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Blog Stop: J.R. Loveless Author Spotl...

Blog Stop: J.R. Loveless Author Spotlight – Grace R. Duncan and a Cut Scene from Choices

I am over at J.R. Loveless’s blog today to give you a deleted scene from Choices and offer up another chance to win swag!  Be warned, it is NSFW!  No pictures, but the text is… quite hot. Also, come back tomorrow to see my dream cast on Zahra Owens’s blog! And Wednesday and Thursday for brand new side stories from […]

The Food of Choices at Cate Ashwood&#...

The Food of Choices at Cate Ashwood’s Blog!

Today, the lovely and sweet Cate Ashwood is hosting me as I talk about the food and culture of the world of Choices.  There are lots of pictures, some great recipes and a chance to win swag!  Do head over and leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also be sure to […]

Dean Ocean is hosting me with a world...

Dean Ocean is hosting me with a worldbuilding excerpt!

Head on over to his blog here and check it out. 😀 Also, don’t forget that you can read about the gypsies, an interview with Bathasar or even an interview with both Bathsar and Teman.  And if you like the excerpts about worldbuilding, you might want to read about the geography & climate or the […]

Andrew Q. Gordon is hosting me about ...

Andrew Q. Gordon is hosting me about my gypsies!

Today, I am over at Andrew Q. Gordon’s blog talking about Teman’s background and the gyspy peoples I used in my world.  Please give it a go look see! I’d also like to say that yesterday’s facebook chat was a resounding success! I had so much fun, posted two lovely excerpts, had a scavenger hunt […]

Great stuff going on today!

Great stuff going on today!

First off, I am over at Lou Sylvre’s blog today doing another post on worldbuilding  discussing the history and political systems I used and how I decided on them. It’s not as dry as it sounds, really. XD Secondly, today there is a LIVE CHAT on Dreamspinner’s facebook page!  I have a scavenger hunt planned, […]

Research, details and things left out...

Research, details and things left out…

I have the pleasure of taking over Sarah Madison’s blog today to discuss research and the sometimes crazy, very useful and often ignored results of the things we look up while writing. Be sure to leave a comment to win a swag bag and don’t forget to reblog/like/retweet/etc. on my giveaway post!  

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