadir are good at what they do. If you relax, take a few deep breaths and, if you need to, close your eyes. It’ll be over soon.”

Ghalib considered closing his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to take them off the small blade Teman handed to Nadir. So instead, he followed it as it dipped down, scraped lightly along his skin above his cock then Nadir flicked it aside, rinsing it quickly before running it, again, over Ghalib’s skin. As Nadir worked, Ghalib relaxed bit by tiny bit as the hair around his cock and over his balls disappeared. A very short time later, he was completely clean shaven from the bottom of his treasure trail to his taint. He stared at himself, then looked up at Nadir. “Wow.”

Nadir laughed. “Teman said the same thing the first time Cyrus shaved him.”

Teman grinned. “I did, indeed. And it didn’t hurt, did it?”

Ghalib shook his head. “No.”

“Let’s get you dried off. We are almost done.”

Ghalib stepped out of the tub and waited patiently while they ran the towel over him with more of those quick, efficient movements. Then he sat on one of the loungers as they made short work of drying his hair and brushing it out. He’d spent so much time with it tied back, he didn’t realize it had grown past his shoulders, but he felt it lie just above the shoulder blades when Nadir finished with it.

* * *

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