Welcome to yet another attempt at adding more content for folks to read! I’ve stolen this idea from Julie Hays and the Tease Me Thursday group, but as my guest authors are here on Thursday for the forseeable future, I’ve moved my tease posts to Tuesday. These posts will be about 1k word teases of current or upcoming releases. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the peeks into my stories!


For my first tease, I’d like to give you a TINY glimpse into my upcoming novel No Sacrifice. I am… so proud of this story that I am quite terrified. LOL I hope that it does half as well as everyone says it will. Patrick and Chance stole my heart and ran away with me and I lived with these two men for over six months as I wrote out their story. As with most authors, there are bits of me in both of them an I so hope they are as well-received as I’m told they will be. I guess we’ll see.

* * *

Instead, he lifted his hand and threaded his fingers through Rhys’s dark locks. He took the other from its scripted spot on Rhys’s arm and slid it up to the back of Rhys’s neck. Then he returned the nips and nibbles and did his best to deepen the kiss while still keeping his tongue to himself.

Rhys responded by sliding one hand down Patrick’s back and pulling him in tighter. That hand landed on Patrick’s ass, the other resting on his lower back and holding him in place. A quiet moan escaped Patrick’s throat, and as soon as it did, he was sure he’d hear the call. Again though, it didn’t come, so he kept it going.

And as it did, the strangest thing started happening. The hands on him, the kiss from Rhys as it deepened, started to feel… really good. The sensations went through him, and he found himself reacting to it, his cock starting to harden. He didn’t understand it, but he was too focused on Cyrus and the things they were doing to be able to figure anything out.

Finally, he heard the call, and they broke the kiss. Patrick noticed Rhys seemed to be having as much trouble controlling breathing as he was, though he didn’t feel anything against him. At least, nothing like his hard cock against Rhys. Rhys and Patrick stared at each other, and Patrick was sure his face was turning red. He didn’t understand it, couldn’t figure out why he’d react to Rhys, even if Patrick was as thoroughly in the role as he was.

“Finally!” Jack grumbled, drawing Patrick’s attention. “I think we can wrap that for today.”

“You… okay?” Rhys asked Patrick, who nodded. “Should I be… flattered?”

Patrick laughed, breaking the tension. “Uh… sure,” he said, chuckling. “I guess. That’s… never happened before. Um….” He paused, glancing around. Most of the crew were busy taking care of what they needed to, but he desperately needed to adjust himself before he walked to his dressing room. When Rhys dropped his hands but didn’t step away, Patrick did his best to adjust himself surreptitiously and finally move back. “Uh… sorry?” he asked, then shook his head.

Rhys laughed. “I’ll just take it as a compliment. Next time, though, maybe don’t think of your wife while we’re working on a kissing scene.”

Patrick forced a laugh, though why that thought bothered him, he couldn’t pinpoint. “Yeah, right. ’K… guess I’ll see you tomorrow….”

“Yup. Later.” Rhys threw up a casual wave before heading to his dressing room.

Patrick followed, going to his own, though his mind was so preoccupied he almost went into the wrong one. When he was settled into his chair so Chrissy could help him remove the scar makeup, he let his mind wander back to the scene. He’d never done that—never—even when he’d been kissing the female actor he had been with for his one romantic role onstage.

He knew it was possible for actors to react. He often thought the assurances that it didn’t happen ever had to be bullshit. There were too many Hollywood romances that grew between costars for that to be the case. And he’d heard the old oft-misquoted line he thought went something like, “Darling, one of two things is about to happen. For either, I apologize,” which told him it was, in fact, quite possible for a man to react during a scene.

He might have even expected it someday when playing a romantic role with a woman. But he’d never in a million years expected it to happen when he was playing a gay man. And he had no idea what to do with it.

* * *

Look for No Sacrifice in June from Dreamspinner Press.