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Guest Post! Blue Christmas by J.R. L...

Guest Post!  Blue Christmas by J.R. Loveless

  Christmas used to be a time of joy for me, but since my mother’s death three years ago the holiday has lost all meaning, becoming nothing but a harsh reminder of what I’ve lost. I’ve become bitter and skeptical of everyone around me, and the cold aloofness has kept me from being hurt that […]

When Life Gets in the Way of Writing ...

When Life Gets in the Way of Writing – Jessica Skye Davies

Just the other day, Facebook was good enough to remind me (through the “You have memories on this day!” feature) that I started writing Town Man, Country Man in June 2013. I wrote it fairly quickly until it came to a rather hard stop a few months later in October. That was around the time […]

Please Welcome Skylar Cates!

Please Welcome Skylar Cates!

I have the wonderful pleasure of welcoming Skylar Cates to my blog today.  She’s talking about waking up and how the things that happen in our lives can spur us into action. * * *  WAKING UP When I was in college, I took a class about Sleeping Beauty and literature. The professor insisted that […]

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