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Fangirl Friday! Pablo Morais

So, last week, I wanted to start with the character who started my writing life. Teman was so important to me and had SO MUCH of me in him, that I had to give him the first spot. But someone else has been very amazingly instrumental in my character building and inspiration. Not only has […]

Music Monday

Music Monday

I would like to blame this particular post on my beta Sara. She’s the one that suggested Music Monday, so today is both blamed and dedicated to her. 😉 It’s no secret by now that I love music. My upcoming novel, No Sacrifice is full of it and a lot of the story is about […]

Fangirl Friday! Orlando Bloom

Fangirl Friday! Orlando Bloom

Good morning! So, I’ve been trying to find more ways to entertain my lovely readers (all… two of you. 😉 ) and thought I might add in a Fangirl Friday. As most of you know, I like to have visual inspiration for my characters. I’ve had quite  few over the years now and I thought it […]

A Hat Party and a Giveaway to celebra...

A Hat Party and a Giveaway to celebrate my anniversary

So, today starts my publishing anniversary! I am taking a whole month to celebrate! I am kicking it off with a Hat Party! I’m over at Raine O’Tierney’s Hat Party spot talking about writing and all sorts of lovely things! Tomorrow, I’m hanging out at the Prism Book Alliance with an interview and next week, I’ll be […]

Visiting Charley Descoteaux’s t...

Visiting Charley Descoteaux’s today!

I’m over doing a guest post on Charley Descoteaux’s blog today, talking about the differences Domination and sadism, and between hurt and harm and how Bathasar from my Golden Collar series learns this. Please stop by!

Wednesday Briefs #6: Salehi

Wednesday Briefs #6: Salehi

Today’s brief features a new character, Salehi. Also from my Golden Collar series, he is the slave master and trainer for much of the series. This little bit poked me and I thought I’d share it for this week’s brief. ~*~*~ Salehi brushed his fingers over the railing as he took the stairs to the […]

Wednesday Briefs #3: Growth, Part 3 &...

Wednesday Briefs #3: Growth, Part 3 – Chapter 2: Defining Freedom

 Defining Freedom, cont’d Here is the conclusion of Ghalib’s discussion with Kaya and the rest of his inner turmoil. Poor Ghalib. If you missed part one, go read it here first. “What were you asking about?” He frowned and came back to stand near her. He tried to find the best way to present it, […]

World AIDS Day, a New Release, &...

World AIDS Day, a New Release, & amazing review

Two in a week! It must be something special! Well, it is, in a number of ways. #1, today is World AIDS day and, shame on me, I’ve been hiding in my writing cave for so long, I’d forgotten that it was coming up. Especially bad on me as I write gay fiction. Though, I […]

Wednesday Brief #2: Growth, Part 2 &#...

Wednesday Brief #2: Growth, Part 2 – Chapter 2: Defining Freedom

 Defining Freedom (Ghalib) Today, I’d like to give you another standalone glimpse into Ghalib. This one happens during Deception, roughly mid-book. (It actually happens *during* chapter 17 of Deception. If you’ve read the book, you should recognize where. 🙂 ) This portion was originally posted on the Harmony Ink blog for their Day of Silence event, aim at […]

Wednesday Brief #1: Growth, Part 1 &#...

  Introducing Ghalib So, thanks to the very sweet Andrew Q. Gordon and lovely Tali Spencer, I’ve been encouraged to get into the Wednesday Briefs.  Thank you guys! I also thought, as well, that since I am horrible at blogging, this might help. I guess we’ll see. LOL The following bit originally appeared a while […]

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