It’s been a while and for that, I am sorry! Last one was way back in April (and was more of a side note to Other World Wednesday).

ANYway. My life has been a wee bit… crazy… since I finished the spring semester. Korean kinda kicked my arse. I managed a good grade in the class, but I don’t think I learned nearly enough from it. Not enough to start the second class. Yikes! So, I’ve been studying over the summer and hopefully by fall, I’ll have a better handle on it.

After the semester ended, I managed to get super-sick. I had a nasty upper respiratory infection that turned into full-blown bronchitis. If that wasn’t enough, I managed to drop a heavy plastic crate full of old toys on my head and give myself a concussion! Needless to say, I was out of commission from that, and all told, that was most of a month.

Hyungwon Sick
(Art by Patrick Bone)

On the heels of being sick, I drove to Pittsburgh! My middle kid graduated from high school (where did the time go?!) and my youngest doesn’t remember a thing about the city, so we did a few tourist-y things while there too! We ate French fries at the “O”, an institution of Oakland, the college district (incidentally, where wolf-form-Jamie meets Chad in Patience), then on to the nationality rooms.

Patrick at “The O” (The Original Hot Dog Shoppe)

Grace and Tricia Kristufek (Editor and all-around amazing person)

The Korean Nationality Room (Cathedral of Learning at Pitt)

We had a blast and I sincerely miss Pittsburgh. The view is breathtaking and I hope someday in the not-too-distant future to be living there again. On the way home, we stopped Nashville to visit the Parthenon then Memphis to walk the Mississippi on Mud Island.  Full album here.

Athena at the Parthenon in Nashville, TN

Grace pointing at Memphis before becoming Godzilla

Once we got home (with kid #2 in tow) we added a new member of the family. Meet Ezio (he loves to climb and is something of a lover. 😉 ), a.k.a. L’il Monsta (named after the kpop band I’ve recently gone a little nuts over) who decided he is King of the Socks and owns all in his domain (including, of course, his humans)!

Ezio L’il Monsta, King of the Socks

I’ve been focused since then on studying and spending time with #2 before he goes back to Pittsburgh for college. That said, I still want to finish Because I Want To, my friends-to-lovers Omegaverse story, if you guys still want it (DO you still want it?). I’m hoping to get it done before the end of the summer for an early-fall release.

Here’s to hoping! Hope you guys are all well and not melting in the summer heat!


  1. Diane Fair Diane Fair
    June 27, 2019    

    College is a wonderful experience. May #2 enjoy it!

    I’m trying to locate a copy of Dreamspinner Press Year Nine Greatest Hits. Do you know where I can find a copy? Either paperback or kindle (mobi) would be wonderful.

    • Grace Duncan Grace Duncan
      June 27, 2019    

      Unfortunately, the Year Nine Greatest Hits is out of print. 🙁 You can still get the initial titles, but not the combined volume. I’m so sorry!

  2. Jennifer Bowen Jennifer Bowen
    June 29, 2019    

    I would love to read Because I Want To (although truthfully, I just love reading everything you write!), so I hope that life calms down a bit for you soon (at the very least no more injuries). I hope the rest of your summer is outstanding!

    • Grace Duncan Grace Duncan
      June 29, 2019    

      Awww, thank you for saying so! <3 I would be happy to have no more injuries. LOL! Let's hope for that, definitely!

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