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Important Publishing News

Important Publishing News

This has been a very difficult post to write and I have to admit that I’ve been putting it off. Not just the writing of the post, but the thing itself (which I’ll get to in a short minute) took me a long time to actually do. *takes a deep breath* I’ve pulled the rights […]

It’s Grace’s Sixth Publis...

It’s Grace’s Sixth Publishing Anniversary!!

Six years ago today, my first book was published. Choices started me on a wonderful path and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with my readers. Dreamspinner Press is celebrating with me today with a sale! No Sacrifice is only $1.99 today! How cool is that? There are a lot of people […]

Grace’s Five Year Publishing An...

Grace’s Five Year Publishing Anniversary!

  It’s been five years (and four days 😛 ) since Choices was published with Dreamspinner Press! To celebrate, tell us about your favorite character, quote, or scene from my books!  Leave a comment below with your answer and enter to win a paperback of your choice! We also have a Rafflecopter giveaway to help celebrate, […]

4th Publishing Anniversary Scavenger ...

4th Publishing Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

  Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce a fun celebration of my 4th Publishing Anniversary! I’ve got a fun scavenger hunt to help celebrate with some wonderful prizes. I’m excited that you’re joining me for it! Aside from the typical entry options in the Rafflecopter, I have added a series of questions. ALL the […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 29:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 29: Training Begins, Part 4

In which Ghalib finally starts to get a real clue what he’s in for. Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 28   He tried not to let himself be embarrassed. He reminded himself this was what he should want, the pleasure, the arousal was a good thing. He swallowed around his dry throat and took […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 28:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 28: Training Begins, Part 3

Another installment of Free Fiction Friday!  In which Ghalib is trying to get a handle on everything, but… yeah, not so easy. It’s okay, dear, you’ll get it… sooner than you might want. Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 27   “Now, then,” Cyrus said, sitting forward. “You will want to work on sitting in that […]

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 27:...

Free Fiction Friday: Growth, Part 27: Training Begins, Part 2

Welcome back to Free Fiction Friday!  In which poor Ghalib gets confused all over again. (Poor Ghalib… nah!) Growth, part 1 ~ Growth, part 26 Ghalib found himself relaxing quite a bit. Cyrus and Nadir kept the light banter going between themselves, letting Ghalib simply listen. It helped him not feel so self-conscious and unsure. He […]

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 5: My submission ...

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 5: My submission & Sexy Snippet Sunday

Welcome back to the last day of the hop! I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves with all the amazing posts! I have truly been thrilled with all the participation and hope I can convince folks to do this on an annual (at least) basis. There is so much misinformation out there, so much that just doesn’t begin to […]

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 4: Tease Me Tuesd...

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 4: Tease Me Tuesday

Today, for Tease Me Tuesday, I’d like to introduce a relatively mild activity from the BDSM spectrum. One of my favorite parts of serving my Sir is to have my pleasure–and, subsequently, orgasms–controlled. Sometimes, that is simply during sex or a scene, where I am held back from finishing. Other times it involves being denied me for much […]

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 1: Guest post by ...

BDSM Blog Hop, Part 1: Guest post by SirRubi

  To open my week on the BDSM Blog Hop, I’d like to offer up a guest post from my very own Sir. He’s agreed to answer some questions for us (and, though I know some of these answers, He still managed to surprise me!) and share His perspective of Domming and a few bits […]

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