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Other World Wednesday: Closer Than Ev...

Other World Wednesday: Closer Than Ever, part 3

  Welcome back to Other World Wednesday! For background and an introduction to the story, go here.   Disclaimers: Please remember the characters and world within this story belong Abe-sensei for the manga and Ishihira-sensei for the anime. I do not own anything, nor do I wish to make money off this. This story is […]

Other World Wednesday – Closer ...

Other World Wednesday – Closer Than Ever, Part 1

  Welcome to the first-ever Other World Wednesday. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post about how this came about, you can check it out here. The story I want to start with is Closer Than Ever, spawned from the Super Lovers anime/manga. If you’re not familiar with Super Lovers, you can check out the wiki […]

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