From the DSP team:

A few days ago, Becky from sent us this e-mail:

“We’ve created our first Special Event for this book. One of our reviewers has a teenaged son who was assigned by his teacher a year-long project to study something of concern to society. He chose gay marriage. Part of this assignment was to read a novel on the topic. As you can imagine, his mother had quite a time finding an age-appropriate novel that she felt comfortable letting him read, but another author recommended The British Devil and both of them enjoyed it very much.

I’ve posted the mother’s comments as well as the teenager’s review. It does contain some spoilers but that was part of his assignment so we put a warning on the review. We are donating $50 to the It Gets Better Project in honor of this young man’s hard work, and are encouraging others to donate to the gay rights cause of their choice.

The British Devil by Greg Hogben
January 31, 2013
This is the only post for that day, as it is a Special Event.”

We at DSP are extremely humbled and honored that one of our books was chosen for this cause. That is why we are why we are offering 30% off both the e-book and paperback of The British Devil from Jan 31- Feb 3 to encourage people to read it for themselves. All the royalties from this special sale will be donated to the It Gets Better Project.

We want to thank Matthew and for this special event.